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Details about the causes, treatment and consequences of the cyst of the prostate gland (prostate) in men

Today, all men know about prostate diseases is necessary to think already from a young age. Familiar to many common disease is prostate adenoma, the symptoms of which often occur in men after 45 years. And few people know that there is another common disease of the prostate, a cyst of the prostate. The article analyze the main symptoms of this disease, treatment, including stipulate the possibility of treatment folk remedies. Specify the puncture and removal of the prostate gland.


Why disease occurs?

The prostate gland is an important organ of the urinary system in the body in men. Gland located just behind the bladder, in close proximity to it passes the urethra, and its ducts constitute the secret which enters the sperm and plays an important role in fulfilling men's sexual function. The cause of urinary disorders in this arrangement the gland.

All causes cyst prostate gland can be divided into two groups:

  1. Congenital – intrauterine pathologies is a violation of normal formation of gland – it may form a cyst.
  2. Purchased – usually it is the consequences of some infectious diseases of the sexual sphere in men on the background of physiological predisposition to cyst formation.

Sometimes even in the womb the fetus in the formation of organs of the male reproductive system, including prostate under the influence of some harmful factors of the environment fails. As a result of some slices of the prostate can develop cysts. Often these violations are combined with other anomalies of the genital organs. There is already folk remedies in the treatment, often necessary either to observe the formation, or to delete it. A cyst is a cavity in the form of a bubble filled with liquid. It can be of different sizes – from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters, and why depend on the symptoms. A cyst of the prostate may be one in the whole gland, as well as several at once. Distinguish true and false cysts of the prostate. A false cyst is called when the "cyst" is a slice of the prostate, but enlarged and filled with a secret of a prostate. A true cyst is a separately formed cavity containing fluid of different origin.

The second option occurs usually after puberty with the beginning of active sexual life. Sometimes a man brings inflammatory diseases of the urogenital area, prostate gland without noticing any symptoms. Also the reason for the formation of the cyst of the prostateincreased education of her secret and violation of the discharge of the secreted fluid.

When pronounced pain syndrome should still identify the cause, and then in treatment to take anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Pain may be accompanied by suppuration of the cyst of the prostate or abscess formation, and without surgery can not do.

If the cyst of the prostate is not treated, the consequences can be as follows:

  • Suppuration and abscess formation.
  • Rupture of the cyst.
  • Compression of adjacent organs.
  • Urinary disorders acute urinary retention.

Often used operation – puncture of the prostate gland: the prostate is injected, a special needle, which is removed the contents of the cyst also during puncture takes a piece of the prostate for the study. Needling may be performed via the suprapubic access, via the rectum under ultrasound guidance. It is a reliable way to distinguish benign tumors from cancer. If the puncture fails to remove all the contents of the cyst, sometimes sklerosiruuschem drugs are introduced into the cavity of the former cyst to prevent a re-education.

Prostate treatment is always a challenge, especially if the man is young and for him it is important the preservation of this body. Sometimes you have to resort to the removal of the prostate, the operation is complicated, and the consequences are not very pleasant for men, so is this surgery in special cases only under strict indications.

If the cyst of the prostate is small, your doctor may recommend only observation with some regularity and conservative treatment. The latter includes:

  • Antibiotic therapy drugs.
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy.
  • Preparations for the normalization of sexual function alpha-agonists.

A cyst of the prostate gland is a common pathology of the prostate. Often, the presence of the cyst is found incidentally, sometimes the cyst can lead to more serious complications and consequences. Therefore it is very important to see your doctor regularly for all men after age 35, but if something is bothering immediately to contact the experts, because the sooner the disease is detected, the easier it is to cure without consequences for the organism and organ preservation.