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The complex of physical exercises for the prostate and potency (gymnastics, massage)

External beauty, toned beefy body and perfect shape is the goal of many men. A huge number of groups and forums on the Internet provides guidance on how to abs, biceps or broad back. However, few people think about the fact that some internal organs, particularly the prostate, too regular exercise. Moreover, there are special exercises for the prostate.

Do not wait until the disease would catch You by surprise or will violation of potency, "train" the prostate, performing simple physical exercises, and then she can easily fight off any illness!

Why is it important to train the prostate?

The prostate is a special organ responsible for the production and release of secretions, which is part of sperm and affect sperm activity. Because the prostate plays a critical role in reproductive function, determines the potency level of men.

Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, stress lead to disturbance of blood supply to the body, stagnation of the "juice" of the prostate and failure of the normal operation of the gland as a whole. In this state it is very vulnerable. The risk of diseases such as adenoma, prostatitis, calcification, impaired potency, cancer, is significantly increased.

Gymnastics, physical exercises for men improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs, physiotherapy prostate prevent disruption of the prostate gland and are a great prevention. But even if the disease has already occurred, physical activity will contribute to improving the quality of life, normalization potency and speedy recovery after surgery.

Workout to prevent prostate diseases

Select the right time for You (morning or evening) wear comfortable sports clothes, tune into the complex and proceed. You will succeed! Here are some effective exercises:

  1. Sit on the floor (feet together stretched out in front of You). Start moving forward, moving buttocks. Make three times for 30 steps.
  2. Starting position "seated on the floor (feet together stretched out in front of You), bend forward to direct his feet. And so a few times in 20 tilts.
  3. Take the standing position. Do free Mahi one foot then change the leg. Perform 3 sets of 20 swings.
  4. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Make the slopes alternately right and left. Only three approaches in 20 tilts.
  5. Lie down on your back. Lift the straight leg, in the lumbar region help himself with his hands and make sure that the buttocks do not touch the floor. We recommend you to stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes (exercise "birch").

So just 10-15 minutes a day will help to protect the healthmen from the serious, painful problems.

Exercises for treatment of prostatitis and adenoma

However, even if You are already diagnosed, exercise does not hurt, they are also aimed at muscle strengthening and improved circulation in the prostate.

It is important to remember that exercise cannot be performed during periods of exacerbation, the early period after surgery, and even if there are related diseases in which excessive activity is contra-indicated. Gymnastics, exercises require consultation with your doctor.

Consider exercises for the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma:

  • Exercise "Birch". See above.
  • Stand up straight. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and begin to squat shallow smoothly. The back should be straight, your heel from the floor to tear off it is impossible. Perform 3 sets of 20 squats.
  • Initial position "lying on back". To put your arm around the knee and start to pull up to his chest. Initially do the exercise one by one, then both legs together. Each time at 10 reps.
  • Stand up. Feet together, hands at the waist without bending your back, lift your knees high, alternating legs. It turns out walking on the ground. And so 3 times 30 steps.
  • Take the lying position. It is necessary that the feet were at the same weight (hung from beds or chairs). Do the feet movements, as if you are riding a bike. "Pedal" for 2-3 minutes.

Of course, in all important measure. Always listen to your state after the gymnastics performed. In addition, for treatment of prostatitis used methods of physical therapy of the prostate (baths, mud, UHF, electrophoresis, electrical stimulation). Useful and perform prostate massage.

Physical activity after removal of the prostate

Operation removal of the prostate or parts of it is a serious surgery. But sometimes that is the surest means for the treatment of an adenoma or prostate cancer. One of the more unpleasant and common complication after removal of the prostate is incontinence. In order to normalise the process of urination, the need to train the sphincter. Good in this case, the effect exercises such as a set of Kegel.

By the way, to train at the Kegel technique can not only after delete, but also as prevention: it is good for potency.

Kegel exercise helps to strengthen pelvic muscles, which, in particular, are responsible for the process of urination. There are several ways of its implementation:

  • the contraction of the muscles of the perineum, as if you delay urination for 2-3 seconds, and then relaxation (relaxation is as much as you and delay);
  • fast and frequent contraction, then relaxation for 30 seconds.

One exercise is fortime 15-20 seconds. The number of repetitions of each exercise at least 10 times. Subsequently, the frequency of repetitions can be increased. While performing Kegel does not engage the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks – this reduces efficiency. Remember to keep breathing: it should be deep and calm. Kegel exercise not only effective but also convenient. It can be done anytime, anywhere-at home, at work, on vacation, driving. Of course, practice is permitted only in the late period after surgery removal of the prostate, in consultation with the surgeon.

As you can see, men have plenty of opportunities to maintain your health without drugs or surgery: gymnastics, exercise, massage, physiotherapy prostate, and outdoor sports (running, swimming, and more. Your health is in your hands. Train to health!