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What is the impact of the protein on the potency of men?

Do to the potency of the proteins. In modern society, a lot of rumors about how detrimental protein supplements on the male body, turning it into a "complete failure" in intimate terms. This myth was born from a misunderstanding by people of the difference between steroids and proteins.

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General information on the effects of additives

The influence of protein on the potency is minimal. Protein is a food Supplement composed entirely of protein fractions in a total concentration of up to 80-90%. Additional substances (carbs and fats) at times less. Most often concentrated protein is used by those who aspire at an accelerated pace to build muscle tissue.

The most revered among bodybuilders is still whey protein (isolate and concentrate), designed to be as rapid weight gain, but egg protein is needed to build muscle. Soy protein is produced directly for those who prefer a vegetarian's diet.

Androgenic steroids act on the human body more aggressive and immediately after the course can do to greatly reduce your sexual power. Protein and potency never interact. About steroids this is because at the moment of course its own production of testosterone in the male body decreases slightly and the abolition of the steroids the body needs time to "sober up". But again the conversation is not about reducing the potency in General, but only on a short-term weakening of sexual desire.

In fact, the protein affect the potency, as singing – sight, that is all. This is because protein concentrate has no direct action on the male sex hormones that are responsible for the work of the penis. But it is important to mention that we are talking about high-quality food additive, which effect on potency has not. When buying protein supplements should be paid to composition: undesirable effect on virility only soy concentrate.

Important! Proper nutrition bodybuilder and athlete no relation to steroid drugs.

Sometimes the power goes away. Why?

Sometimes, however, people who use protein supplements, notice that the intimate strength went somewhere. Why it happens:

  1. Specific responses of the body. Even when taking high-quality supplements, some men notice the weakening of potency, it is a purely individual response.
  2. Cheap protein from soy, which is often bought by the consumers, contains phytoestrogens or analogues of female sex hormone. Just as in the case of beer, the male body begins to degenerate in the female type. Andwhat is men's sexual power in this case have to say?

So whether the harmful protein does proteins on male potency? Officially, the doctors claim that its use can adversely affect the body in the case of certain chronic diseases. A fully healthy person, he causes absolutely no harm, including not reduces the potency. However, when deciding to use protein supplements, you need to be screened for possible contraindications.

For reference. Protein is a food additive obtained by special processing of livestock products (eggs, cheese, milk, etc.). In essence it is the same food that a person consumes daily, but only in pure, highly concentrated form without fat and carbs.

If the protein is not necessary", this may be due to:

  1. Of the placebo effect. If everyone around you repeat the myth, which describes the negative impact of the protein on the potency, in the end, you can believe it. No wonder all alternative methods of miraculous healing are based on "sincere faith."
  2. Overtraining. And protein has nothing to do with it. Excessive zeal in physical exertion and lack of rest can negatively affect the body condition of men in General.
  3. Cheap protein concentrates. Saving on quality, you can buy soy protein, which contains phytoestrogens.
  4. Fake protein. Here comments are excessive. What can you put instead of whey protein "foods" and how "it" will affect a man's strength is unknown, but the mass of options.

It is important to note that for potency is influenced by environmental factors, so the "blame the protein of all sins is wrong.

What do the doctors say?

The doctors treat protein supplements positive, but I recall that it just a product of auxiliary character. The main diet of men should consist of natural protein products. For athletes to have the influence of proteins on male potency was minimal, prescribe supplements accordingly stress and an individual scheme.

However, there are opponents of any additives. They believe that nothing will replace the natural, organic protein products and call to completely abandon dietary Supplements and protein shakes.

So, the conclusion is clear – the reduction of male power, and especially of impotence from protein supplements can not be. It's just a myth created out of nowhere.