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How to treat the prostate with the help of folk remedies, medicines and other methods

Statistics relentless and according to her it is known that after 50 years, a huge percentage of the male population of the planet suffers from a particular disease of the prostate gland. Enlarged prostate disrupts the smooth flow of man's life and affects its quality. Some pathological processes are fairly common, others can be puzzling, and experienced a lot in his practice of urology, but in any case, before to start treatment of the prostate, should establish the correct diagnosis. And then choose the method and place of treatment. It can be both ways traditional medicine, folk prescriptions, and treatment in Germany, but in any case, the good it should give the doctor. Will focus on the most common pathologies: prostatitis, cysts, stones, swelling (hyperplasia and prostate cancer), and consider methods of treatment.


For setting the correct diagnosis of the man in helping doctors developed a number of different ways. Figuring out the condition of the prostate, is used not only chiropractic methods, but also instrumental. All of this can be completed in clinic or at the place of residence, or abroad, particularly in Germany.

For diagnosis using such techniques:

  1. Manual – digital rectal examination.
  2. Analysis of prostate secretion.
  3. General analysis of blood.
  4. The analysis of urine.
  5. PCR diagnostics.
  6. DOG.
  7. Ultrasound or transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate.
  8. MRI.
  9. CT.
  10. Biopsy.

All of the above methods allow to diagnose a disease of the prostate gland. And only after that prescribes the treatment. And what way is more suitable to man, defined only by the physician, wherever the prostate treatment at home, in Germany, Israel or the hospital of his district. Only a doctor can tell what is necessary for the patient to take pills, to injections, to treat with laser, to complement treatment of folk remedies, using various popular recipes, and may be operated on.

Inflammation of the prostate

Among all the diseases of the prostate in men, the palm firmly holds the prostatitis. The development of this disease contribute to a number of factors. The main causes of prostatitis consider:

  • Injury;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • Stagnation in the pelvic area;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Infection and STDs.


Most often, the inflammation of the prostate men complain of elevated body temperature, especially in the crotch area, pain in the lumbar region, groin and lower abdomen. Patient concerned function disorder urination: frequent, with sharp pains, burning, appear frequent urination at night. There are signs of intoxication. Whenacute inflammation the symptoms are pronounced, with chronic symptoms of inflammation smoothed.

Therapeutic measures

After all the studies conducted, treatment. And since the disease has many different types, and the specifics of the treatment will be considered for each case separately. In case of refusal of treatment in men develop complications: cysts, stones, swelling, and other unpleasant consequences. Treatments can be:

  1. The use of drugs. First, the prostate treatment affected inflammatory processes, begin antibacterial drugs. These drugs are selected individually and can effectively deal with the pathogen. Do not sidestep and immunomodulatory drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins.
  2. Cure prostate affected by prostatitis in the chronic stage, has been successfully conducted using various physiotherapeutic procedures. Inflammation treated with laser, magnetic field, ultrasound, used in reflexology, but all these procedures apply only after arrest the acute phase of the disease.
  3. It is important for a speedy recovery and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the use of special gymnastics and massage.
  4. Perhaps in this case, and the treatment of prostate herbs. Alternative medicine offers a variety of traditional recipes. In the first place are the effectiveness of pumpkin seeds. Not inferior to them and parsley, hazel, aspen and many other herbs. But before we experience the treatment of folk remedies, you need to consult with a specialist.
  5. A separate direction is to provide and treatment of the prostate in men using the products of beekeeping. Widespread prescriptions of treatment with propolis, often combine herbal treatment with honey. Many experts in traditional medicine claim that effect on prostatitis bee Podmore gives a stunning effect. But whichever way you liked, and the doctor must approve.
  6. Great success in the treatment with application of various methods and drugs have made experts in Germany.

With timely diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis outcome is favorable. If the disease is not treated, the possible occurrence of various complications. Such adverse effects include swelling, stones and a cyst of the prostate.

Concretions and cavity

Cyst and stones are formed in the prostate gland most often due to the lack of adequate treatment of chronic prostatitis. After conducting various studies (wherever they were held – in Russia or Germany) treatment. Methods of treatment of this body of men the doctor selects individually.

height: 572px;" border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"> Therapeutic measures Therapeutic measures Cyst Stones Medicines If reliable determination of the causes of cavities medicines aimed at their elimination Mostly used antibiotics. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antispasmodics and substances that affect the muscle tone of the prostate and bladder neck. Surgery In the absence of effective medical treatment apply puncturing. If the cyst formed again, it is the surgical removal of its capsule. Stones removed by surgery only at occurrence of emergency situations such as acute urinary retention, severe pain, lack of urination and acute renal failure. Laser treatment Cyst laser not treated A relatively new and minimally invasive method. The irradiation with the laser crotch area, and under its influence are crushed stones. Especially prevalent in Germany. Folk remedies Used medicinal herbs and bee products. For treatment using burdock root, walnut shell, flax seed and more. Use honey, propolis, and use the sample. Before using the mandatory consultation with a specialist. To bring the stones from prostate folk remedies suggest applying the medication on the basis of the madder dye, horse chestnut and wild rose. All used traditional recipes must be approved by the doctor.

These pathological changes in the prostate men require a serious approach. No need to self-medicate. Entrust your health specialist.


The influence of various pathological factors can be the impetus for the formation of the tumor of the male gland. Prostate malignancy called cancer. Education of benign aetiology in medicine is called BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate.

The main danger of tumors is that in the early stages the symptoms of benign and malignant tumors of the prostate are very similar. And only the timely diagnosis and treatment can provide favorable prognosis for life and health of men. A high level of efficiency performs medical activities in Germany.


How are the similarities? The tumor is formed and grows, gradually squeezing the urethra. Have problems with urination.

Of prostate cancer and hyperplasia are distinguished by the ability to form metastases, but also character growth. The basic guideline forthe diagnosis of cancer is a high prostate specific antigen.

Therapy cancer

As in other areas of Oncology, favorable outcome of treatment of prostate cancer depends on the stage and differentiation. These data are established by biopsy of the prostate.

Therapy prostate forms of cancer without metastases is possible using the following methods:

  • Medication. Cure prostate is medication containing hormones. These substances inhibit the growth of malignant tumors and facilitate the condition of men. Used infrequently and only in cases when other methods are contraindicated.
  • Radiation therapy. Treatment involves irradiation of the prostate and regional lymph nodes to a total dose of 70 gray.
  • Brachytherapy. In the affected prostate injected radioactive seeds. This tool allows you to increase the exposure of cancer and minimize radiation to surrounding healthy organs and tissues.
  • Removal of the prostate. At the present time, the most common laparoscopic removal of the prostate gland. Hysterectomy are also nearby lymph nodes and seminal vesicles. Some manipulation can be performed using the laser.
  • In this time of widespread prostate treatment in Germany. German specialists for cancer therapy using the latest advances in medicine. But if the tumor is neglected, even there, can't give any guarantees.

The treatment of prostate cancer, the malignancy affected with immediate metastases, aimed at preserving the quality and duration of life of the patient. The most commonly used drugs based on hormones, possible effects of radiation therapy. Surgical intervention is carried out to help men. Cancer treatment folk remedies is strictly contraindicated! Not help any treatment of folk remedies, nor bee subpestilence, no miracle drugs of advertising – all manipulations must be carried out only in a medical facility.

Therapy hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is amenable to several treatment methods. They are quite diverse, but the destination must only deal with the doctor, since the effectiveness of any tool depends on the stage of the disease and the causes of it. At the initial stage, with the permission of the expert, possible prostate treatment herbs, other folk remedies and bee products, including bee Podmore.

Prostate hyperplasia in the early stages can be cured with the help of medicine. Prescribed drugs, relaxing muscles the prostate and bladder neckbubble. This makes it easier to the act of urination. Drugs that block production of testosterone, reduces prostate size and prevents obstruction of the urethra.

Surgical intervention is resorted to only in the later stages of the disease. Used to be commonly used surgery open way through the abdominal wall, but in the current time on the forefront of laparoscopic technique. In addition, gaining momentum laser treatment. During this manipulation of the access to an enlarged prostate takes place through the urethra, and the laser high power is carried out so-called evaporation of the prostate tissue.

All prostate diseases (prostatitis, cysts, stones, hyperplasia, cancer and others) amenable to adequate treatment only in case of timely diagnosis. You should not self-medicate, as you can see, the symptoms of prostate diseases are very similar and mistakes can be fatal. And where to be treated here or in Germany – only you can decide. Most importantly – to fulfill all appointments with a urologist and take medication. Be healthy!