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Effective ways for men to recover at home

As they say, everyone has their own problems. Some dream to lose at least pounds. However, for a sufficiently large number of people a huge problem is the excessive thinness. And experience shows that those extra pounds is much easier amenable to correction, so the question is, how to heal, often brings a person to a nervous breakdown.

мужчины пожимают руки

Where to start

Man to start with, you should figure out whether there is a need to gain weight. There are special formulas that calculates the body mass index. To make the calculation a man can quickly and simply at home, knowing only what he has weight in kg and height. Formula: weight in kg (kilograms) is divided by the product where the rst factor is 2, and the second the height in meters. The obtained results verify the table:

  • The figure is less than 16. The deficit is pronounced. To gain weight must.
  • From 16-18. The deficit is, but a border. Man it is advisable to gain weight.
  • A normal term is a value of 18-25.

Once there is certainty with the need to gain weight, you can try to find the cause of low mass. Often it are constitutional peculiarities of men, but in some situations the reason may be illness or any other obstacles. A man can't get better if:

  1. Don't eat right.
  2. Has the thyroid gland with overproduction of hormones.
  3. Impaired function of the pancreas and other digestive organs.
  4. Is in constant stress, depression.
  5. Has a worm infestation.

This is only a small part of the reasons why a man can't get better. Sometimes, in order to understand, it is necessary to involve several specialists and undergo a battery of tests. Leave the treatment of diseases with manifestations in the form of weight loss for the doctors, and themselves analyze what can be done to the man in the home, in order to gain weight quickly with full health.

Start from power supply

Without proper nutrition, thin man never to recover. To quickly gain weight, even if it is not more than about 10 kg, correct diet and not the trivial increase in the volume of food. What are the rules men need to follow, so he could get better? By the way, the tips will fit and the ladies who dream to properly feed his men:

  • To determine the caloric content of food. Will have to eat enough to cover all the needs plus another 400-500 calories. To calculate daily calorie consumption quite easily at home, using the tables that are present in the Internet. To feed man betterdiverse amounts of food and increase gradually.
  • Weekly check weighing. The weight should begin to change in the direction of increasing rather quickly.
  • A reasonable diet. To recover, will have to eat often. A single evening overeating and attempt to accommodate the daily volume of calories in one go without harm for health will not work.
  • To increase the amount of protein. To quickly gain weight, it is important to increase your muscle mass, not only the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Without protein, as the main construction element of the tissues of the body to recover will not work.

Other ways

To gain weight a man is not just quickly, and in record time help food supplements and drugs. Look at what is available for use at home:

  • Hormones. Indeed, to recover even 10 kg by eating hormones, a man can, but no one will insure a representative of the stronger sex from the consequences. In the future, he could suffer from cancer, hormonal problems, infertility. Problems with skin, hair, moon-faced face on the background of the above earlier look ridiculous, but if a man is watching their own appearance, happy he won't be. Hormone therapy taken at home are to be commended specialist testimony and take place under the careful supervision of a doctor!
  • Homeopathy and naturopathy. Better at home will help different Chinese pills based on natural herbs. According to instructions, the products enhance the appetite, improve metabolic processes. But before a man starts a fistful of the miraculous and fashionable means it needs to answer several questions concerning safety and effectiveness. The same applies to women trying to feed their men without them knowing supplements for weight. Any good that such actions will not lead. A reasonable diet will help to recover a few pounds and will not spoil relations and the health of a loved one.
  • Brewer's yeast. "Grandma's recipe" is really able to help the guy recover and gain about 10 kg with the right approach. Yeast is rich in vitamins and minerals bad affect appetite, metabolism and digestion. Besides, the guy doesn't have to spend money on expensive products. He can buy the product in a simple store for ridiculous money.
  • Protein-carbohydrate mixture (weight gainers). Help to recover more than 10 kg if the man will use them properly. This means that it must combine the gainers with adequate physical activity. It will be better if training in the gym under the guidance of a coach.

Gainer is a complex mixture of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. You can buyfactory product, or you can make the cocktail yourself. The network can easily find dozens of easy and affordable recipes.

  • Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that the man it is important to change a certain part of the body such as the face. Most immediately think about plastic surgery. However, before you agree to surgery, you should think, and so ugly your face to go under the knife? Perhaps the problem is quite different?

We were able to briefly formulate what to do at home man who wants to get better on a few pounds. It remains to determine the direction of travel and pull off, to exert the maximum effort to achieve the goal.