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How do TRUS of the prostate, preparation and examination

Transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate (transrectal ultrasound of the prostate) is gradually replacing a transabdominal. Despite all the dislike of males to the method of implementation and to the fact that before the procedure, preparation required, doctors increasingly prefer TRUS. Not surprising, as the survey results using TRUS have many advantages over transabdominal.

What is the difference?

TRUS is a diagnostic of the prostate with a special instrument through the rectum. Due to the close proximity of the ULTRASONIC scanner to the prostate the results of the survey will be more accurate and it will help you avoid errors in diagnosis.

In transabdominal ultrasound, the ultrasound beam must pass through the abdominal wall and bladder. And imagine that male heavy build, or overweight, what kind of accuracy of screening can be discussed?

Of course, abdominal ultrasound is used for sensors with frequency 3.5 to 5 MHz, which promotes deeper penetration of ultrasound, but the quality and clarity of image suffer from it. These indicators can also suffer due to inaccurate training. Therefore, the decoding of such data can be hampered or distorted.

No one is saying that transabdominal ultrasound should be sent to the dustbin of history and not to use it. His testimony is important to obtain information about the shape of the prostate and its location in the pelvis. But at the TRUS scanner is very close to the body, so the image is clear, high-quality and informative.

Recommended for research?

TRUS is a unique method of diagnosis that is required at the correct diagnosis, and an important part of the comprehensive examination, which should be carefully prepared. This method is also used as an auxiliary during different medical manipulations. But most often TRUS do if you suspect a disease, such as:

  • Prostate cancer;
  • Adenoma;
  • Calcification of the prostate;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Vesiculitis;
  • Male infertility;
  • Various diseases of the nearby organs of the pelvis.

Also TRUS do, if the age of the men older than 40 years.

In addition to the diagnostic significance of transrectal ultrasonography, which requires good decoding, it is used as a way of targeting when performing a transrectal prostate biopsy. Plays an important role when carrying out the puncture of cysts or abscesses, and injections, and is especially appreciated by oncologists with cryosurgery and brachytherapy for prostate cancer. But before the manipulation with proper preparation.

What you need to do before the manipulation?

As TRUS prostateis through the anus, it requires special training. A few days before TRUS should be excluded from the diet foods that stimulate flatulence. In the morning, on the day of examination, do a cleansing enema. Do not have to use a mug Esmarch, a microclyster from pharmacies or suppositories with a laxative effect.

Depending on the purpose TRUS, the filling of the bladder will vary in time. If appointed TRUS, you need to drink about a liter of water an hour before the procedure and then you do not need to urinate. For screening urinary tract infections water need to start drinking immediately prior to TRUS, and as soon as urination, an ultrasound examination is performed.

Equally important is psychological preparation. Many men experience a painful blow to the ego and to decide what to do TRUS, a lot of effort, or do it when there's no other way (it hurts so that no strength, and already agree on everything). This man should clearly realize that TRUS is done only for accurate diagnosis, the correct interpretation and further implementation of adequate treatment, not for jokes and drawing, and it's not abuse of the male ego. But you and the doctor about this manipulation know no one will – patient confidentiality has not been canceled. If we are to cope with nervous tension is difficult, it is possible to take a sedative.

The course of the study

The procedure lasts on average about 20 minutes. For diagnosis the patient lies on the couch on your left side with legs bent at the knees and brought them to his chest. The sensor is put on the special condom. Causing on the surface of the ULTRASOUND scanner with a special gel, the doctor inserts it into the anus of a patient to a depth of 5-7 cm. In order to assess the condition of the bladder, a man will offer to produce urine, and then re-do the survey. Pain this man does not feel, but the psychological discomfort.

For proper decoding TRUS have plural information:

  • The shape, size and symmetry;
  • The clarity of the contours;
  • The echogenicity and structure of the organs;
  • The state of the surrounding organs and tissues.

It is possible to conduct additional research in the form of duplex scanning, 3 or 4D reconstruction of the prostate and elastography. It should be remembered that the correct interpretation of the results of transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate depends on if the scene was preparing. Filled stool rectum and increased flatulence can not only be uncomfortable for the patient, but also to influence the course of manipulation.

After TRUS, the patient giveconclusion and for more accurate resolution of the diagnosis took a few pictures. The procedure should be performed only highly qualified and specially trained technician. Transrectal ultrasound examination is possible to do in the direction of the urologist in multidisciplinary hospital and specialty diagnostic center, but this will depend on the price of the procedure. If transrectal ultrasonography is carried out in the outpatient clinic, it'll do it for free, and in health centres the cost of TRUS can reach 2000 rubles and more. Price also depends on qualification of specialist, equipment and location of the clinic or center. The choice is always the patient.