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The conduct of the TRUS of the prostate and the preparation for it

Transrectal ultrasonography (trus) of the prostate is one of the most accurate and informative methods of investigation of the prostate gland. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves is generated and displayed on the monitor screen an image of the prostate, which allows to make a conclusion about the presence or absence of pathologies, changes in the tissues of the gland. Transrectal route of administration the device gives the opportunity to "get close" to the body as close as possible and get an accurate picture.

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For more information on when to prescribe TRUS, which need training about the benefits of a course of manipulation and the opinion of patients about it in our article.

When and who appointed TRUS

Examination of the prostate by ultrasound assigned as a routine examination for men over 45.

Also, when there is suspicion of the presence of the disease is felt the unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Difficulty urinating, weak, intermittent stream of urine.
  2. Feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.
  3. Frequent night urination.
  4. A high level or a rising PSA (prostatic specific antigen) in the blood.
  5. Violation of potency.
  6. Infertility in men.
  7. Pain in the groin.
  8. Poor urine, semen.
  9. According to the results of rectal digital examination, if the doctor has suspicions.

TRUS plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of adenoma and prostate cancer. If after the TRUS still have doubts about the diagnosis of "prostate cancer", doing a biopsy of the organ. By the way, one device allows you to hold and ultrasound, and biopsy.

Transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate with finger rectal examination and determination of PSA level in the blood is the gold standard for the diagnosis of prostate cancer in men.

How to prepare for manipulation?

Necessary preparation for TRUS of the prostate. What is required from the patient:

  • To cleanse the bowel. 3 hours before manipulation to do a cleansing enema (about 1.5 litres). Microclysters sometimes use laxatives or suppositories.
  • A few days before the procedure to exclude from the diet foods that promote flatulence. On the appointed day easy, hearty Breakfast.
  • Not to worry. Try to relax in spite of the fact that the procedure is unpleasant, it is not painful. In order to be ready for the upcoming study, view a video description, read the comments.

And yet, when You will be assigned TRUS, check with your doctor what the preparation. Perhaps he will indicate some important for Youhighlights: prescribed drugs, or, conversely, advise to refrain from their reception.

The course of the study

The Internet is a quite informative video describing the preparations, the course of manipulation. First of all, the patient is wrapped in a Bathrobe and offer to lie down on the couch. He should take the position lying on his left side, closer to his legs, knees bent, as it facilitates access to the prostate. In this position and are administered into the rectum of the sensor with a diameter of about 2 cm To eliminate discomfort to the sensor is put on the special condom for ultrasound, used grease. The depth of insertion of the device ‒ about 6 cm By the time the manipulation takes about 20-40 minutes.

In this study, the specialist receives a video image of an organ from different sides and in different planes, assesses its size, symmetrical shape, the presence of seals, suspicious areas. If there is any doubt about cancer, then immediately take the part of the gland tissue for the study, i.e. do a biopsy. Together with the sensor device has a needle for sampling.

TRUS of the prostate is a method of diagnosis of infertility, which is a blockage of the ducts of the prostate or the presence of cysts. All of these anomalies can be seen on ultrasound.

Benefits and contraindications for TRUS

Undoubtedly, the ultrasound device is a powerful tool of diagnosis of prostate diseases. What is the advantage of TRUS:

  1. A detailed study of the prostate tissue.
  2. The sizing of the entire body and its fractions.
  3. The ability to explore seminal vesicles.
  4. Safe, allows you to do everything quickly and painlessly.
  5. The ability to simultaneously perform a biopsy.
  6. Has almost no contraindications.

The only limitation for the application of TRUS – remote rectum, serious surgical intervention in this area, bleeding.

Patient testimonials about the procedure

Most reviews patients comments on the video say that men recognize this procedure is unpleasant, but tolerable and virtually painless. In addition, it often helps to make an accurate diagnosis and begin the correct treatment.

Some claim that doctors were not warned about the preparation for TRUS, which the procedure had to be postponed. So advice for those assigned to ultrasound – check with your doctor, what training is required other than that which is described in the article.

Of course, doing a TRUS needs an experienced physician able to correctly interpret the picture, especially if we are talking about the early stages of the disease. Equally important is the accuracy and co-ordination of equipment. The value of transrectal ultrasound rangesdepending on the region and the clinic is from 1000 to 3000 thousand RUB.

Modern science has in its Arsenal a large number of diagnostic tools, including transrectal ultrasonography. Is it really safe quick and informative way to find out what the cause disturbing symptoms and what to do. Next will be assigned the necessary supervision and treatment, and you are on the road to recovery. I hope the information provided was useful for You. Be healthy!