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How to change the potency with age and what are the causes of disorders in young men?

Age and male potency. Is there a relationship between these two concepts? Undoubtedly, as nature provides active sexual performance in young and decreased libido in old age. Although "sexual age" to each man his own, in ancient times in the harems of lords had hundreds of concubines and all of them had the attention of the master.

Charlie Chaplin became a father at the age of well over 60, and according to legend, 13, the feat of Heracles scored after he paid attention to any of the 50 daughters of king Fespam.

What reserve released the man

Modern doctors-andrologists believe that high sexual reserves the inherent nature of almost every man. According to research, the age of sexual power is not a hindrance: every man is able under certain circumstances to provide up to 15 women. It is included in the concept of "15-time reserve" that helped our distant ancestors to survive and successfully reproduce its kind. And not necessarily in a young period of life.

Reduced potency starts after 50 years. Make themselves known age-related changes, cells cease to quickly upgrade, the development of sex hormone testosterone is reduced. Although sexual attraction and remains at the same level, to implement the "intended" men want to spend much more forces.

At a young age (18-25 years) men are willing to maintain an intimate relationship with your partner day and night, for thirty years the activity is on a decline, in life, set some regularity. But this does not mean that the potency starts to fade: even 40 years for men with enough strength and reserves, also backed up by experience.

Doctors-andrologists continue to argue that the age potency is not combined with the years mentioned in the passport, the ability to "bed feats depends on:

  • common problems in the body;
  • associated chronic diseases;
  • state of the cardiovascular, urinary systems and certain other parameters.

The concept of "biological age" is introduced to estimate the true extent of aging, as well as the status of male power. It is determined by special tests, which include:

  • the condition of blood vessels and the heart;
  • quick reactions to external stimuli;
  • cholesterol;
  • the elasticity and tone of tendons, muscles;
  • the status of the NTS and the respiratory system.

Even if in 50 years all the vital systems and organs in norm, means, the biological age of a man and the potency of the "still young". In the presence of young men (30-35 years) problems with the blood vessels, a large number of cholesterol, or changes in the internal organs, including prostatitis, biological age dramaticallyreduced. In this state to talk about high-potency not to expect "great deeds" in an intimate relationship is not necessary even at a young age.

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In some cases, doctors even recommend to reduce the load on blood vessels and not to show special diligence in bed, especially with "fuel" means like Viagra, Cialis and other. Bad term to die during sexual intercourse.

As the man to understand, he has a good potency or not, whether there are any reserves or long-time to retire? To seek answers to these questions do not have sex marathons or comparing his exploits with the "adventures" of friends and colleagues. Most often it turns out that their acceptance is far from reality.

A detailed answer about the power of potency in a particular case will give the doctor-andrologist, he explores in detail the physiological possibilities (biological age) of the male body. Violation will be detected with dopplerography (ultrasound) of vessels of the penis, as well as questionnaires on sexual satisfaction in life.

Important! The main problem of men is not age-related impotence and a simple ED, which is now treated "on time". Potency never fades dramatically and overnight.

If the male body works like a clock, but the satisfaction in intimate life remains low, so we just need to wait. The peak of sexual activity occurs in different ways. Conversely, at high quality of sex life, but the bad condition of the organism as a whole need to take action: a reassessment of the forces and the work of organs and systems "at the limit" can play with the man a malicious joke.

Reasons for the decline in sexual power

Age on the potency of men, of course, affected. With years of intimate life may deteriorate for the following reasons:

  1. A bad sex life. Penis like all other organs, needs to be "always busy". Sperm quality improve ongoing relationship with a partner, they profilaktirujut stagnation in the prostate gland and maintain potency at a good level.
  2. Infection. On the potency can influence "men's" disease, STDs, chronic illness.
  3. The change in the level of testosterone. According to research, testosterone in men each year is reduced by 1%. However, according to statistics, age 30, many indicators of the level of the male hormone vary. One is 32-33 unit, the other does not hold up to 20. Hence, such a difference in the intimate strength.
  4. Unhealthy way of life. The main reasons for the rapid decline of male power alcohol, Smoking, lack of physical activity and good nutrition and more. All of this eventually leads to poor blood flow to the penis.
  5. The administration of drugs. Some medicines reducing blood pressure, negatively affect menforce.

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Unfortunately, the structure of the modern clinics leaves much to be desired, so do not have to wait for a clear coordination of actions of doctors. Often, the cardiologist prescribes remedies that reduce blood pressure, which, in turn, lower sexual strength. The patient, without knowing it, goes with an intimate problem to the urologist, he did not find violations in the urogenital system, sends a "poor fellow" to a neurologist, psychotherapist. As a result, the card resembles "the story of human life from the creation of the world", and the problem is not solved, the man still continues to take the medicine from HELL, bad sexual activity remains the same.