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Interpretation of results of analysis of sperm and prostate secretion with possible prostatitis

Hello Igor tadeushevich, my name is Alex, I am 29 years old and I am interested in this question... I Have in the analysis of prostate secretion revealed 80-100 leukocytes/z, but in the semen 0-2-4, as far as I understand the secret of the prostate is one of the components of semen, how can we explain these data? Doctors have divided into several camps, 2 say you have prostatitis and it urgently should be treated, and the 3rd tells you everything is normal, it is hard to apply pressure to the prostate and from here is a white blood cell count!
Help please, tell your opinion, could it be prostatitis, if not ejaculate revealed a large number of white blood cells??? And generally, whether I think it's the same white blood cells in the semen and those in the prostate secretion?

Answer: "Hello, Alex! Indeed, part of semen include prostate secretion, and it is logical to assume that if there is inflammation in the prostate secretion, it should be in the sperm. But sometimes it happens that during the massage of the prostate by taking prostate secretion the lobules better emptied and leukocytes were in the analysis. And during semen collection has not been complete emptying. It does not matter. If the inflammation is detected in the prostate secretion -to treat prostatitis. I wish you health"