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Massagers for prostate – related modern sex toys for men

Prostate massager – modern anal stimulator prostate for men, made from special medical silicone, this is what distinguishes a fake from a real trainer. The material is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, in addition to therapeutic effects, gives men an incomparable pleasure.

массажер простаты

Urology prostate massager is a great toy that is able not only to diversify the sexual life of the couple, but to save man from the unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis and stagnation. Use of a medical device easily, it can solve many men's problems, including prophylaxis of prostatitis, erection and return the joy of intimate life.

How useful stimulation?

Massage acts directly on the gland. It improves the condition of the patient, reduces swelling, increases the tone of blood vessels and normalizes lymph flow.

Medical prostate massager can be used during the acute form of prostatitis, but for those suffering from chronic disease it may be necessary. The effect is observed in several areas:

  • Restoration of patency of the ducts.
  • Improves penetration of medicinal substances in the tissue of the gland.
  • Rising tone the prostate gland.
  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

However, the use of prostate massagers is not always appropriate, there are times in which these devices are strictly contraindicated:

  1. Bacterial prostatitis, occur in the acute form.
  2. Any neoplasm (malignancy, size, stones, etc.).
  3. The presence of residual urine, congestion in the bladder.

Prostate massager has its advantages in use:

  • The availability of self-massage at home.
  • Attractive price for any type of massagers.
  • Positive feedback from doctors.
  • A great tool used in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis and ED.
  • The best tool to combat impotence and other sexual problems.
  • An excellent way to diversify the sexual life and to sensual pleasure.

Massagers from prostatitis ‒ an excellent solution for those men who, for whatever reason, are unable (not unwilling) to go to a medical center and urologist to conduct a digital (direct) massage the prostate.

What to stop a choice?

Of course, if the man decided to buy a massage, you should not think that it exists in a single version and only from one manufacturer. But as of what offer to choosethe best? Where can I buy it and how to use it? Issues of weight, next will be considered most popular versions of the devices with the necessary characteristics:

  • Mavit ULP-01

Modern portable medical device that combines the advantages of vibratory massage, combined with infrared and electromagnetic radiation. A great opportunity for men to massage without the help of outsiders. Mavit used only in remission.

Why consumers chose Mavit:

  1. Easy to use, is not addictive on a physical level.
  2. At Mavit ULP-01 no similar analogues.
  3. Mavit effective when it is used to normalize the outflow of secretions from the prostate gland, removed cramps, reduces the duration of treatment.
  4. It can be used to replace the majority of inpatient procedures.

Medical device comfortable, reliable and convenient, operation life from 5 to 8 years.

  • Massager to stimulate the prostate Straw ox "

Created for the treatment of all genitourinary disorders in men and women. Outer massage is particularly indicated for those who is driving, in the office, retired. Trainer-the prostate massager is perfect for use at home. Regular massage helps in the fight against prostatitis. Straw ox " easy to operate: it is enough to put on the seat of a car, a chair and to sit in such a position that the thickening on the unit was under the scrotum. The massaging motion is a simple oscillation of the pelvis from side to side.

  • Nexus Revo 2 Black

The device has a function independent of rotation of the head. The prostate stimulator features a powerful motor that can rotate the head of the vibrator in a circle and gives the man, in addition to the therapeutic effect, to a memorable sexual experience. Nexus Revo 2 Black has additional raised stop, which effectively massages the crotch, this provides the greatest possible healing results. Nexus Revo 2 Black is not just a device but a set of modern technologies that allow a man to treat prostate at home, but not to hurt. The Nexus Revo 2 Black high torque that allows you to work on the high-speed transmission, which will be the most pleasant man, inner case makes a vibrator stronger, and coupling guarantees its quiet operation.

Anal stimulator Nexus Revo is a revolution in the production of sex toys for men, but, in addition, the Nexus Revo is a smart medical massager.

  • Power Probe – prostate massager

It is a masterpiece of the American company specializing in the production of massagers from Dr Joel Kaplan). Of all the modifications of the Power Probe is the mostpopular all over the world, it's simple but ergonomic, comfortable and functional. The case is made of durable plastic and medical silicone as a coating. Length – 14 cm, diameter – 2.5 cm, angled tip provides easy penetration, a sex toy can be recommended to beginners to use the massagers.

  • Zini – known stimulant

Stimulator-prostate massager Zini has a rigid core and textured, but the top is dressed in delicate silicone. On the shell there are additional recesses which provide even greater stimulation of the prostate. Zini is a massager which was developed under the guidance of experts, it is because he has a perfect anatomic shape. The Zini bending angle is 72.5 degrees, the length of penetration – 8.3 cm, diameter ‒ 2.2 cm Materials made massager Zini are absolutely safe and hygienic.

  • Aneros Maximus

The development of stimulant belongs to the famous medical company Aneros, the massager has a distinctive feature – the crystal-white color, made of medical plastic. Anatomically it has the perfect shape and follows every curve of the body of a man, is an excellent way to improve prostate health. Enter the part of the Aneros – 10.5 cm, diameter 2.5-2.7 cm

  • The Cold Markelov

Prostate massager Markelov is equipped with a saddle electrode to massage the prostate gland can be implemented with maximum comfort. The man when using the simulator Markelov just need to choose a program, take the water soaked the saddle for 15-20 minutes.

Undeniable advantages of the cold Markelov:

  1. Massage is non-invasive (no penetration).
  2. Different program settings allow you to configure the simulator Markelov at the discretion of men.
  3. After three applications will the results be visible.
  4. Contraindications are minimal.

Massager-training simulator Markelov can be used in the home as a course of treatment or prevention of a lifetime.

  • Massager with fibrolamellar Rocks Off Cheeky Boy Blue

This unique device is used type of anal prostate massage, man gets not only a therapeutic effect, but also a lot of pleasure. The product can be used at home.

  • Men's Pleasure Wand Extra Large ‒ item to stimulate prostate

Waterproof stimulator has four high-speed mode, with a capacious battery, whichallows you to use the product for a relatively long time. Shown experts as the treatment of prostate diseases, as a Supplement it can be used as a sex toy.

As can be seen from the review, for men domestic and foreign industry for the production of massagers has prepared many options of products in any color, configuration, and usability. What to choose – that decision remains with the man, based on medical evidence and their own preferences.

Comparative price indicators

Choice of any items begins not only with reference to its characteristics, but also with the price. For many consumers, price is the basic criterion for selection, although experts do not think this is correct. In some cases, not too expensive product gives more positive result than what it is worth to order more.

Table 1. The prices of some popular prostate massagers

Name The average price/RUB

Mavit ULP-01

Manufacturer: Elamed (Russia)

9500 — 10500
Straw ox " From 50 to 55 $
Nexus Revo 2 Black From 5000
Power Probe 1250-1550
Zini 3490
Aneros Maximus 2350
Markelov electrical massager+electrode saddle 10000
Rocks Off Cheeky Boy Blue From 3500
Men's Pleasure Wand Extra Large" 3550

To buy all these products on various commercial sites online stores. The price of each may differ, therefore the choice remains solely with the consumer.

Is it possible to make a stimulant alone?

Stimulator-massager for the prostate gland with your hands very difficult to do. One of the main problems is the precise knowledge of the anatomy, the product must exactly repeat all the curves of the body, to avoid injury.

His hands massager is best done out of clay or plasticine, its diameter should not be more than 5 cm (optimum 2.5-3) and to vary a length of about 10 cm In diameter massager round shape with a rounded head and slightly curved lengthwise.

Before use the product should be good to cure (dry up), he must wear a condom and lubricated with a lubricant with an anesthetic. For greater security a stimulator it is better to show the doctor and to get detailed advice on its use.

Important! Despite the fact that a stimulant alone can be done, to use it is still highly undesirable. Prostate stimulation is not just a variant of sex games and serious health impact, which is necessary for the treatment of various diseases of reproductive organs. Whenincorrect use can cause complications such as hemorrhoids, sepsis, etc.

The urologic patch is used, divorce or the truth?

Undoubtedly, quality anal (or contactless) a medical device will cost more, but it is the man and will carry quality massage, and get pleasure. Whatever the price of the product, it's worth it.



A very interesting thing. Initially, of course, somewhat shy feeling, but when you get a massage and an orgasm in a bottle, once everything falls into place and have been using them constantly.


Your order on the anal stimulator got the other day and immediately could not resist and tried in action. Was very pleased, the main thing to me is also the psychological aspect, the problem with the prostate is, but every time I overcome myself to get a massage at the urologist. And there are no problems and worries.


I'm a trucker, so a long time in a sitting position, and stagnant phenomena in the prostate accompany me constantly. Partner advised to buy a special massager in the form of a saddle, very comfortable, and you can go, and prevent stagnation in the prostate gland.

To know the feedback about the patch from prostatitis...