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The rapid inflation of the foot at home men

It often happens that men of great athlete pumped the upper half of the body, and the condition of the muscles of the legs leaves much to be desired. Occurs visible eye and desirable to correct the imbalance. So the question is, how to pump up the legs at home or the gym, quite relevant.

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What do yourself

Many people have no opportunity to engage in the gym. To work on their own body have at home. Exercises to perform at home are quite simple and have several advantages:

  • Savings.
  • Doing exercises at home in convenient time.

If the athlete is taken care of in advance about the availability of home dumbbells or barbells, the matter is simplified. Otherwise the question arises: how to pump the legs without iron at home? Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to pump, especially if the person aims to lose weight, buy attractive contours and not to big feet of a weightlifter.

The most affordable and simple exercises to perform at home:

  • Squats. To perform squats you need to learn the correct technique, without which to build leg muscles will not work:
  1. During the exercise the legs should stand on shoulder width, but not wider.
  2. Squat back with Paul make an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. Than parallel the upper thigh to the floor at the bottom, the more effective the squat.
  4. Sometimes due to bad stretch the leg muscles can't squat without lifting the heels. Gradually, the athlete will stretch the back of the thigh, and in the initial period of training that the heel wasn't off the floor, can be put under the foot of a dense cushion.

The average number of approaches 3 for 10-15 repetitions. When the athlete has fully mastered the squat, you can take dumbbells. Exercises with weights will increase efficiency. The starting weight is different, but the need to strive to weight one dumbbell up to 8-15 lbs. in About a month of regular exercise in the home you will notice a good progress.

  • Attacks. Well suited to pump back part of the thigh, the muscles of the buttocks. It is also important to correct technique:
  1. One foot takes a step forward, the squat, the hip is parallel to the floor, and the knee does not go over toe.
  2. The knee of the leg used as a support that touches the floor.
  3. Upon reaching the end point slowly go back. Jerks invalid.

In General, to pedal on the bike it is necessary not only to increase the leg muscles, it is useful for the heart, blood vessels, and respiratory system.

The possibility of soma

If you want toreally large legs of an athlete, to drug them exclusively in the gym. To achieve such impressive results will be problematic. So how to pump the legs with exercise machines?
Mainly to get big legs, recommend the following exercises:

  • Gakk-squats. The main load during the run goes to the Quad, so after a month of regular training regimen or three times a week you will notice the effect. Professionals warn that during the execution of the weight push you need solely heels.
  • The leg press. According to bodybuilders, this is the perfect exercise to pump up to the man legs in the gym. However, the observation technique is still relevant. The weight must be down to the time of separation of the pelvis from the seat and push up weight need heels, as in the above gakk-squats. If you are faced with the question of how to pump up thin legs, and you want to do this with bench press, then immediately take a large weight is not necessary. Nothing but the violation of equipment you get. The mass of the load should be increased gradually, every week.
  • Extension on the simulator. Sometimes it seems that the extension is very simple, but it's visibility. Below, you will learn how to build leg muscles with extension:
  1. Extension is convenient because the man himself can use them as warm-UPS.
  2. At run time, it is important to carry out the straightening of the legs, paying attention to the work of the quads.
  3. Be sure that the feet were also drawn up.
  4. Back to detach from the seat impossible.

By the way, flexion and extension of the simulator will be relevant for those men who are wondering how to pump up the back of her legs for a month or two. Performing extension on the maximum amplitude, you will feel how tense these muscles, indicating the proper technique.

  • Some men are worried how to pump up the inner leg muscles. Of course, the problem of excessive fat deposits in this area –a lot of mostly women, but in some situations, this issue becomes relevant for men.

A more rapid effect will be given lessons on special simulators, along with collapsing folds. It is the pinch of the toes will work the muscles in the inner surface of the legs. Of course, you can try the usual lifts from a prone position, the well-known "scissors" and practice the lessons at home, but usually for men they are ineffective.

If you master the technique you get, it is best to check with a coach or more experienced athletes present in the gym, how to properly and quickly pump up the muscles of the feet and work through this oranother part of muscles.

Additional ways

If by nature man was originally laid good muscle mass, the answer to the question how to quickly pump up the legs will not be as difficult. A muscular male to work out legs at home and in the gym will be easier. And what about those who are inclined to leanness, how to build lean legs? Professionals suggest the following:

  • To change the style of food. Carefully work through its own diet. Perhaps the reason for the poor growth of muscles in man – insufficient dietary intake of nutrients, structural proteins. If so, then to classes at the gym be sure to add the consumption of carbohydrate gainers or just protein shakes.
  • Do not forget about vitamins. The need for men increases substantially during strenuous exercise.
  • Alternate loads. Your muscles should develop evenly. A skinny man you can alternate sessions on a stationary bike, ellipse, treadmill with performing squats or push-UPS.
  • Do not forget about safety. Cause injury are not prepared to work the muscles very easily, but to clean up the effects such would be complicated and difficult.
  • Do not pursue a large weight. In another month, when the technique is mastered you can increase the weight of available tools.

By following these simple tips, you will quickly achieve the desired results. The main thing – a regularity and consistency. It is possible to achieve good relief of muscle and pump up your legs for a minimum period.