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The peculiarities of the male psychology against women

What is men's psychology in love or relationships, if you can fathom the mind of your partner, what fears are overcome, and whether you can return the same feelings if they were given a crack? What secrets lurk in the male mind and ever women to solve even one of them? How complex male psychology for the intellectual and what is the behavior of a partner can be considered as a sign of interest? And whether really to return the man she loved if he left? Any of these issues were pretty women's heads at all times, and that fundamental decisions on the management of men's feelings and not found, speaks for itself.

парень и девушка стоят спиной друг к другу

"He's from Mars and she from Venus"

Distinctive features of male psychology is that we are like from different planets, in other words, of love male psychology is as far from feminine as Mars and Venus. Their thinking is radically different from ours, and it is necessary to understand and to forgive!

For the successful cooperation in the professional sphere, the family, or to bring a partner, you need to know a few of the psychological aspects, then, to understand his behavior will be easier:

  • Its annoying that all the thoughts of women are in the language. He thinks in silence and pronounces the final result.
  • Any voiced problem involves a push to action (decision).
  • In conversation, he focused on the ultimate goal, and it is unnerving when the interviewee jumps from one thought to another.
  • To rethink and detailed response he needs to think.
  • His annoying jealousy.
  • He's persistent, stubborn, likes to assert their opinion.
  • Often do something rashly.
  • Good control of emotions, hiding weaknesses, failures.
  • Doesn't notice small details, and covers the whole picture.
  • Not sensitive, have little idea about what emotions.
  • Often he cannot understand his feelings for the woman.
  • Did not understand the hints straightforward.

That's the whole male psychology in relationships, and in love. So less talking hints, trust not words but actions. If he does something for you, not excuses, it's worth it.

Another feature: the man's behavior will change dramatically if he's been hurt, he becomes irritable and rude. To return such a man will not be easy.

Eight secrets of the universe

Male psychology for many women is as complicated as repairing the bulldozer with his hands. It's difficult and hard, this is especially clear to read in the book Tamara paly "Male psychology to intellectualism". To understand his feelings: jealousy, love, or unreasonablefears, ‒ you can look at his behavior from the outside.

The secrets of behavior:

  • It is preferable to talk about feelings indirectly. Can I ask what he felt when they first saw you.
  • Love in actions. To understand a man simply by looking at his concern for you. If it is on the first call rushes to help, so his feelings are bright. If you are a hundred times asked point-blank about something, but he only excuses, there is reason to think and to look at the other object of adoration. And certainly not to suffer about how to get him back.
  • He is serious about any commitments, including marriage. He just needs to understand that this relationship for a long time.
  • He can hear you. And his behavior during a conversation can Express a complete detachment, but that he "heard everything", there is no doubt.
  • Case together strengthens the relationship and creates love. It is preferable that, and not talking about feelings. And no matter what actions bring together: sex or sport.
  • Male psychology in a relationship requires a touch of loneliness. Men need free time and space, no matter what he would prefer to do. Another question, if its a hobby (for example, "tank battle") does not leave time and money for the family, such behavior requires a psychological adjustment.
  • "The Apple from the tree". Men learn from their fathers, so to understand what it is to be in a relationship, just look at his father.
  • They are easier to part with the problems. Try not to dwell on trouble, preferring to leave the problem and move forward.

Thinking about the peculiarities of the male psychology of love, not superfluous to recall the following: "a man is loved not for the fact that the woman is always there, but for what he felt to be with her."

Peace, tranquility and complete satisfaction in sexual life – is the basis of any of the male psychology in love, and in long-term relationships. To return the man in the family all this was not almost impossible, despite the jealousy and fears of being alone.

Possible deviations

However, all that is mentioned above, for strong, self-sufficient and self-confident man with the right education in a complete and happy family. Unfortunately, the majority of children now being raised "by same-sex families ‒ my mother and grandmother, and that it can not be postponed imprint on the future behavior of the boy in adult life. Any psychologist will tell you that all the fears, jealousy, mistrust and inappropriate behavior come from childhood.

  • What is jealousy?

This negative feeling, the result of terrible self-doubt, feelings of inferiority. Many women have to deal with the manifestation of unbridled and even cruel jealousy, chicanery, andhomilies. In this case, you should remember that jealousy and fists – this article of the criminal code, and not love. Then correct the man is impossible in principle. To put up with such a "manifestation of feelings", as the jealousy with violent behavior is not recommended, it is literally life-threatening.

  • What the "say" instruction and arraignment?

Or male an inveterate pedant (formalist, the man is extremely accurate, petty, precise), which is good if he is doing everything necessary to their comfort. But if it is three times a day makes the husband to wash the floors, and God forbid her to rearrange a porcelain figure of a tenth of a degree South, about such relations is worth considering. Often, under the pedantry of a man hides the fears of the old, failed relationship. In this case, the woman can play the role of psychologist, to persuade the man: this time it's different, and to regain faith in themselves.

Men's psychology is that really for the sake of his beloved, he is ready for anything, even change many of his habits, to make friends with the future mother-in-law for hours listening to the chatter of friends. Loving people always caring and careful, if something went wrong, time to reflect.