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A list of effective exercises for quickly inflating hands

None of the men will not refuse beautiful hands with relief muscles, because the hand is the visible part of the body that most often show others. Well, when the muscle is given by nature, in all other cases it becomes an urgent question: how to pump hands in the home quickly and efficiently?

мужчина с гантелью

Independent load

Professionals given enough tips on how to pump hands at home. It remains to heed the advice and start training. Experts say that if you train correctly, then in another month you can get a nice chiseled arms, parallel to the worked PECs.

Exercises by which you can quickly pump relief muscles of the hands:

  • Flexion and extension. Perhaps the most simple exercises to perform that correctly is not difficult. At home, to quickly pump up hands, improvised, it is recommended to use the rod. A few simple rules concerning the question how to quickly pump the hands of the post:
  1. To determine the weight. To quickly pump the hand with the home, immediately take exorbitant weight is not necessary, this will lead to the violation of the art. The first month of training, you need to learn to do exercises properly, and then add weight.
  2. Before the extension and flexion have always needed a warm-up, with which the athlete is a little stretch, warm up muscles and improve blood flow.

At home the complex is correctly performed as follows:

  1. A man should stand by a wall, the back remains straight.
  2. Grif takes a wide grip, the brush is grasped by the neck from the bottom.
  3. Raised-lowered the barbell to his chest and from the chest without moving the elbows.
  4. At the bottom the elbows are completely straightened.
  5. After several approaches the grip change. The brush is located above the fingerboard and the rod is pulled up to his chest.

During the execution of exercises not only work the shoulders but also the back of a man.

  • Exercises with dumbbells. Differs from the previous method. Below we will explain how to pump hands free weights independently at home in three ways:
  1. Lifting dumbbells alternately. The technique is simple: a man sitting on a bench or chair with one arm up and down with dumbbells. At the top you need to stop and count to 3-4, after you gently lower the arm.
  2. The second method is called "hammer". Both hands work simultaneously. Technique is different from the previous one.
  3. Deadlifts with dumbbells to pump up the rear part of the shoulder. We are talking about the rear of the Delta, about which even some professional athletes overlooked in the training process. Meanwhileto pump up the rear part of the Delta is easy. The man should lie on the bench belly on the inhale dumbbells up to chest level, and elbows are divorced in sides. On the exhale, his hands slipping.

If a man wants to give an additional load on the pectoral muscles, the bars need to put wider. Also, giving stress on large pectoral muscles, to make sure that his feet did not touch the floor and was bent at the knee and drawn up toward your torso. The elbows should be divorced, and the back slightly rounded. The technique is often spread on the Internet videos.

  • Exercises on the horizontal bar. Pump the hands are on the bar. In addition, this method has one, but the great benefit of classes on the bar does not require any material costs and technique are often quite simple. Basic techniques to quickly build hands on the bar:
  1. Pull with the arms reverse grip. To correctly do the exercise, hands a shoulder width apart. Palm needs to look at the athlete. At the top chin touches the crossbar or rises above it.
  2. Pull-UPS on the bar using the direct grip. Palms face the athlete. Technique identical to that described above.
  3. Pullups on the bar by ratnakaram. To hold them, hands have to look in different directions. To change the grip of the hands should be every 5-7 times.

Have pull-UPS on the bar has its own trick. To training most successfully passed, the first approach you must spend to the maximum. The second approach is less intense. After all the repetitions and a break of several minutes, the man must push-up from floor maximum number of times. The first week is preferable to engage in a day or two. Each type of pull-UPS you can find on the Internet.

When a personal trainer will not prevent

It is not always possible to achieve the desired result by studying at home, so when the question arises, how to build big arms, professional athletes are advised to do at the gym. Seek advice from a personal trainer will not interfere in the case where the technique seems right, but to achieve the desired volumes not obtained. Professionals give such advice in relation to a matter how to build huge arms:

  • Training only the muscles of the hands is counterproductive.
  • To achieve impressive results, particularly in the initial stages, be sure to perform all the basic exercises: squats with a barbell, deadlift, bench press.
  • Knowledge of anatomy is encouraged. To work different arm muscles, you need to know how they work and where located.

The question how to build big arms, professionals say that it is better just to do the following exercises:

  1. To giveat the same time the load on the biceps and back and chest muscles and triceps. This combination is considered a classic of bodybuilding. The complexes can be seen on the video.
  2. The combination of biceps with chest muscles and triceps with back. Exercises can be done in a day. This will allow you to relax certain muscles and to start training with renewed vigor.
  3. Simultaneous training of the biceps and triceps. The method is good because it allows you to train both muscle groups simultaneously, but this exercise will have to allocate a separate day of the week.

Some athletes on the question of how quickly to pump up hands, I do supersets. Most just make them in the gym, as the notion of superset involves virtually nonstop training process involving different muscle groups alternately. However professionals warn against abuse in this way. In the form of supersets can pass 1-2 workout per week or 5-6 per month.

Instantly or slowly

And finally, to highlight the issue concerning the multiplicity of training. Many men think that the daily lessons will give a more significant effect. This statement is not entirely correct. Muscles grow not during training, but only between them. Therefore, to train every day for a month is not worth it. On the question of how much a month you need to do professional athletes say the following:

  • The perfect training schedule – a purely personal matter. How much does the man need to practice, can only advise a personal trainer, after evaluating the fitness of the athlete.
  • If it is not possible to train in the gym and a personal trainer is not available, the Council is this: in a month it is better to do 9-12 times taking a break between workouts by 2-3 days.

Sometimes it happens that to pump up the muscle mass of the hands does not work. Size and relief of the muscles remain for a long time — a month, two, no changes. In such a situation should consider: a properly constructed workout? Professionals in this case, I advise you to watch the tutorial video to perform the classes of other athletes in the gym, ask help from a personal trainer. The radical change of the scheme of training, a fresh perspective on the usual set of exercises will allow you to "stir up" the sleeping muscles and make them work.