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About the causes, symptoms and treatment of midlife crisis in men

Midlife crisis in men! The phrase has long become almost winged and refers to any unusual behavior of an adult male. Most people don't realize how deep may be a crisis and not know what to do and how to survive with minimal losses. What is his reasons, whether there is effective treatment and how to behave to others, try to understand.

мужчина держится руками за голову

Age deceit

Symptoms of age-related crises more than once throughout the life of a man concerned about the reason, but usually begin from 30 to 40 years. It is important to understand that the symptoms of the crisis is a natural process of growing up (maturing) of the individual, which depends on the surrounding conditions. The reasons for his various, circumstances can also significantly affect the course of the crisis, serious treatment is not required, but it all depends on whether a person is able to easily go through all the trouble after the onset of the crisis.

Midlife crisis in men is a long flowing a small depression or depression when they start to overestimate the last part of my life.

In 30 years comes pre-crisis abroad, the man completely imbued with the consciousness of his perfection and independence. It is important to understand that at 30-33 years the feeling of freedom often turns into permissiveness and irresponsibility, not everyone can survive this period without significant losses. Especially before 40 years of threat and overflowing with selfish emotions, which lead to live with the idea that "nobody owes anybody anything". The symptoms of pre middle age forced man to avoid all that could harm the freedom, and especially family relations. As a result, to experience the peak of the crisis, usually attributable to 40-45 years, it is becoming very difficult, there is a prolonged depression, many people start binge drinking. How many "peak" lasts, how it begins and manifests itself and how to help a man to overcome it?

The main symptoms of the "male crisis":

  • The symptoms of depression. Often others do not understand the reason for the onset of depression, especially in outwardly impressive, successful, with enough money men.
  • Self-pity. Expressed in any form, is experienced both within themselves and imposed on others in constant complaints and "whining". It is important not to dismiss but to help. After the crisis passes, everything returns to normal.
  • Emptiness. After the onset of the crisis, a man really feels the emptiness, despair, dissatisfaction, hopelessness. He should live alone it's hard.
  • The feeling of "dead-end" trap, whenit seems that out of the current situation there.
  • An acute sense that life has been against the man unfairly.

Male crisis in 30-50 years (but more often in the 40) has its external characteristic features, and friends of the reaction of men at some points in life simply discourages irrationality and inconsistency. Sometimes it seems that "man corrupted in mind", but it is not necessary to do so unflattering conclusions. All the machinations of the hormonal changes the body, the symptoms of midlife crisis, and they should help to overcome, and if necessary, conduct treatment.

The symptoms are external manifestations:

  • Loss of interest in former Hobbies, Hobbies, the man wants nothing to do.
  • The rejection achieved, even if the man is at the peak of their fame, achievements and material prosperity.
  • Change others, often the priority in all matters is getting the opinion of random people.
  • Loose, eccentric behavior.

What to do when the crisis came, as it lasts? To answer the question with maximum accuracy will be difficult, the crisis phenomenon is strictly personal and each man in middle age occurs in different ways.

Nothing special to do, and the more nervous is not worth it. A middle-aged man caught "in the network" crisis, like a boat in the middle of the ocean. All you need is to relax, not to row against the tide and not go on about the emotions. Good to find an expert who will make the right conclusions and, if necessary, prescribe supportive treatment.

"Whatever you do, you're wrong."

That's a phrase close to characterize the condition of their men, and the reason, again in midlife crisis. Signs of more than typical and known to most:

  • Irritability, alternating with sentimentality. The husband can be touched (with tears) at the sight of the miniature dogs and immediately start to make trouble because of a poorly ironed shirt.
  • Dissatisfaction with appearance. After 30 years they begin to seek out wrinkles, gray hair, they are extremely irritating to the mud press.
  • Mistrust about the health. This is especially true of the sexual sphere, it begins to seem that the sexual power was weakened. In the pursuit of new sensations they can go to extremes.
  • Isolation. This symptom crisis in midlife is clearly noticeable in the earlier "band guys" who are trying with what I have to do to hide their experiences and problems.
  • Excitement about the future. After the age of 40 many men begin to take stock of life, to start talking about death.

Indeed, "bizarre symptoms" lasting for years, tired and friends and family. What to do and is there any treatment? If a man does not want to recognize the very existence ofcrisis and will not dare to make an effort to correct the situation, then it is likely to remain alone with the problem, and "the broken trough".

The effects of a psychological battle

The symptoms of midlife crisis is a kind of male menopause, the period of aging. Trigger hook (the main reason) becomes the beginning of the decline of testosterone in the blood, resulting in lowering of sexual activity. But give the man does not intend to, he still remembers about the bed of victory and wants to repeat them. "A gray beard, a lusty" is about him, the man during the crisis of middle age. The endless flirting with the "young" helps in 40-50 years to re-assert themselves.

Treatment tips for men:

  • For a change of scenery and occupation. If health has become worse, you need to leave all bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, stimulants). If there is dissatisfaction with the shape – welcome to the gym or to the stadium. Tired of work – change it! The main thing in this situation is to force yourself to do something, to not allow the crisis to completely take over him.
  • If "annoying", something in my life time – it's time to return to the dreams and to implement them.
  • In the period of mental weakness, always remember that you need loved ones, you are the head of the family and responsible for the life and the fate of their children.
  • Look back at your accomplishments, you've come so far!
  • Learn to live "today" rejoice in any moments in life.

And finally. To psychologically be ready for all sorts of vicissitudes of life, a man needs to know how many crises have been released on his life. Knowing the "enemy" in the face, can be prepared in advance to meet him:

  • 21-22, with the first crisis. If a young man married, he ceases to idealize his wife, realizing that family life is not an eternal honeymoon, and harsh everyday life.
  • After 5-7 years of marriage (no matter when it is enclosed). Feelings start to erode, the daily "bytovuha" bore. Statistics show that in this period of crisis we have the most divorces.
  • In fact, the company's midlife crisis " (30-37 years). There is a reassessment of his life, and begins the understanding that the young years are gone.
  • "Empty nest" (45-50 years). A time when children grew up and left the man feeling of emptiness and uselessness.
  • "Fear old" (60-65 years). Of course, it is difficult to call a midlife crisis, but still this is a crisis and many men feel it very hard.

Almost the whole life of man is continuous crises, and the reasons for them are different. Some people manage to cope with the symptoms is easy, thanks to the support of her family, one falls into the extreme. So life was not too burdensome, you needto learn how to cope with any psychological situations, negative events, or just a bad mood.