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What set of exercises to quickly increase potency effective?

Exercises to improve potency in men will naturally resolve difficulties. First, there is the improvement of the whole organism, and secondly, trains muscles, improves blood circulation, including in the corpora cavernosa. Improved blood supply to the penis is the basis of all therapy.

Physical exercises to increase potency and improving your body tone you can include in your daily exercises or to carry separately. Yoga in such cases, it is also designed to provide substantial assistance in return intimate power "to life", it is efficient and effective promotion.

A range of effective movements

Exercises for potency are made deliberately, to implement them only 10 minutes. The whole complex of physical enhance male power consists of 6 types of movements:

  1. Lying on your back with your legs slightly bent. Breathing with your belly (abdominal breathing is developed). Initially, can be repeated several times, then bring up to 12 times.
  2. The kneading of the sacrum. Lying on your back the sacrum to move, moving across the floor to the left-right a few minutes.
  3. Lying on his stomach, hands on either side of the chest (position "an emphasis lying"). Wrung out from the floor, bend at the waist. Feet stay on the floor.
  4. Lying on your back raise your legs up, gradually bringing them above her head. To hold the pose in this position to breathe. Ideally, legs and slid down behind the head, touching your toes to your floor. Occurs the load weight and is breathing exercise. Repeat 12 times.
  5. Approach the wall and within 3-5 minutes to do the movements as you walk, your socks off the floor.
  6. Lying on her stomach legs bent and clasp hands behind the ankle. Inhale to rise up, lifting your shoulders off the floor and a little pulling with the arms of the legs (bending like a bow).

All exercises for potency perform on an empty stomach. High blood pressure on a full stomach is fraught with unpleasant consequences. First, you can do a few reps, then increasing the number of repeats to 12.

Gymnastics for potency is composed of a smaller set of exercises:

  1. Within 3 minutes of stepping with alternate high knee and pressing them to his stomach. The back must be kept straight, standing with lowered hands.
  2. The standing position with bent knees feet. About a minute to do a quick walk, but do not tear off the socks off the floor.
  3. Standing position, keep legs bent at the knees. Sit down, slightly increasing the flexion in the knees. At the same time tighten the gluteal muscles, as if they hold the subject. Repeat 12 times.
  4. The situation is the same, hands down. It is necessary to raise and lower the pelvis. Repeat 12 times.
  5. Same initial position. Strain perineal muscles when relaxedthe gluteal muscles (as in controlling the urination). Exercise to carry out with the greatest possible force for a significant increase in the abilities of men. Repeat 12 times.

Shiatsu for male power

Acupressure to increase potency useful, it enhances libido. Known methods of shiatsu:

  1. Finger pressure in the epigastrium in 10 times for 5 seconds, which leads to a reflex effect on the nervous plexus in the lumbar-sacral region, and increasing sexual activity in men.
  2. Pressure in the sacrum and lumbar spine at point and thus to stimulate the potency (10 times for three seconds on each point).
  3. Elastically compress the testicles is an effective massage to increase potency. He gets a man excited, especially with age.

In the position of a Cobra and bow

Yoga for men offers three core exercises to restore potency: plow, Cobra, bow. Exercises for potency require competent execution, and special attention should be paid to the state of the muscles of the spine. Before the actual execution of movements to raise intimate tone (yoga therapy), it is important to perform a warm-up to stretch muscles. This is to prevent injuries, improve flexibility of muscles, and to avoid changes in blood pressure are unprepared person. Conduct yoga therapy should be on an empty stomach.

The order of execution of yoga therapy:

  1. Plough. Lying on back raise legs and lower back, winding over the head. Hands remain at your sides on the floor. The best option – feet to touch the floor behind your head.
  2. Bow. Lying on her stomach legs bent at the knees and clasp hands ankle for a few seconds.
  3. Cobra. Lying on her stomach, legs together, hands rest palms on floor at shoulder level. To bend, lifting his head and upper torso resting on her arms (inhalation).

Yoga trains the muscles and improves blood flow. In addition, it allows you to receive peace and confidence. Any exercises to improve the potency you need to individually assign a urologist, on the basis of the examination of the patient taking into account comorbidities and age-related physiological changes.