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How is a prostate biopsy and how much it costs

One of the most reliable methods of diagnosis of prostate cancer men is biopsy. At the present time, a prostate biopsy is performed under ultrasound control, it histologically confirmed or refuted the diagnosis, assess the spread of the tumor, its growth and differentiation of cells of tumors. In the future, based on the results of the prostate biopsy, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment. How is manipulation, what is the preparation so if it hurts, as some people say that affects the cost of diagnosis, let us consider in more detail.

Who administered the study?

Despite the fact that needle biopsy is one of the most reliable methods of determining the condition of the prostate, it does not assign right and left to anyone and everyone. Before biopsy, begin training. Patient is rectal examination of the prostate, transrectal ultrasound examination and a blood test for PSA. The procedure is unpleasant, and needles can be painful, so a prostate biopsy is performed only in the presence of certain factors.

These include:

  • Elevated levels of PSA;
  • Dense areas of the body discovered at Palava rectal examination;
  • Discovered during transrectal ultrasound scanning is areas of decreased echogenicity.

All the above factors are an important reason for the initial biopsy. But it has to be re-biopsy, which requires careful preparation. It is prescribed based on the results of the initial biopsy and to monitor treatment. It is not possible, if there are to be such factors as:

  1. The serious condition of the patient.
  2. Of blood clotting.
  3. Infectious diseases.
  4. Inflammatory diseases of the rectum.
  5. Expressed by the nodes of hemorrhoids, especially if they are painful.

The technique of biopsy

Previously widespread had aspiration biopsy, he is now carried out in some clinics. But as during aspiration can be very painful to the patient, and the diagnostic results are not always reliable because of sampling blindly, multifocal biopsy of the prostate expels the aspiration. The cost of manipulation increases, but it's worth it.

How to prepare for the puncture?

So the biopsy was successful and without any complications, the patient requires the preparation. Initially, the preparation for the manipulation is that a few days before the fence biopsy cancelled drugs that affect coagulation, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The evening and morning, before the puncture, it is required to do a cleansing enema, so as clustersthe stool may have a negative impact on the course of the analysis, and cause complications.

The course of biopsy

The collection of material is carried out on an empty stomach in the morning. Immediately before the beginning of the manipulation in the rectum men administered analgesic (pain will). 10-15 minutes and introduced into the anus ultrasonic transducer with special nozzles for insertion of the needle. Be sure to spend TRUS and choose a few sections, which is performed tissue sampling for the study, the number of points varies from 8 to 24, depending on the volume of the organ.

Using the biopsy gun in the body to a depth of 20-22 mm, is introduced by puncture needle that conducts sampling of the tissue in the form of a column with a length of about 17 mm. the resulting material is placed in special containers and sent to histological laboratory for examination. Procedure is completed in the rectum are a swab to prevent bleeding, which recovered only the next day. The doctor prescribes antibiotics to prevent inflammation and complications.

What problems can occur?

The most serious complication after the biopsy male Jeezy that can arise are bacteremia and septic shock. But this is extreme, in fact, such complications are very rare, and therefore, needle biopsy is an outpatient procedure. There may help with the preparation.

Negative effects that most often occur after the collection of material, mainly are:

  • The presence of blood in urine and semen, or scientifically hematuria and hematospermia. These complications are identified more often, but they are poorly expressed and usually, cropped in themselves.
  • Can be painful in the perineum or in the rectum. The feeling caused by injury to tissue biopsy. Pain syndrome successfully relieved by analgesics.
  • Bleeding from the rectum. Heavy bleeding are very rare.
  • Despite antibiotic therapy, in some cases, a complication of acute inflammatory processes in the rectum and in the urinary tract.
  • Very rare, yet acute urinary retention.

The above methods are, of course, looks terrible, but in fact occur rarely and have moderate symptoms. Especially if time was prescribed antibiotics as preparation and prevention. After the procedure is strongly recommended to avoid physical activities and abstain from sexual activity. Not only because this can be painful, but fraught with complications.

The second study

In the early stages of cancer is quite difficult to obtain tissue samples of tumor cells and the tumor may not beidentified the first time. Therefore, over time, raise the issue of repeated biopsy of the prostate. The second time biopsy is performed by detection during the initial diagnosis of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) or atypical malkhaziani proliferation (ASAP). Purpose of re-sampling the prostate is to avoid the steady growth of PSA (more than 0.75 ng/ml per year). If during the regular transrectal ultrasound was detected areas with low echogenicity and in case of suspicion of recurrence of cancer, this analysis can not be avoided. In addition, during the treatment of malignant neoplasms radiation therapy a biopsy is prescribed to examine the results in dynamics.

In this case also it is impossible to do without preparation, and then doing a biopsy. During the re-biopsy of the fence material is carried out not only in peripheral areas but also in the transient, leading to an increase in the number of biopsy samples, and therefore increases the cost of the procedure. Third, fourth and more biopsies may also appoint for the same reason that re.

Biopsy at the present time remains the only reliable method of diagnosis of prostate cancer. This is a serious needle manipulation, and it must be held by a highly qualified specialist with the help of the latest equipment. Of course, the price of manipulation is quite high, it ranges from 7 to 15 thousand rubles. Depending on the class, clinic, specialist level, amount of intake, type of anesthesia (to avoid hurt), and many other factors cost will vary, but your health is not worth saving. Remember that timely performed transrectal prostate biopsy will reveal prostate cancer at early stages, allowing time to begin treatment and save the life of a man.