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How to get rid of male beer belly (the causes of the problem and how to deal with it)

Beer is one of the favorite soft drinks in the world. Brewing traditions are passed down from generation to generation. According to statistics, every year each German representative of the "beer" of the nation – drink 100 liters of beer. Video on the Internet and on TV often leads to the abuse of this drink. But you can often hear: "don't drink the beer, from his stomach grows and becomes impotent". Whether or beer causes an increase in abdomen, and if this is true, how to quickly remove beer belly? Today we will dispel all the myths Shrouding the causes of abdominal distension in men. Also talk about how to get rid of a beer belly at home and in the gym.

пивной живот у мужчины

Myth or truth?

The concept of "beer belly" is often used in relation to men with larger waist. A direct relationship appeared between the stomach and the beer is not. The reason for the increase in waist size is the imbalance between the amount consumed and calories burned. And this can be observed in the following situations:

  1. Increasing the amount of food consumed. Often food are different meats and salinity, and the amount eaten for low-alcohol always more. And the beer itself is enough high, and the feeling of fullness brings for a while. Nutrients in this drink, too, not abundance. It turns out – a huge number of excess calories gradually deposited in the beer belly in men.
  2. The decrease in the level of physical activity. You drank beer and played volleyball or football at the same time? And after the next beer get-togethers with friends trained in the gym? Unnoticed people most of the time is spent passively sitting or lying. And over time the man begins to think about how to become slim, to remove the extra inches.
  3. With age, the metabolism slows down and the workout will have to exert more effort. And it's true, because often can be found photos "vast" forty-year-old man than a twenty-year guy with a belly.
  4. Also with age in men, the gonads start to secrete less testosterone – the male sex hormone responsible for virility, tone of voice, baldness. And now it is clear that men who do not lead a particularly active lifestyle, with age the excess weight is deposited in the abdomen, but the level of testosterone decreases, which leads to various sexual dysfunctions.
  5. But the beer is not as harmless as it may seem. First, no one is not limited to a glass of 150 ml, the usual drink a volume of 1-2 liters. In addition to excess calories, huge amounts of fluid to stretch the stomach, which indirectly increases the appetite. Whenthe digestion of beer are produced in the body compounds similar in structure to the female hormones that promotes fat deposition in the abdomen and leads to sexual dysfunction.
  • Another important point is physical activity. Don't even think about how to get rid of the 'beer belly', not providing time for exercises in the gym or even at home. To live in the 21st century easy, because on the Internet you will be able to find a suitable photo or video sessions.

Rules for physical activity to remove belly fat:

  1. Don't start immediately running long distances or lifting heavy weights, the load should be gradual and measured. Start with a couple of trips to the pool or just increase the time walking. You can buy a couple of sports fixtures and successfully to train at home, and can find an experienced instructor and perform exercises under his supervision.
  2. Of course, the main must be the AB exercises, as for their sagging belly and growing adipose tissue accumulates not only under the skin and around internal organs that has huge negative effects on the body.
  • Today in Internet you can find photos and a video on how to get rid of the stomach surgically. Indeed, liposuction can help remove fat deposits in problem areas, but if you don't change lifestyle, the extra pounds will not keep itself waiting long. To remove overhanging skin folds will be required to remove them surgically, since no exercises can't correct shape. Also there are ways to reduce the volume of the stomach, however they are quite complex and can lead to negative consequences, therefore, applied in the most advanced and hopeless cases.

Tip! Don't get caught on photo and video "craftsmen" that managed to remove the belly for a week. Realistically assess the situation: adipose tissue, accumulated for years, suddenly will not turn into water and not come out easily from the body.

"Beer belly is the result of a poor lifestyle. Beer as a drink affects the appearance of extra inches on the waist only indirectly. The cause of excess weight lies in the speed of the metabolism which slows down with age. Proper diet, regular exercise will help regain a nice shape and boost your self-esteem. The main thing – self-motivation, regularity of training and the desire to look slim.