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How does the Saponite on the potency of men?

Product "Saponite", according to the manufacturer, is made of environmentally friendly raw materials. It is a mineral of natural origin and contains more than 40 biologically active macro - and microelements. According to the manufacturer, clinical studies of this drug's effects on the human body was carried out for 30 years. Today, the environment with each passing day it becomes more contaminated. This adversely affects all living beings manifesting itself in the form of various diseases, including the reduction of potency in men.

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Polluted air, water, soil. And the earth is every year becoming less saturated with nutrients, resources are gradually depleted. Mineral substances not needed by the body less men than vitamins and nutrients. People can't produce minerals on their own, and gets them outside. And toxic substances are not excreted from the cells and organs over years and decades.

Of course, you can make fashionable and advertised minerals and vitamins, but the main thing is a healthy lifestyle, first of all, the rejection of tobacco and alcohol.

Today, the classic medicine studied the shortage in the human body such elements as fluorine, silicon, iodine, iron, and calcium. If a detailed analysis, it is possible to detect the imbalance levels of manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper and other elements. In addition, the tissues quite a lot of accumulated years of toxic metals. And this can affect the potency of men. Minerals are involved in many metabolic reactions.

The mechanism of action of

According to the manufacturer, Saponite manufactured by a special process, and the content of trace elements is superior to vegetables and fruits. The Saponite is non-toxic, has good adsorbent properties, promoting the elimination of toxins. The results are improved metabolism, human cells are updated.

Another positive effect of Saponite per person, according to the manufacturer is its wave activity. Medication emits a static wave, which frequency coincides with the waves emitted by healthy cells, and when injected into cells causes them to vibrate in a healthy mode. And the health of every cell healthy organs and systems in General, including in violation of potency in men.

Positive aspects of using the drug Saponite following:

  1. This medication is well bound and removes from the body salts of heavy metals, radionuclides. If potency disorders in men are associated with poisoning by these substances, the drug Saponite mayto alleviate the condition.
  2. Saponite also captures and destroys bacteria, viruses. In some cases, reduced potency in men can be caused by bacterial or viral prostatitis.
  3. The drug binds toxins in the intestinal lumen, active coal, which has a positive effect on health.

All of these mechanisms of action aims at cleansing the organs and systems. Therefore, the Saponite may have a positive effect on potency.

Useful items

Minerals that are contained in Saponite are, in fact, biologically active additives. By participating in the synthesis of hormones and enzymatic reactions, they perform important regulatory functions in metabolism. Work minerals together with vitamins. If the body receives sufficient vitamins, but not enough micronutrients, they work in tandem, there will be changes, characteristic of a lack of vitamins. In particular it can provoke the violation of potency in men.

In small quantities the body needs:

  1. Iodine.
  2. Selenium.
  3. Fluoride.
  4. Chrome.
  5. Zinc.
  6. Molybdenum.
  7. Manganese and others.

For relatively large amounts of the human body needs:

  1. Sodium.
  2. Potassium.
  3. Calcium.
  4. Phosphorus and others.

Of course, the main role belongs to vitamins. They prevent many diseases, improve metabolism, normalize balance in the body. As a result, all organs and systems are functioning correctly. For proper absorption of vitamins are necessary minerals that operate in the enzyme systems together. For example, vitamin B12 acts correctly in combination with cobalt.

Summing up the above, we can conclude that the use of Saponite from poor potency in men can help in cases where there is intoxication. At present, the mineral is Saponite is widely used for feeding livestock, soil enrichment. In medicine, the Saponite is used in intestinal infections in the same cases, and activated carbon. It is also prescribed for poisoning by salts of heavy metals.

If you decide to heal yourself from violations of potency Saponite, you can expect disappointment. Consult first to the doctor, go through all the tests and find out your exact diagnosis. To help this medicine might be recommended by your doctor.