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All about the restoration of nervous system (session Kolesnikova)

How to restore the nervous system? In a constantly changing world is a topical issue that requires serious attention, as all processes in the body are controlled by it. Every person needs to understand that any action have an impact on the health and psyche, and nervous exhaustion after stress leads to a weakening of protective reactions.

The perception of internal and external peace

The nervous system in humans is divided into Central, responsible for the perception of the outside world, and vegetative exercising control over the functioning of internal organs.

For a long time it was believed that nervous system recovery is impossible. However, studies have shown that nerve cells can regenerate and restore their lost functions. Neurogenesis is a process that is still under intense scrutiny, and to some extent non-fiction.

The catch phrase "all diseases of the nerves" gives rise to many myths and prejudices. So everywhere else and disseminated a primitive program to eliminate consequences of stress. Myths are extremely hardy, both among ordinary people in the ranks of medical workers in treating the psyche. Therefore, it is not always the person seeking help receives it in due measure and forced for years to live with the consequences of neurosis.

Consider the most persistent misconceptions (myths):

  • "The effects of stress is the most common cause of neurosis. In contrast, you can put nervous disorders, occurring against the background of absolute prosperity of life. Although stress and provokes the malfunction of the nervous system, but it needs to be either very strong, or constantly present in a person's life. In all other cases, the development of instability of the national Assembly is not after stress, and even before its occurrence, if it had already been upset.

According to scientists, stress plays the role of "developer of photography, that is, manifests what has been hidden from man's subconscious. For an already weakened nervous system as stress can be any stimulus: atmospheric front, dripping water, small domestic conflict. On the other hand, there are many examples when people had long been in the area long-term stress and under difficult circumstances, but became stronger (body and spirit). What is the difference? In the right or disturbed the nerve cells.

  • "All illnesses from nerves". The most persistent myth to refute, which can be on the example of the people participating in actual combat. The strongest stress after months of fighting needs to lay on the bed of the infirmary to everyone who participated. However, this is not happening. In civilian life there are many professions,associated with daily checks of the nervous system for strength (paramedics, lifeguards, teachers, etc.), although there are no "mandatory" manifestations of pathology of the national Assembly do not exist. Therefore, the myth is based only on observations showing that after stress in humans, is physically completely healthy, starts, failures in the internal organs (heart pain, etc.), although experts say the opposite — just after the negative emotions of illness latent, manifested itself in an acute form.
  • "Take only those drugs that restore NA. Clearly, there are many pathologies that arise directly in the brain, and require drugs that address them. But often the failure of NS occurs after the change of physiological and biochemical processes in the internal organs and tissues (chronic processes, in violation of cerebral circulation, affecting the auditory nerve, etc.). So, for example, will require tablets that support homeostasis and serve as prevention of development of violations in the activities of brain cells and possible nervous breakdowns. According to these scientists ' observations, we can stop and soothe the Central and autonomic nervous system by the "attack" on chronic disease. Unfortunately, services in the modern clinics are not always aimed at the detection and treatment of indolent, with a latent period of diseases.
  • "Take adaptogens with the weakening of vitality and NA. In fact, adaptogens (Siberian ginseng) do not eliminate any reason which underlies the disorders of the national Assembly. They can make healthy people before physical or emotional stress. After their reception at home in people with weakened NS will happen overrun of internal reserves, and what will happen next — is unknown.
  • "Nerve cells do not regenerate". Actually the update process of the nerve cells is permanent, and for stress (anger, indignation, etc.) evaporate not the cells themselves, a substance that ensures the coordinated work of the national Assembly (neurotransmitters).

The disadvantage of these substances occurs under all load conditions of the brain when thinking, communicating, mental strain and pleasure) that clearly shows the aspect of "satiety" that points to a natural mechanism: if impressions (good, bad), the brain ceases to perceive them adequately.

These are some of the most common myths that prevent people to effectively restore the nervous system.

Proven method of gaining health

Scientific articles about how to restore the nerves, written many. Lists and drugs that help restore NA, vitamins, folktools that can be applied at home.

Foods that contain these vitamins:

  • Vitamin a: apricots, carrots, pumpkin, liver, fish, sea buckthorn oil, egg yolk and butter.
  • Vitamin b: true, "vitamins for nerves" helping to restore the nervous system and energy metabolism. Effectively these vitamins are in complex b vitamins: B1, B2, B3, etc.). Emphasize scientists Niacin (PP, B3, nicotinic acid), which enters the body with liver, beans, peas, mushrooms, chicken meat, nuts, wheat, barley and oats. Niacin greatly affects the nervous system and its derivatives are part of drugs to restore mental equilibrium, if it is insufficient the person feels nervousness, depression, depression.
  • Vitamin C: it can be used to restore your nerves and enhance the body's resistance. It is recommended to eat citrus fruits, cranberries, currants, rosehips, herbs and red pepper.

To calm and restore the nerves will help and vitamins E and D, which are able to neutralize the effects of nervous overloads and prevent damage to nerve cells (marine fish, cottage cheese, vegetable oil, onion, sunflower seeds, Kale, spinach).

Recoverable energy correctly

Modern methods allow to restore the nerves, quickly and effortlessly. Energy sessions Kolesnikova Hope everyone can find peace and contentment and start living in harmony with yourself and others.

Statistics show that up to 42% of all diseases are caused by psychosomatic causes, which are based on neurosis (vegetative dystonia, panic attacks).

What diseases will help sessions Kolesnikova:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Endocrine problems.
  • Diabetes and excessive fullness.
  • Bronchial asthma and respiratory failure.
  • Strokes and tumors in the brain.
  • Problems with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Premature aging, migraines, and insomnia.
  • Decrease in immunity.

In addition, a person who protects their nerves have problems with social adaptation. Few people from the surrounding attracts neurotic, suffering from depression, compulsions and anger. That is why the nervous system is necessary to protect and recover strongly under the influence of negative factors.

The efficiency of the session Kolesnikova confirmed by many practicing neurologists, they are clinically tested and proven that people after seeing these sessions become a relaxed and stress. In session-based energy lies the restoration of the human bio-field, helping to combat nervousness, irritation,anxiety, insomnia and many other symptoms that accompany nerve disease.

It is also important that with the help of sessions Kolesnikova is possible to help the patient who wants to treat your nerves, secretly. Enough to watch the sessions and submit it (to keep the photo), and using another person's energy force comes to destination and restore nerves.

To order the CD with restorative sessions Kolesnikova possible at an affordable price only at the official website. The price — 2990 rubles, and it is much cheaper than to restore the nervous system with the help of traditional medication and counseling.

But we must remember that only original disks will bring peace and rest to the person and his family!