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What distinguishes a protein from a gainer (it is better for muscle mass)

When a person decides to actively engage in sport and to dedicate sufficient time to training in the gym, you want to achieve maximum results in a short time. It is necessary to reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat and increase muscle mass. There are many supplements that will help in achieving this goal, however, improper use or irrational combination is able not only to delay the onset of the desired effect, but also harm the figure.


The most popular sports supplements are protein and creatine. How do they differ below.

The characteristics of the additives

And protein, and weight gainer contain in their composition components needed to create the perfect figure, but the percentage of them different. This is the difference between these supplements. To understand what is better to choose a weight gainer or protein, let's consider each of them in detail.

  • A weight gainer.

Gainer contains 70 to 80 % carbohydrates and 10-20 % protein, unlike protein with a perfect protein. It is a dry mixture. Said composition allows to compensate for the energy consumption of the body and increase total body weight. Muscle mass, even if you drink the Supplement regularly increases slightly. This is the difference between the two types of additives. A weight gainer is necessary to take ectomorph, a person who, because of their tendency to leanness seeks to not only build muscle but also gain weight. Fast carbs, which contains this Supplement, easily absorbed by the body and do not require energy expenditure. Inadequate level of training may lead to accumulation of fat, which is an undesirable effect.

For the athlete not Ektomorf the presence of carbohydrates in Supplement is a big minus. The only option may be the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates is 1:1. But these weight gainers are very rare. Therefore, these athletes know that it is better to drink a weight gainer or protein.

The main advantages gainer:

  1. Stimulates the health.
  2. Improves energy processes, which is especially important for ectomorph suffering from a lack of mass.
  3. Restores the depot of glycogen.
  4. Increases power output.
  5. Contributes to more active restoration of vitality in the sleep period.

To drink this Supplement is recommended the following groups of individuals:

  1. Ectomorphy.
  2. Teenagers.
  3. Athletes with intense training regime and active lifestyle.
  4. People, characterized by high metabolism.
  5. People who have no established diet.

Gainer is an excellent tool for recoveryenergy stocks, however, the lack of adequate training may occur intense accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Therefore this Supplement is suitable mainly for ectomorph with active metabolism. A man like the reviews say, you will not be able to achieve fast and good results, taking only protein. Thus it is better to choose a weight gainer with a primary carb for a quick set of the total mass.

Methods of use

What to take a weight gainer or protein?

It follows that there are two options of applying supplements for muscle gain:

  1. Combining protein and weight gainer low in protein.
  2. Only use the weight gainer with a protein content of about 50 %.

High protein weight gainers are very rare and are more expensive than other supplements of this group.

Therefore it is better to take a protein shake and a weight gainer. The percentage is chosen individually. Most often they are recommended to drink it in the ratio 2:1 or 3:1. On this point, and customer reviews.

An hour before a workout is better to drink a weight gainer with high percentage of complex carbohydrates. Half an hour after exercise take a cocktail containing the simple proteins, whey protein and glutamine.

For Ektomorf ideal option would be to start taking the gainer, and after dialing the required total weight to combine taking these two supplements with a consequent increase in percentage of protein.

If a person overweight, it is better to start with a protein shake.

Thus, Supplement for muscle gain is chosen individually, on the recommendation of a specialist. It is important not to forget to maintain a rational diet.