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Ways of inflating the shoulders with dumbbells (exercise)

How to build shoulders dumbbells? The main question men who decided to bring her figure in order. What exercises to use to get trim and muscular torso with a beautiful, manly shoulders? The most classic version is the exercises with dumbbells of different weights.

мужчина качает плечи

To train with dumbbells in the gym and at home, because this shell does not occupy much space. Any men, as a rule, in the Arsenal there are a couple gantelek come from a distant childhood. Starting the exercises, is to determine which dumbbells will suit you. Usually start with light weight – 2 kg, in order to pump, not to injure the muscle. Advice to men: to pump up the shoulders and to achieve a progressive increase of the muscles by using dumbbells, you need to methodically add a load of 10 kg.

Sway right

Properly constructed exercise should begin with a basic package to train multiple muscles and end with the isolated training of individual muscle bundles. This principle is very effective, as in early classes are always easier to work with more weight and finish you need less. A quarter of the main workout time is pumping the front and back of the Delta. To pump the middle part will have to work twice as long.

The exercises are split into presses and swings. Doing them one at a time, you can quickly and efficiently pump up the shoulders. Category presses: when the weight is removed from the body. Mahi is the pulling exercises where the weight attracts. Pump up and improve shoulder relief allow training the main muscles of the shoulder: deltoid, triceps and biceps muscles. The main convexity of the shoulder provides the deltoid muscle, using separate loads, you can pump up every muscle of the shoulder.

Working on the front and middle beams

  • Mahi weighing in front of a train front of the Delta. Using one or two dumbbells. During exercise, isolated, loaded, only its front part.

Hold dumbbells in the hands perpendicularly in an inverted form. Advice to athletes: to improve performance to use just two dumbbells together. Or one to take with both hands and with a straight back to do the Mahi. The front beam can be pumped, pushing the burden from yourself, the rear is pulling.

  1. Starting position: sit on a chair, take a dumbbell.
  2. Bend over, put your chest on your knees, hands with the load omitted.
  3. Exhaling, rhythmically perform raising hands to the sides. But low, otherwise the load will be distributed to other muscles.
  4. In the upper position of the dumbbells the elbow joints should be sent to the parties.
  5. This nuance plays a role in proper studythat is the rear beam.
  • Jim Arnold: the complicated variation of the standing press, effective exercise, coaching all bundles of the Delta, including the back. Is carried out with a turn of the hand, with maximum lifting of the dumbbells up, allowing you to work the entire deltoid. It should be noted, this version is designed for more advanced training level of the athlete. Quite complicated, but more productive as it allows you to pump up every muscle of the shoulder.
  1. Starting position – sitting on the bench.
  2. Back pressed firmly against the vertical back of the chair, legs bent at a 90.
  3. Hand cargo in the folded state raises so that they get the level of the neck.
  4. Unfold the wrist palm to the torso. Inhale, hold your breath and straighten your arms up.
  5. To monitor body posture, head straight, look forward.
  6. At the top straighten your arms completely and expand the palms outwards.
  7. After a bench exhale and softservices for a few seconds, straining Delta.
  8. Breathing in, lower the dumbbells up to shoulder level, turning the palm to the body.

Practice shows that exercise with dumbbells, done standing, is much more effective options, made sitting. This is because in a standing position, the body tries to exercise more and to maintain balance. Thus actively involved in the work the deepest muscles. On the Internet you can watch videos showing how to build shoulders dumbbells.

Regular training with dumbbells and proper diet you can quickly build up an enviable amount of muscle to get relief torso and deserved the attention of the opposite sex. Strong men's shoulders has always been a symbol of masculinity and reliability.