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Instructions for use of the drug Prostate Forte (composition, price and reviews)

Many years of research experience in the field of men's health and innovative technologies have allowed canadian pharmaceutical company PharmaMed create a unique product: a balanced complex for men mens formula Prostate Forte. He not only quickly helps you cope with the illness, such as inflammation of the prostate gland, but also to prevent its occurrence.

What is the inflammation of the prostate and how dangerous is it?

Prostate (al-Greek. before-στάτης – "best fighter") is a unique on the male body that is responsible for reproductive function and plays an important role in the process of urination. At the same time he is very sensitive to adverse factors (overcooling, infection, low immunity, stress, poor diet). But these troubles beset man at every step.

The result may be a disease such as an inflammation of the prostate, or prostatitis. According to statistics, prostatitis in one form or another faced up to 30% of men of all ages, and it is only those who went to the doctor.

In addition to pain, disorders of urination, the appearance of weakness and fatigue, for prostate problems with intimate life. Erection becomes weak, the orgasm less bright, sometimes painful sensations appear during intimacy, deteriorates the quality of sperm.

The man is in a constant state of stress and loses the familiar sense of confidence. In such a situation without medical supervision and integrated treatment is not enough, otherwise the disease will become chronic. In the end, the cost of inaction is great – it is infertility.

Prostate Forte: prostate protected

Today, however, there is a great way to not only speed up recovery but also prevent the emergence of prostatitis, and other prostate diseases, strengthening the "Foundation" of men's health with Prostate Forte. Let's get to know this complex better.

The complex

The effectiveness of Prostate Forte is largely determined by the correct combination of herbal ingredients, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Nothing extra but everything you need in one capsule. The complex includes:

  • extract from medicinal plant materials (pumpkin seeds, burdock root, sedges sand, goldenrod, bark of white poplar and African Pygeum; grass, moss Icelandic, the fruit of dwarf palm);
  • trace elements: copper and zinc (glycinate);
  • vitamin E;
  • amino acids: glycine, L-alanine, L-glutamine.

Despite the fact that the complex Prostate Forte is a biologically active food Supplement, it has proved its efficiency and has been clinically tested in scientific research Institute of urology health MinistryOf The Russian Federation. Today it is widely used in the treatment of prostatitis and other prostate diseases, from practitioners about it still getting only positive feedback.

Pharmacological action

Prostate Forte has a complex effect on the prostate gland and leads to the following effects:

  • reduces inflammation and swelling, thereby leaving the pain and violation of urination (herbal ingredients with powerful anti-inflammatory effect);
  • contributes to a reduction in hyperplasia (the action of biologically active substances contained in the fruits of the dwarf palm);
  • positive effect on reproductive function (improving the quality of secretions produced by the prostate);
  • normalizes metabolic processes in the tissues of the gland (copper, zinc, antioxidant effect of vitamin E and amino acids).

Indications for use

Prostate Forte can be used to eliminate the symptoms of inflammation, impaired urination, in prostatitis, adenoma of I, II degree, and also as a preventive means conducive to the normal operation of the prostate and, in particular, to improve the reproductive function of the male body.


Because Prostate Forte consists exclusively of natural components, is balanced and safe for the vast majority of men there are no contraindications. However, the instruction manual contains a reference to such an exception, as individual intolerance of some components of the complex.

Method of application

Instructions for vitamin complex contains a reference to two variants of reception.

For the prevention of Prostate Forte is taken 1 capsule two times a day during meals for one month. If necessary, the course may be repeated.

For treatment of prostatitis vitamins are also taken by capsule twice per day during meals, but for 3-6 months depending on the individual patient.

Special instructions and the cost of a course of treatment

Instruction manual does not indicate that the drug affects the ability to drive or to stop taking any medications.

The complex packing contains 60 capsules which is sufficient for prevention course. The average price for one pack Prostate Forte in some regions of the country presented in the table:

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Region Price for 1 pack. (RUB.)
Moscow, the Moscow region 719
Saint Petersburg 722

Price prevention course is quite affordable and accessible, especially when compared with the cost of complex treatment of prostatitis, which is based on the cost analyses and a course of antibiotics is in the order of 5000-7000 rubles.

The reviews of experts and patients

The experience of the practitioners shows that the use of Prostate Forte significantly enhances the effect of treatment of chronic prostatitis. Another positive aspect is the improvement in motor activity of sperm, normalization of potency. Almost 100 % of cases there was reduction of inflammation and swelling, improvement in General condition. Positive reviews in many forums dedicated to men's health, talk about trust on the part of men.

However, despite all the advantages of the described complex and positive feedback, before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

So Prostate Forte is an excellent choice for the integrated treatment and prevention of diseases of the prostate: affordable price, security, efficiency. Take care of your health today!