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Ways of inflating the trapeze with the help of shells at home

A trapezium is called a trapezoid muscle in the back. Muscle has upper, middle and lower part. Part move the shoulder belt up, down, ago. Its prominence creates a striking upper contour of the male back, the development of this muscle in athletes helps proper technique when lifting weights. Beginners bodybuilders there are many questions how to build a trapeze at home, if she is a party to such divergent movements.

накаченная трапеция

Basic rules

Gym the-line pump will be better because of the ability to perform exercises on uneven bars, with a bar, dumbbells. These shells allow you to effectively distribute the load on the muscle, make the class schedule in the gym under the guidance of a mentor.

At home correctly to perform the same load on the bars, dumbbells in a home gym, using videos. If there are opportunities to do not quite small space ventilated. Video use good for monitoring exercise to build muscle. The basic principles of training for loads of the trapezoid:

  1. Beginners special exercises for inflating the trapeze at home not required until a not yet mastered basic load. It takes 3-6 months of hard training to build the muscles of the back, chest, legs, shoulder girdle.
  2. Trapezius muscle is inflated correctly when you perform a movement called a shrug. This offset shoulder joints towards the ears up with the delay of the movement for 1-2 seconds at maximum lift of the shoulders. It is important to observe the verticality perform the movement with the breath, dropping his shoulders when exhaling. In order to tense the entire muscle, the motion necessary to control the position of the back – it should be straight.
  3. When the load on the line shrug with shells it is necessary to use a small weight, about 70-80 % of the commonly used weights. Pump up the trapezius muscle quickly, spending part of the training time allocated for the development of the muscles of the back.
  4. Load-line to increase better gradually. This is a relatively small muscle, fatigue which comes quickly. For the first few workouts doing 5-7 sragow one approach. Just use 3-5 approaches, taking breaks for 3-5 minutes. Consider how to perform shragi at home.

The use of shells

A-line pump in the home is fast, to use sports equipment. Without them, even a properly performed exercise give only part of the load needed for pumping(muscle pump). Usually apply a loading on the parallel bars, horizontal bar, barbell, dumbbells.

  • On the bars using push-UPS, which are the base exercises for bodybuilders, developing the back muscles, chest. Properly load video, focus on slow exercise. It is important to keep your back straight, do exhale the displacement of the torso up.

After a few months of regular training at home you can perform this exercise with the weights. Enough of these 8-10 push UPS in one set. Pushups with the weights allow you to quickly pump up the muscles of the back, chest (trapeze).

Applying parallel bars, professional use of srage with initial horizontal position of the body. Straining the trapezoid, they are doing "chest". The exercise of this complexity requires a good physical shape.

Often use sragi 3-6 months of basic training. They can be performed standing, using a decline bench, lying down or sitting. You can use a barbell, dumbbells. Technique exercises at home to better control video detailing how to build a trapeze.

  • Load with dumbbells is often done in standing straight. Slowly lift shoulders up is delayed for 1– 2 seconds when you inhale; slowly the hands with dumbbells are lowered during exhalation. For the effectiveness of the exercises don't have to do it quickly, the number of repetitions of 10-12 for the approach. You can perform sragi with dumbbells lying face down on the bench with a slope of 45 degrees. This is a good exercise eliminates the stoop.
  • The load with a barbell, you can perform standing, lying on the back. Both options require exercise, when the initial position is determined by the position of the rod raised straight arms. The implementation of these sragow at home unsafe, suggests the presence of a partner or special equipment to prevent the fall of gravity on the athlete. An example is the trainer of Smith, which provides a strictly horizontal position of the fretboard, just shift it vertically.
  • Part of the video, which is used in home bodybuilders describes how to build a trapezoid on the bar. First, you need to master the regular pull UPS, to pump up the big muscles of the back. Then move on to pull-UPS wide grip, be sure to chest. During exercise, the shoulders should be rasslablenie, elbows down; the head is better to lift up, straining the muscles of the back, bringing the scapula. Such a heavy burden on forces only to professional bodybuilders.

Any variants of execution of sragow must be applied properly. Only then it is possible to pump at home trapeze.We must not forget during intense workouts on additional food. It includes complete proteins for muscle growth, enough fat and carbohydrates to ensure energy costs.

In the period when you want to build muscle at home fast is great importance in the expansion of training. They should not exceed the beginners 3 times a week, every day to fulfill them is not recommended. The effective duration of each lesson at home is 40-45 minutes.

Complete rest involves sleep 8-10 hours per day. Under these conditions, sufficient perseverance in achieving goals, a man becomes the object of attention, being the owner of a perfect figure.