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How to get rid of the weak potency and what to do to increase male power

Weak potency is what man cares about the most! And if confronted with a choice – to rule the world or to increase its potency, he will choose the latter. The potency is a manifestation of his inner strength, health, well-being and if you want the meaning of life. It is the inherent nature and even in the evolution of the desire to be on top in intimate terms have not lost their relevance. Opportunities in bed – this is a high probability of preservation of his family and of the human race.

Important! It is not necessary to evaluate the potency only with regard to physical indicators. Understand it correctly as the "ability to satisfy a woman", because according to statistics, a woman gets more pleasure from the caresses, gentle words, and not from the fact of intercourse.

It is therefore important to look at the structure of the modern sex new, of course, if a man wants to be desirable on a bed women. Monotonous "ground" motion can not be repeated all his life, and one day, noticing the weakening of potency due to age, the man is just confused. And then the intimate life of the family will die.

Fiasco middle-aged

If weak libido in men is detected after a half-century anniversary, it is unpleasant, but tolerable: at this age a woman expects from his partner "universal feats". But what if the weak potency in 30 years fell as snow on the head? And while no physical violations yet in sight.

Unfortunately, this problem is faced every 5th man, particularly affected residents of large cities. Temporary ED may develop on the psychological or physiological level and can be easily corrected, but men don't hurry to the doctor, adding to the simple things.

Etiological factors:

  • Chaotic sexual communications.
  • Depression, stress.
  • Poor nutrition and bad habits.
  • Hypomobility, excessive exercise.

Weak potency in 30 years does not arise "out of the blue", and not to do to the man that his lifestyle has nothing to do with it. Psychological problems, problems with physical health quickly "breaches" in the intimate life. ED are often associated with disruption of the cardiovascular system, hormonal changes due to diseases, neurogenic and inflammatory processes.

Weak sexual activity as "problem" always "hides" the man in the head, forcing him to seek new adventures and new women. But often, when the intimate life went wrong, the reason is not in a woman, and in the accompanying troubles in life representative of the stronger sex.

Usually, men at this age work hard, make a career, they are often persecutedfailures in business and personal life. This is a strong psychological and physical factors that weaken the potency. Chronic fatigue is the result of ongoing efforts forward, the disease of modern man. What to do in this case? Choose the weak sexuality, weak libido or their way of existence.

How to overcome weakness?

The diagnosis "weak intimate power" alone is not worth it: you can cheat yourself and really earn psychological impotence. Should be allowed to solve the problem in the intimate sphere of the doctor-the urologist: it will be faster and more effective.

In addition to taking the prescribed drugs, it is important to do the following:

  • Eat right. Of course, fast food and processed foods – it is quick and easy, but there is nothing useful for increasing male power. The diet should contain nuts, seeds, legumes, protein, vegetables, Zn, Vit. gr. In, E, Se, P.
  • Perform moderate but regular physical exercise.
  • To follow the correct routine with regard to its biological features. If the male owl is on the clock lark: nothing but the health problems it will bring.
  • Completely give up Smoking and alcohol.

But in any case, experts advise when the first symptoms of weak male power to visit a urologist. Very often, in practice, there are moments when weakened potency the reason lies on the surface and is eliminated easily. Conversely, there are patients that very minor issue tightened so that it is necessary not only to make considerable efforts to somehow restore love life, but long to deal with the underlying medical conditions of physiological and psychological plan.