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Ways to inflate the wings at home

The wings of the professional bodybuilders is called the latissimus dorsi. Their development depends on the shape of the torso, the attractiveness of the figures of men. Beginners often interested in the question: how to pump up the wings at home?

мужчина с накачанной спиной

Professionals say that the most effective is the process of inflating the muscles in the gym (weights, weights) under the guidance of a coach. In this case you can consult a trainer on how to pump up the wings on the bars or other suitable apparatus. Suitable home conditions will also help to quickly cope with this task. The terms of these individual.

From the comfort of home

If the opportunity involved in a home gym with barbell, kettlebell, dumbbells with different weights, the special bench. If there are reasons not to train in the gym, you can use a makeshift square on the home space. Most importantly, to provide for a sufficient amount of oxygen during exercise. To pump up the wings at home, it is necessary to correctly use the basic principles of the training period, there are several:

  1. Gradual increase of loads. The smallest load weight start with 15 kg initially, Increase the repetitions, then the number of approaches to exercise.
  2. Slow, relaxed execution of loads to increase the effect of pumping (pumping). The alternating loads of the muscle groups from large muscle groups to small muscles.
  3. The use of a variety of sports equipment or improvisation. At home convenient to use dumbbells, kettlebells, bar. In their absence you can use outdoor horizontal bar, pushups with stands, pushups.
  4. To use the devices for safety training (belt, gloves, belts).
  5. Don't forget about the need for increased (170 g) consumption of protein per day, high calorie food. Using these rules, you can relatively quickly (1-2 months) pump up the wings at home.

Without shells and with them

Pump up the wings, you can push-UPS, no special conditions are not necessary, but well-ventilated room. Push-UPS achieved a good tension of the broadest muscles of the back, if this load done regularly, every day, to fatigue the muscles. The number of possible approaches defines health. Push-UPS in an attempt to pump up the wings can be made even more effective if you do them with a stand, allowing you to lower the chest below the level of the palms.

Pump up the wings with the sports equipment is not easy, but fascinating: during exercise there is a possibility to change the shell, change itweight or use more comfortable starting positions. To choose a subject that you like, easily change the weight of the house. It can be weight, dumbbells with interchangeable weight, long sports bag with short handle (sandbag) filled with sand to 50 lbs. in order to pump up the wings at home, we need in addition to the severity of the special bench to perform exercises. The load is different when using different items. Consider some of them in detail:

  • How to pump dumbbells wings, tells in detail in his video a professional bodybuilder Yuri Spasokukotsky. He demonstrates in the video position you can take at home to perform exercises. Arm, leg on one side focus on the bench. The other leg is next to the bench.

Hand of the same side as standing leg, take the dumbbell (even better if it is attached to the arm strap). Hand with dumbbells are movement toward the thigh (the so-called "pocket" movement) with a simultaneous exhale. The first weight 15 kg. dumbbell is usually Performed 5-8 repetitions of such movements, followed by a break for 3 minutes or change hands. The first time it is recommended to do at least 3 approaches to avoid fatigue of the muscles of their injury.

In his video Yu Spasokukotsky alerts on monitoring the application of technology, the inadmissibility of chichinga (breakthrough) at the end of the lifting dumbbells, which reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Multiple replays, technically correctly performed, contribute to the development of muscle endurance. The usual frequency of training of the athlete in order to pump up the wings, do not exceed times a week.

  • In the video you can get acquainted with the technique of performing these exercises when you use sandbags (bags with sand and a handy short handle). The essence of the produced movements with the bag is the same as with dumbbells. This is clearly seen on the video.
  • In the absence of special bench at home you can do these exercises standing, bend forward with an emphasis with one hand on the knee of the same leg. This load is performed by professionals because of the great technical complexity.
  • The professional bodybuilders know how to build wings on the bar at home. The simplicity of the execution of such exercises hides big labor, not less than six months of hard training. Most effective pull UPS with a wide direct, reverse grip. The number of pull-UPS in one go no more than 5-7 times. It is better to increase the number of approaches with slow execution of the load.

Pump up the wings at home no problem. For this we need a great desire, patience, perseverance in the implementation of the training loads.