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How to properly and quickly pump the forearm: tips

The question of how to pump the forearm, care of representatives of the two categories of men: bodybuilders, weightlifters. If the first it is necessary for a visually harmonious development, weightlifters powerful forearm muscles will allow you to perform the snatch and the push to more accurately (exercise bench press bar from chest sitting, standing, from behind the head).

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Special program

If the question is how to build forearm emerged in the beginning of the training period, special exercises for the muscles of the forearms do not normally use. During the first half of the year pay attention to the overall development of muscles mainly build large muscles. Be sure to develop the shoulder girdle, torso, hips, shoulders.

The muscles of the forearms are small muscles, their development has received attention after the main program, in the days when load of the hand. The basic principles of the training program.

  1. All loads on the forearm muscles give after warming up the shoulders. At first, doing the exercises for the flexors, then do a series of 3-4 exercises for the extensors at half load. Followed by techniques with twisting (rotation) of a brush with a hard object, exercises such as "the hammer."
  2. The problem of how to pump the forearm, is consistent isometric exercise on muscles-flexors, extensors of the forearms. These techniques can be mastered in 3-4 approach to the state of fatigue, usually 12-15 exercises.
  3. Muscle load can be given using various sports apparatus, on the bar when tightening. It may be an ordinary rod with an average weight. You can use dumbbells, a Mace, a W-shaped barbell, an expander.
  4. Completes a series of exercises the use of resistance bands. Development, pumping of small muscles usually takes more time than larger ones. The desire to quickly pump up your muscle mass won't come true if not to support your entire body.

The use of shells

Now consider in detail how to use all these sports equipment to pump the muscle mass of the forearm. Their choice depends on personal preference, availability of items, degree of General physical development.

  • The barbell with an average weight can be used in the original sitting position with a barbell on the thighs. The fretboard rests on the palms, are produced by the sliding displacement of the rod from the base of the palms to the fingers and moving it back to the base of the palm. This exercise can be done standing, holding the neck in lowered hands behind at hip level.

These displacement rods do 10-15 reps or until fatigue. It is not necessary to do them quickly. In order to build muscle mass, you need a long tension, the slow implementation of loads.

In orderto pump up the extensors of the forearm with the rod, using only her neck. In a sitting position the base of the rod placed on the hips, top-to-grasp palms, produce the upgrades of the neck with the hands.

  • It is more convenient to use exercises with weights that allow you to produce a rotational (twisting) motion. By these movements warm up all the small muscles of the forearm, to pump them manage more effectively. A different kind of exercise – "hammer" – also involves almost all the necessary muscles.
  • The expander can do a lot. Huge muscles they do not to pump, but to develop and maintain grip strength. The expander is recommended to be used as often as possible after workouts. It is necessary to choose the design of such a stiffness to the fatigue of hand muscles, forearms occurred after 12-15 compressions.

Per day possible amount of exercises with the chest expander is not limited. In a period of increasing muscles is recommended at least 1-2 hundred grips. If the brush hurts, the intensity of the loads, it is necessary to reduce.

  • Exercises on the horizontal bar are the load for the muscles of the forearms. Before you pull-UPS, it is recommended to warm up with push-UPS. On the bar when pulling up especially quickly warm up large muscles.

Pull-UPS using the bar to generate the force recommended to do so gradually, starting with "negative repeats" (lowering the torso of the postures adopted at the bar like people have already pulled) to 7-8 pull-UPS. A greater number of repetitions of this exercise forms the endurance of the muscles.

The load on the bar must be strictly dosed. If you have a brush, you have to stop pulling on the bar until the complete disappearance of pain. This is usually 7-8 days, until the brush is sick, give the load to other groups of muscles. Pull-UPS alternating forward, reverse, wide, narrow grip positions prevent fatigue of the relatively weak muscle groups of the hands. Most exercises on the horizontal bar (hbar) develop the back muscles, exercise 2-3 times a week.

The programme of building muscle much easier and better to implement under the guidance of a fitness trainer. His advice during the training process have provided invaluable assistance. We must not forget that this complex process requires proper nutrition, sufficient rest.