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Signs of schizophrenia in men and behaviors

Some mental health problems still carry a lot of mysteries associated with the specific manifestations and origins. Signs and behavior in schizophrenia in men is one of these mysteries, even for an expert it is difficult to imagine how will be affected in different people.

расстройство личности

For reference. Schizophrenia in men, where there is no clear faces and signs, is a severe mental disorder. In each case the patient reveals its own characteristic pathology symptoms.

Monitoring of patients shows that their behavior is in the case, which is why diagnosis is difficult to foresee the further manifestation of the disease in the case of aggravation of its course. For centuries, scientists are trying to bring all the known signs for "a common denominator", but even the advent of modern medical equipment made it impossible to say exactly how manifest mental disorder when there is a worsening and how effective it will be something or other medication.

Where does it come from?

To this question to answer difficult. Schizophrenia in men is a progressive disease that causes personality changes, the will and the manifestation of emotions. Oddly enough, the first symptoms and the highest percentage of symptoms of the disease occur in the period of 25-29 years old, on average, the youngest age – 20-30 years, in further signs of schizophrenia become hardly discernable. In childhood and adolescence in boys can show the first signs of schizophrenia, but it happens very rarely.

Very often, relatives, learning about "the shiz", fall into a stupor, they become obsessed with a mystic fear of the illness of a loved one in half with aggression, indifference, contempt. This is a typical misunderstanding of the nature of the disease and its causes. It is important to know that only joint efforts can overcome the disease and force it to retreat.

Fear and ignorance of mental health is laid in childhood, to overcome it just enough to read any textbook of psychiatry and to find out from the doctor what actions should be taken close to the people, if their loved one was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Curable if the "shiz"? In most cases, if you start treated on time, it is possible to achieve stable remission. In severe cases, the treatment is carried out in a psychiatric clinic.

Of course, at first you will need to completely rebuild the habitual way of life, to observe all recommendations be commonplace humanity. This will depend on further man's life and destiny.

The main causes of "lunacy"

These include:

  • Endogenous causes. Inthe basis of the disease are the violation of the metabolism and pathology of the brain.
  • Faulty genes. It's an inherited fact, because the relatives of a schizophrenic you can identify the "Shizu" or other mental disorders. Sometimes for the development of schizophrenia answer a few defective genes present in both parents, but they have not manifested themselves. In summation of genes in a boy, after a few years after birth, showing signs of schizophrenia. This is the reason because of which the disease is incurable, but to treat it is necessary.

The main types of "geeks" and the reasons for its occurrence:

  1. Depressive-paranoid. Manifested a constant depressed state, the expectation of bad news, anxiety. Treatment is (mainly) in the use of sedative drugs.
  2. Catatonic. Seen in either excessive activity or complete indifference to the world. In this form there is a sharp change in behavior and mood.
  3. Circular. You show signs of "megalomania", the man continuously allocates itself among others, he considers himself exceptional and unique. This leads to constant conflicts with other people, the appearance of delusions. Often people with this form of schizophrenia retreats into himself, away from everyone, believing himself too "good" to communicate with others.
  4. Paranoid. The signs are regarded as the most difficult and dangerous for the men and for others. Highly altered consciousness, hallucinations appear, when aggravation can show aggression, and inappropriate behavior. Pathology is not curable, but if treatment begins in time, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of recidivism and the percentage of danger to others.

When the first signs of and during the examination it is important to consider not only the genetic predisposition to "shiz", but also the conditions in which ROS or is at the moment. Based on this and prescribe treatment. Chronic lack of sleep, stress, psychoactive substances can be "pushbutton" of schizophrenia. Moreover, in recent years among young people became popular so-called spice, they lead to the emergence of symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Treatment for poisoning spice hard, revealed a lot of deaths.

Why do men with schizophrenia occurs more frequently than women? All about gender differences, men are more active, are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, more likely to receive a traumatic brain injury. In this case, it is advisable to treat the root cause, then the symptoms of the disease will retreat or get a milder form.

What do you notice?

Somehow the manifestation of all schizophrenia is associated with delusions and hallucinations, although often you may noticethe following symptoms:

  • Productive

Sometimes they just do not exist, but "not mandatory" in different forms of schizophrenia. Most often in "delirium" mark three areas:

  1. Delusions of control. The patient claims that the one directs his thoughts in an unusual way.
  2. Delusions of persecution. The patient seems to be that he was being watched, even in a completely blank room it will "find" the targets for surveillance.
  3. Nonsense relations. People believe that all the people around you look at it, discuss any movement, whisper behind his back, laughing. He is not able to pass through the crowd by sitting on the post neighbors.

Most often man is visited by auditory hallucinations, which can "comment" or "to order", the last is most dangerous, treatment is required. Under their influence one is able to harm himself or others.

  • Negative signs

Their distinctive feature is that they increase gradually as the progression of the disease. Gradually lost personality, and, unfortunately, this process is irreversible:

  1. Emotional depletion.
  2. Ambivalence. A man can simultaneously love and hate a person.
  3. Autism, the denial of the contacts, immersion in a private world.
  4. Violation of logic between thoughts (low harmony Association).

But all this is not a complete list of neurological disorders that accompany schizophrenia. Explicit allocation of those or other signs allows physicians to establish the exact form of schizophrenia, to appoint treatment. In the Prime of life, the disease is easier and is easier to treat than in children.

Most of all, "shiz" is accompanied by binge drinking, use of drugs or hallucinogens (spice), sometimes seen after severe traumatic brain injury. All these circumstances seriously hamper proper treatment. If the schizophrenia was manifested in adulthood, it is often the function of memory and intelligence are not violated, which allows man to begin to think outside the box, original and even become an outstanding personality. Among these patients many famous people: writers, artists, musicians or poets.

It helps to recognize the disease?

The grounds on which it is possible to recognize schizophrenia in men, occur with any form of psychological changes, they appear at earlier stages. Knowing them, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist to provide treatment.

The list of signs:

  • Emotional decline. Once the men are emotional, caring, attentive, evident coldness towards anyone. Often shows a duality of feelings he can't explain why at the same time and loves, and is ready"to kill".
  • Inactivity, apathy, loss of interest. The man even doesn't show interest in once-beloved hobby that concerns him personally. Begins with the fact that he throws the work, household chores, going for a long time to do something. The reason for this is not laziness, but lack of internal motivation, desire.
  • The untidiness. The emergence of previously not peculiar slovenliness in dress, in the home.
  • Avoidant behavior. Sociability gives way to reticence, unwillingness to communicate, even with close friends, no new friends. Although this symptom may also occur in schizoid personality disorder.

In General, the man himself being less emotional, because in the beginning loved ones may not notice primary symptoms of schizophrenia.

With the passage of time clearly is the mismatch in speech and thinking, illogical noticeable transition from one thought to another, although the man himself does not notice. Sometimes a man long, fruitless and eloquently expressed, it can consist of set of phrases.

In schizophrenia there is a change in the thinking process, but IQ remains the same, the man is just too lazy to apply knowledge in practice, develop further. People tend to think of schizophrenics, the mentally defective, flawed, but this judgment is misleading because often the level of intelligence when "shiz" prevails over mental ability of a person who gives an unflattering assessment.