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Technique of prostate massage at home

Prostate massage is an essential feature of medical interventions at all ages and in all forms of inflammation. It helps to remove congestion and reduce inflammation, swelling. Many experts recommend to do a preventative massage to prevent the development of prostatitis. Patient testimonials after the massage mostly positive.


Technique of massage the house is somewhat different from that which is found in the treatment of prostatitis in stationary conditions.

In order to have the procedure was the most useful, it is important first to examine all aspects of the implementation, and then it start:

  • Important psychologically comfortable environment, this time by 50% leads to a positive result of massage.
  • The second point is the caution: radical to damage anything, of course, impossible, but difficult as easily.
  • If the body is any inflammatory process in the acute form, massage is not recommended.
  • During the massage at home you need to choose a position in which the accessibility of the prostate will be the maximum. At the clinic the man put in the knee-elbow position, it is considered optimal, but at home you can "Dodge" in different ways.
  • The bladder should be full, this is a prerequisite, then the prostate will be as accessible as possible.

Mandatory when carrying out a prostate massage at home fulfill all the requirements of personal hygiene. Bare hands (fingers) to do it is not recommended to use either gloves or a condom with lubrication.

The procedure that important to know

If you decide massage the prostate gland to carry out it yourself at home, it is best to do assistant. Of course, in the absence of this option there is an option to try to bend myself, lying on her back and tightly pressed knees bent to his chest. You can hold a light stroking of the prostate before reaching the penis a few drops of juice of a prostate. But the trick to perform under force not to all men, so it is best to "stretch" the person you entirely trust such a delicate and highly intimate procedure.

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Effectively the massage helps to remove stagnation, to bring the products of inflammation and pus. Thus restored blood flow and the inflammatory process in the prostate gland gradually go away.

The procedure is carried out for a couple of hours before intimacy, will prove to be most effective, as in this case, the "emptying" of the prostatethe gland is full, if are met all equipment.


  • The chronic form of prostatitis.
  • Infertility and impaired potency.
  • Inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
  • Diagnosis of diseases.

Massage is absolutely contraindicated to do for the following pathologies:

  1. Infectious diseases.
  2. The acute form of urinary retention.
  3. Cancer of the prostate.
  4. Acute urethritis.
  5. High temperature.
  6. BPH and orchitis.

All these factors are a prerequisite for compliance, otherwise, can greatly aggravate the situation.

Technique assistant

In anus, the assistant inserts a finger in the glove (a condom), pre-lubricated with vaseline or cream. The introduction should be slow, careful, not to hurt.

The goal is to massage the prostate itself, not the tissue that surround it. Before you begin, you need to find the prostate with your finger, it is in the depth, approximately 5 cm from the anus. Depending on the stage of the disease the prostate may be soft or firm to the touch, the size of a walnut.

Indirect massage, independent technique

In house conditions it is possible to make indirect massage, that is without penetration into the rectum. For this you need to lie on your right side and curl up, pulling your knees to your chest. Rotational movements gently apply pressure to the area between the scrotum and the anus, when properly performed the technique procedure is pleasant.

Massage with penetration into the rectum (straight) on their own under force not to all; for this would not only have to bend in a bizarre way, but to have long arms to reach the "coveted tubercle".

Features and contraindications

Any massage should be carried out regularly, this is one of the essential rules in the treatment of prostate gland at home. The total number of sessions should not be less than 10, to carry out their daily or every other day. Time – from 30 seconds to a minute.

After all the main sessions are over, it is possible to carry out maintenance session every 3-4 days. It's easy, but the result will exceed all expectations, feedback about these sessions in a positive and doctors and patients. Preventive massage at home can be done even for those who have no problems with the prostate gland. This will prevent the development of stagnant phenomena and prostimulirujte her work.


  • In the acute form of inflammation of the prostate gland. The price of "disobedience" ‒ the spread of infectious factor in the body with involvement in the inflammatory process of all the organs of the urogenital system.
  • During exacerbation of anyinflammatory-infectious processes in the body.
  • At hemorrhoids.
  • When high (above 37.0 C) temperature.
  • In tumors of the prostate.

In all of these cases raise the question of carrying out self-massage is not even worth it. Treatment, including massage, should only be performed by specialist in hospital.

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