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Why the man begins to cheat on his wife, but not out, and remains

Adultery at all times is not uncommon. Sometimes the causes seem to lie on the surface: after childbirth, with age, the wife has ceased to care for their own appearance, became indifferent to sexual relations, little attention is paid to the husband, who begins to change. However, often the opposite situation: the wife is clever, beautiful, and the fact of infidelity is confirmed. Most interesting is that in the first and in the second situation, the man remains in the family. The question arises: why do men cheat on their wives, but do not go away? Try to understand.

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The base betrayal

Men invent incredible, multi-way combination to hide the fact of treason. When the truth comes out, one is left wondering why for a long time the man continued to change, but not gone from the family. Psychological causes many. Talk about the most common:

  • The game of love. And a decent age deeply in the male soul lives a little naughty boy, manifesting itself in different ways. A man with passion to fly a kite with his son, and another representative of the stronger sex prefer adult games to love and begin to change.

Cheating seems to be a multi-pass strategy pass which is a matter of honor for men. To leave the family the husband is not going because the game is over, the interest will be lost and have to start all over again. Psychology and causes of male infidelity to his wife is clear. How to deal, will be discussed below.

  • Laziness. The husband has a mistress and has a tender feel. At first glance, everything is simple: you need to break of a faded relationship and create a new one, but the family is not disintegrating.

Man continues to change, but not go away because of natural laziness. The appearance of the mistress, the wife will certainly notice. Lazy husband suddenly acquires unusual characteristics: pays great attention to appearance, he becomes more active. But time goes, and the man leaves. Over time, the situation could lead to the extinction of the "left" relations. Less husband leaves the family, if the initiator of the divorce will be wife.

  • Fear of the unknown. Causes of infidelity may be different. But that's why man continues to change and is not leaving due to one thing — fear. Nobody knows what will happen and what will the care of the family. Simultaneously with the mentioned scares the reaction of his wife: if she will set up against male children will require to meet with them only on weekends.

And it is not known how strong the new relationship. The man studied his wife, lived with his wife for many years, knows the negative and positive aspects. The mistress looks as attractive, but the mysterious object. Fear becomes a factor, why does a man notout.

  • A supermacho Vice versa. Is a kind of addition to the above-described embodiment, only the reason that man does not go away, is a psychological lack of confidence. Mistress helps to find her, but the loss of his wife shake. Again, any complexes that require affirmation in this way.
  • "I'm not guilty...". Changed, because seduced by the evil temptress. The reason why a man changes, though it looks improbable, but is common. At the party, for the company, because of ignorance of the measures in the alcohol. Any factor may lead to loss of control and betrayal of wife.
  • Sometimes the representative of the stronger sex and he is not happy the change, but change anything. Most often the man will try the fact of infidelity to hide. Of course, men who commits such stupidity, do not leave his wife, and according to some psychological research, become more dedicated family members.
  • Sometimes the reason a man changes, is material benefit. Often we are talking about career advancement. Why did the husband go? Most likely, no desire. The fact of the infidelity is carefully concealed, with the two lovers, as office romances rarely allowed by their superiors.
  • Physiology. Long separation, the wife is sick, unable to fulfill her marital duty because of pregnancy, childbirth. All of the above is a common reason why good husbands are changing. Physiology difficult to fight, especially if there is present an unoccupied and attractive lady. That's the whole answer.

Of course, we have not listed all the reasons why men begin to change, but in our opinion, is the most frequent. It is often the situation when cheating occurs under pressure of several factors, and even the man himself sometimes does not know the answer to the question of why it happened.

How to be

Tips are addressed, first and foremost, girls. Of course, the first to calm down, if you want to keep the family together. The man hasn't left yet, so there are factors, firmly holding her husband in the family. The plan of further actions depends on the psychological reasons why her husband had not gone to his mistress from his wife:

  • If a husband is a player, then after a short time the relationship reaches its climax. Husband wins "strategy" and come back. For a long time? Depends on the efforts of his wife. Try to captivate a man to desire to change arose.
  • Sloth? Download man work. Of course, not so that the husband fell down from fatigue, but to a new relationship time was less and less. It is better if the husband will go to another city, to build a summer residence in the long vacation. Too lazy to complete the deal. Making efforts to maintain relations withthe mistress husband finds exceeding their own capabilities.
  • Timid type. Casually let her husband own position regarding children, the magnitude of litigation costs. Men don't know what you're trying to keep the family together and will accept said seriously. Peace of mind for these men – the main desire. Easier to stop change than to face a lot of difficulties.
  • Male "supermacho"? Sorry. To meet the "first" guy's cool until the first betrayal. Sometimes, we simply accept and ignore another passion. Mistress will change, and the family remain intact.

Can you make yourself the object of constant conquest. But life is war is not always satisfied wives, so you'll have to make a choice.

  • With a random cheater and do nothing. Try to forget the offense. Maybe go to a psychologist. The man will put a lot of effort to keep the family together. It all depends on the wife.

Everyone knows the adage that to live life is not the same as to switch the field. However, to live a life hand in hand with your other half even harder. Honor and praise those who do it with dignity.