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Basic techniques of performing sit-UPS plie

Plie squats are a variation of the classic sit-UPS. This exercise helps the best way to train the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the lower extremities. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews. And more effectively work out these muscles help the gym, for example performing exercises with dumbbells, at least with a barbell. Consider how to perform plie and feedback from athletes, fitness trainers and sports fans.

мужчина делает приседания плие


The muscles of the lower extremities are among the largest. Accordingly, in order to disappoint, you need more time and physical effort. Therefore, technique training involves a range of exercises. But to use the muscles of the inner thigh is not always possible. And plie squats represent the most necessary exercise for the target muscle group. These include:

  • The gluteus Maximus muscle.
  • Adductor muscle.
  • The quadriceps femoris.
  • Calf.
  • Muscle-rectifier spine.
  • Press.

It should be noted that the muscles of the inner thigh, in particular fibers of the adductor muscles are in tension throughout the exercise. This ensures the maintenance of the skin.

In some sources it is possible to meet the concept of "sumo squats". Such a term should not be confused, as this exercise like the plie, but there is a slight difference. Squats sumo uses more glutes and load plie the inner thighs. This is due to the nuances of techniques, which will be described below.

One of the effects exercises is to increase blood circulation not only of the muscles of the legs, and pelvic organs. That is, it is a kind of prevention of congestive inflammatory diseases specified locale.

The nuances

Technique plie squats does not cause difficulties. It's almost a classic squat, but with some nuances. Consider how to do this exercise:

  1. Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, with socks turn out so that between them formed the angle is 120 degrees.
  2. Ensure that the back was straight. Allowed small deflection in the lumbar region.
  3. On the inhale slowly squat until reaching the bottom point (thighs parallel to the floor). Try not to change the position of the back and head.
  4. Hold for a few seconds in this position.
  5. On the exhale return to the starting position.

The purpose and end result, determine the number of repetitions of exercise. To increasemuscle mass is enough to do 8 reps at a slow pace. But if the aim of the exercise provides for the execution of 15 reps in 4 sets, between sets rest. The optimal duration of stay – 30 seconds. It should be remembered that such a break should not exceed one minute. Gradually should increase the load.

For a better understanding of how to correctly perform the exercise, plie, it is enough to study the photo. The plie squat also illustrates in the video. The following video also describes performing the technique with a dumbbell. Or videos with no sports equipment. The proper technique must involve the observance of certain rules:

  • Not to do deep squats, the optimum is flexion in the knee joints of 90 degrees.
  • When starting position, the knees should be slightly bent, this avoids excessive load on the joints.
  • To follow a flat back which will help prevent trauma.
  • Slowly work through each movement, with the feeling of each muscle involved.
  • To follow the tight fit of the foot to the floor, because it is a good prop and helps keep the balance.

If during the execution of squats plie to rise on socks, there will be additional load on the ankle and calf muscles. This modification will help to focus on other groups of muscle fibers. Reviews note that the sequence these exercises are quite effectively and harmoniously pumping legs.

During the sumo squat technique involves abduction of the pelvis posteriorly. Also with squat-type sumo is tilting backwards. That is the impression of sitting down on a chair. The advantage of sumo is that the exercise is possible with a heavy weight of sports equipment. The video shows the technique of sumo squats.


Among the errors most frequently observed inclination of a trunk forward. While primarily working the muscles of the back, and our goal is to study the muscles of the lower extremities. Excessive hyperextension of the spine may cause stretching of the tendon-muscle bundles, pinching nerves and blood vessels.

The squats of any kind should be approached with caution. This is especially true of people with diseases or injuries of the knee or hip joints. If the injury was in the past and at the moment of painthe syndrome does not recur, then a preliminary consultation of the doctor is still needed. Reviews say that this will help avoid possible complications. Also, care is needed to train if there are problems with the spinal column.

Squats on the type of the plies have to log in every workout. It is the exercise to fully pump all the muscles of the legs, and the most effective – inner thighs. Do exercise regularly, because the only consistency in execution provides a good result. Reviews say that if you follow all the guidelines and rules purpose in the form of toned hip and raised leg to achieve the easy.



The exercise started with simple squats, then I heard about plies. And now began to connect weight. Tried it with dumbbells and with a barbell. In General, the weight load on the muscle is even greater. Accordingly, the result is more visible.


Among all variants of squats I like the plie. For feet is the perfect exercise. Especially if you connect a dumbbell. But beginners are advised not to start with heavy weight. Enough to start will squats with the weight of his own body.


The advantage is that the exercise can be performed at home. And as weight you can even use water bottles. But I would like to note that as a method for weight loss such workout is not very effective.