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Group tools that improve potency in men

The increased potency is largely determined by the psychological state of man and his satisfaction with family life. Means to increase potency in the modern world is surprised with abundance and diversity. It can be as medication and physical therapy, phytotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and much more.

мужчина стоит в воде

Potency in men can vary depending on:

  • the rationality of power and peculiarities of taste preferences;
  • the availability of sports activities and frequency;
  • bad habits;
  • the psychological state.

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Disrupt sexual function in men quite easily, but to restore potency. Consider efficient means to improve the male erection.

Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase

The most popular drugs to increase potency drugs containing inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5. The most often used "Levitra", "Cialis", "Viagra". The funds for improve male erections have the following features:

  • The amplification effect of short-term erection.
  • An erection occurs only through sexual arousal in men. In the absence of this factor, the drugs will be ineffective.
  • To accept these medicines is recommended once a day.
  • Used to eliminate psycho-physical disorders of male potency.

Systemic medications

Also used tools to improve erection systemic action. This group of medications to improve sexual function in men applied courses, the duration of which is determined by the expert. If necessary, re-appointed course. Drugs in this group: "Tentex Forte", "Verona", "Yohimbine".


- Hormonal agents that increase the potency, used in case of insufficient production of male sex hormones.

The most commonly used hormonal medications based on testosterone in the form of ointments, gels, tablets, patches (called

Alternative drugs

Often there are alternative means to increase potency. Such natural drugs, often of plant origin. Alternative assets have a tonic and General tonic effect on the male body. The popularity of this means for potencydue to more advertising than proven efficacy.

Treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction

A separate group of drugs are the means to increase potency, the cause of the weakening of which are mental disorders. Psychophysical violations are eliminated as drug therapy, and special methods of psychotherapy. The most famous drug of this group is Trazodone. Part medications psychotropic actions or antidepressants can interfere with the potency, therefore, these drugs it is advisable to take only on the advice of a specialist.


Another effective group of drugs to enhance male potency are aphrodisiacs. It is natural remedies, often of plant origin. Aphrodisiacs is the best stimulant of sexual energy in men on a natural level. These remedies are safe and can be used by every man with a weak erection.

The most best and most powerful aphrodisiacs contained in foods of plant origin, such as:

  • walnuts;
  • peanuts;
  • hazel;
  • pistachios;
  • almonds;
  • seeds.

These foods have a high content of easily digestible protein, minerals and vitamins. Also to increase potency recommended celery and ginger, which contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium, potassium, vitamins C, e, PP. These products strengthen immunity, improve digestion, increase endurance in sexual-erotic game.

Very popular among men also use garlic and onion. These aphrodisiacs plant origin, despite its accessibility, are a fairly effective means of restoring hormonal balance. In the use of onion mixed with egg, the effect is greatly increased.

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Also popular seafood, rich in natural aphrodisiacs:

  • oysters;
  • mussels;
  • caviar;
  • shrimp;
  • a fatty fish;
  • seaweed.

These foods have high content of zinc and selenium, which stimulate the production of testosterone.

Another splendid stimulator of potency is eggs which are high in protein and vitamins b and A. a Great helper in sexual games is chocolate. It helps to restore men's strength and health, helps produce hormones of joy – endorphins. These products are good to use as a standalone tool for the correction of potency, and in the complextreatment.

Other ways

To enhance potency in men are also used in Chinese folk remedies. They make use of deer antlers, reproductive function of various animals (a Yak, a fur seal). These funds cause increased blood supply to the penis, stimulate the increase in its size and strength.

A large number of drugs to increase potency are produced in Tibet, China, and Hong Kong. This natural products containing components obtained by the method of high-tech extraction using nanotechnology.

Such funds to improve erection devoid of side effects, effective when combined with alcoholic beverages, can be used for hypertension, cardiomyopathies, diabetes. Also these funds are recommended in the treatment of prostatitis. The duration of the effect of the preparations is from days to weeks. Chinese Chinese capsules and dietary Supplements are quite common and popular. Thus, the Chinese traditional medicine to increase potency, combined with nanotechnology can improve the quality of sexual life men.

The impact of exercise

There are a number specifically aimed at improving the potency of exercises, which improve blood supply in the genital area of men and also train the muscles involved in sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of these exercises is confirmed by good results. To improve sexual function in men you can perform the following exercises:

  • steps;
  • running on the spot;
  • squats;
  • training the muscles of the perineum (relaxation and tension).

The most effective in improving potency in men are physical exercises for training the muscles of the perineum. The essence of the exercise is to stress the muscles of the perineum, which is performed while standing, sitting and lying down, then relaxing. This exercise should resemble the delaying of urination. The good effect of such physical activity will be noticeable during daily training sessions lasting 20-30 minutes.

Some experts also recommend to increase potency presentatelnuu sets of dilators of the anus for men that can be purchased in pharmacies. Despite the unpleasant procedure of their use, the effect can surpass all expectations.