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The most effective ways of inflating triceps at home

If you want to pump up the upper body, to ignore the triceps will fail because these triceps to a greater extent than the biceps are responsible for the size of the hands. Today we will talk about which exercise is best load triceps, and learn how to pump up this muscle group at home or in the gym.

накачанный трицепс

A little anatomy

The triceps is a compound muscle consisting of three parts — the medial (inner), lateral (outer) and long beneath. At the bottom of all three elements are United in a common tendon and attached on the back side of the hand to the ulna. The main purpose of the triceps: it extends the arm at the elbow joint; the long head is involved in the extension and bringing the shoulder to the torso.

The proportions of the three parts of the triceps are determined genetically and, unfortunately, to change them is almost impossible. If the athlete is visually weaker is the lateral head, while pumping the hand lateral part still seem to be weaker than the other two beams. This is due to the fact that there is no movement, which would have isolated parts of the triceps from each other – when you exercise will work all parts (this is the feature of the muscles).

To pay attention to when building the triceps muscles of the upper body should be for the reason that it determines the thickness of the mass fraction of this group is about 2/3 of shoulder muscles of men.

Principles of training

Before you begin training at home or in the gym, remember some rules that will allow you to understand the exercises and to build up the program:

  1. If you want to build your training so that were involved just the triceps – you can't do it. The fact that the long head of this muscle crosses both joints — elbow and shoulder. Therefore, all the push-UPS for triceps will also affect the biceps, chest muscles, Delta, back. If they are pumped and need to take a break to recover, then the rest time will have to give up exercise for the triceps.
  2. Not worth it hard to train the triceps more than twice a week. Often you can only perform the exercises with a medium to light load. Overloaded triceps looks disproportionate.
  3. If your goal is a rapid increase in mass of the triceps at home or in the gym, use the split-training. The best is from 3 to 8 sets, ranging from 8 (initial level) to 15 reps (advanced).

Effective options

There are hundreds of ways to pump up the triceps at home and in the gym. Itvarious pushups, presses, pullups, unbending. But not all exercises are equally effective. Choose from the best exercises are those that best help in fast increase of strength and volume of the triceps.

  • Pump up the triceps at home without any additional devices.

Home pump up the triceps by using the very simple push-UPS. Tritasavit push-UPS, in fact, represent the press on the contrary, only the load is not given by means of additional equipment (barbell, dumbbell), and with the help of its own weight.

When performing exercises it is important to tighten the arms as close as possible to each other. If you do pushups with wide hand positioning will not be worked on triceps and chest muscles. For greater efficiency pushups can be performed with additional weights (put the disc in the back or wear a sports jacket).

There is another training exercise for the triceps at home is the reverse push-UPS focus on the back. For reverse push-UPS will need two benches, set parallel to each other. For one you need to stretch your arms outstretched. On the second bench to put the foot (legs should be straight). Beginners can start with a more simple version of the reverse push-UPS when the feet are on the floor. How this is done, you can see in this short video:

Running a reverse push-up is as follows: lower the body by bending the arms at the elbows. Endpoint – bent arms at an angle of 90 degrees. Below the fall is not necessary, as this is dangerous for the joints. You should not place hands on the bench, because in this case it will not pump the triceps, and Delta.

  • Pump up the triceps using barbells.

The classic exercise to develop the triceps – bench press barbell from a lying position with a narrow grip hands. To run you will need the standard sports bench without tilting or the Smith machine. You need to take starting position: lie on a bench to the upper neck was at the level of the forehead. Make sure that blades, head and buttocks were taut and tightly against the surface of the bench. Legs spread with maximum stability.

Grasp the barbell with your hands so that your palm is on top and thumb tightly around the neck (that is, the grip was closed). The distance between the brushes may vary from 3-4 "palms". Lift the barbell at arm's length – the neck must be above the upper part of the chest, elbows are maximally close to the body. At the top point to make a small delay and give up.

More useful information about the bench press barbell with a narrow grip you can learn themthis small video:

  • Pump up the triceps exercises with a dumbbell.

How to build triceps free weights at home or the gym? Best exercise for triceps with dumbbells – extend hands over the head. It is useful because it allows you to pump up each hand separately – the muscles of one hand, leaving the other alone.

Running exercise in the following way: sit on the edge of the bench, press your feet into the floor. Take a dumbbell in one hand, pull it over your head. Grip is better to use a neutral (i.e., the palm turned towards the body). The back is allowed to bend slightly at the waist.

On the inhale bend your arm at the elbow, lowering the dumbbell behind your head. Shoulder this should not rise. On the exhale, follow the straightening at the elbow joint. Pause don't do neither at the top nor at the bottom. To do exercises is necessary until a sense of "woodiness" of triceps, then rest and repeat the approach.

The rules run the extension from the back you can see in this video tutorial:

Except for the exercise I advise you to try push UPS from the bench on triceps (extension of the hands in the slope). To perform the exercise, stand by the side of the bench, lean against her hand. Bend legs at the knees. With the other hand grab the dumbbell behind the neck and bend your arm at the elbow, the palm should be directed to the body – this is the starting position. On the inhale, with the assistance of one of the triceps fully straighten the arm, the forearm must remain immobilized. On the exhale, return to starting position.

  • Chin-UPS and push-UPS on the bars and the turnstile.

The benefits of exercise – the availability of bars and turnstiles. You can find them in all school yards, and many parks, so to pump up the triceps, not have to go to the gym. In addition, this exercise is quite effective when regularly performed, the mass of the triceps is increasing rapidly.

How to pump up the triceps on the bar? It is quite simple. The most simple exercise – reverse chin-up. Such pulling involves: hands should be positioned so that the palms looked in the opposite direction from the body. Another variant of development of the triceps on the parallel bars and horizontal bar – vertical push-UPS.

Done push-UPS in the following way: go to the bars and take a starting position – rest your hands on the handrails, lift your legs and bend them at the knees (foot can cross). Head a little lower to his chest to remove the excessive load from the neck. On the inhale, gradually bend your arms at the elbows. On the exhale straighten the arms at the elbow joint.

Belowmake more work the triceps, use beams with a narrow distance between the handrail (the distance less than the width of the shoulders). It is better that when you perform the exercise your elbows were as close as possible to the body. The casing should not be tilted, keep it upright. By a show of hands try to straighten (i.e. go into "lockout").

So, we have listed the most effective push UPS, presses and pullups to pump the triceps, which give the hands of power, to achieve a relief of the drawing. Performing them correctly and regularly, you will quickly achieve a noticeable result. The main thing – observe the technique as any deviation engages other muscles. Also, be aware of the safety rules – don't risk their health and avoid traumatic situations.