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How to correctly and quickly inflating neck at home

During training in the gym or at home, great attention is paid mostly to a series of muscles that make the figure look more inflated, but only a small part of the lessons falls on the muscles of the neck. Such exercises are necessary to preserve the aesthetics of the body and maintain one of the most important parts of the body in the physiological tone.

мужчина с накачанной шиею

The function of the neck

The neck plays an important role in normal functioning of the body. It performs a protective function, as pass through vital blood vessels, larynx, trachea and spinal cord, in addition, the neck supports the head and realize it turns.

In the neck it takes 18 muscles, the main ones are:

  • Sternocleidomastoid. This muscle is responsible for movement of the head.
  • Nadpochechnymi muscles.
  • Trapezoidal engaged in the convergence of the blades, the head turns and maintaining the spine in a vertical position. This muscle is not related to muscles of the neck, but it pumps a positive impact on visual perception.

The neck is a pretty vulnerable place, so an excessive load on it is contraindicated. This is especially true for people who spend long hours at the computer. In this case, there is a noticeable weakening of the spinal muscles. So exercise, especially at home, you need to do carefully and correctly.

Teaching methods

Not all people have the opportunity to work out in the gym, so they face the question: "How to pump up the neck at home?" There are a number of exercises you can do at home quickly and easily achieve the desired results, if to do them.

If a person has a sedentary job, it is recommended that one or two times a day to stretch your neck muscles and quickly perform a few simple exercises.

All exercises are divided into two groups: warm-up and strength.

Consider a warm-up exercise. These methods are aimed at stretching and warm-up muscles to prepare them to exercise power and protection from injury. They are shown to people who suffer from osteochondrosis or disc protrusion of the cervical spine.

There are the following types:

  1. Flexion of the neck. You must first implement tilt of the head so that the chin touched the sternum and then take the head back. You can put base of palms under the chin to tilt to overcome the pressure of their own hands.
  2. The side slopes. The head in this case, you need to tilt to the side so that his ear touched his shoulder. If the neck discomfort is felt to the full tilt, then amplify it is not necessary. The shoulders in thisexercise can not be lifted. You can use the arm to increase resistance and faster to build muscle.
  3. Head turns. These movements are carried out alternately in each direction. When performing exercises it is desirable to rotate until it stops. You can attach the rear part of each of the palms to the corresponding zygomatic bone and try to overcome the resistance of the hands.

The above exercises will correctly perform 7 reps. Before strength training in the gym or at home doing three approaches. On how to conduct these classes, and hence to pump up the muscles of the neck, you can see from the video on the Internet.

Classes using the resistance of the hands apply only if there is no opportunity for a complete workout. In this case, perform them quickly during the morning exercises.

Describe the strength exercises.

These classes are aimed at improving elevation and increasing the volume of the neck muscles at home. These include:

  • The lifting head with the use of weighting. During this exercise, you need to be on the belly, and the head needs to be on weight. Interlock hands behind the head and perform upgrades of the head, overcoming the resistance of the palms. To enhance the load can be put on the cervical water bottle.
  • Srage with the weights. Many new bodybuilders ask the question: "How to build neck weights?" There are several exercises using this equipment.
  1. In each hand grab a dumbbell and perform lifts his shoulders, as if shrugging them. This delay in the maximum position is on the exhale and lowering of the shoulders on inhale. The result of this method, you can pump up the trapezius muscle.
  2. With the help of dumbbells it is possible to effect lifting of the hands to the sides.
  3. Lift hands in front of him is also a good exercise back muscles. You can use dumbbells as a weighting agent. In this exercise the hands are in front of him and then continue their upward movement until it stops. Then assume the initial position.
  • On the bar you can also pump up the muscles of the neck. The most common method for this is pulling up wide grip. With this exercise on the bar your arms should be wide apart, and his chest to touch the bar. This exercise trains the trapezius muscle and allows the neck to look ripped and more muscular. To properly perform this technique on the bar, it is necessary to keep the blades together, and pulling it as high as possible.

The above exercises should be performed for 6 times in one approach. Such approaches usually do three. Strength exercises must be performed two times a week. Such a schedule gives your musclesrest, but not losing the desired tone. Correctly perform all the exercises and learn how to pump up the neck at home, you can use video.

Thus, the implementation of a number of simple warm-up and strength exercises, regularity of classes, the use of dumbbells or performing pull-UPS on the bar are essential to create relief and inflated neck.