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An overview of the most effective sports vitamins for men (reviews)

Sports vitamins for men significantly different from the usual vitamin complexes sold in pharmacies. These differences consist in the specific set of ingredients, adapted to men actively involved in sports. With more training, more energy is consumed and burned calories. Muscle of an athlete requires constant replenishment of the body's proteins. Therefore, the composition of the sports vitamins often include the essential amino acids and cofactors.


What you need sports man

In the first place is a complete food, rich in protein, proper carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements. Daily diet fruits and vegetables, unfortunately, are not able to cover all the needs. Therefore sports medicine recommends that sports vitamins as beginner athletes and professionals. Professional sports men require a good vitamin support.

The range of sports vitamins for men impressive. They differ in composition, the quantitative content of the ingredients and, of course, by the manufacturer. We will note, what are the main sports vitamins are necessary for male athlete.

  • Pyridoxine B6 is involved in the synthesis and metabolism of proteins. A sufficient quantity necessary for growth of muscle mass. Is a coenzyme proteins involved in transformation of amino acids. Is present in the synthesis of blood cells and participates in the maintenance uniform of glucose into the cell. Lack of B6 can manifest a number of symptoms including muscle weakness.
  • Thiamine B1 involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and transmission of nerve impulses.
  • B3– nicotinic acid (Niacin, RR). A large part of redox reactions proceeds with her. Part of the coenzymes metabolism of amino acids and proteins.
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – powerful antioxidant necessary for normal condition of the connective and bone tissue.
  • Vitamin a retinol is a fat – soluble antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E – tocopherol, the active immunomodulator and antioxidant. Involved in the synthesis of the protein collagen, and contractile proteins of skeletal and smooth muscles.
  • Vitamin D2 – ergocalciferol, allowing for normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • L-carnitine B11 is a vitamin – like substance found in striated muscle and liver cells. Co-factor of metabolic processes.

Indications vitamins for male athletes:

  • Intense sports schedule, big load.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals for men involved in sports.
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the bodytraining.

Produced sports vitamin tablets and capsules

The main producers

The main producers of sports nutrition:

  • Optimum Nutrition is a famous American brand of sports nutrition that produces original spetsprodukty, including vitamins and protein bars. The highest quality products, excellent range, certified.
  • Magnum Nutraceuticals – 've graduated popular sports vitamins: A-bomb, Big C, Serum
  • Dynamize Nutrition – a global brand of sports nutrition. Is the sponsor of a hundred and fifty sports teams and Olympic medalists. The impressive capacities of the company allow its products to be fairly competitive.
  • Ultimate – known brand of sports nutrition, created by the American biochemist, in the past a power lifter Victor Rubino. The products are of high quality and original recipe. The most famous of them – patented energy drink Sport Energizer and powder protein whey.

How to choose

The range of sports vitamins is quite impressive. To understand it is sometimes hard. If you are professionally engaged in the sport, then listen to the advice of your coach. And then classes will bring you more results and less problems. Here are the most popular sports vitamins:

  • Multivitamin for men – a rich vitamin complex that consists of twelve vitamins and eight minerals, 14 antioxidants, and five amino acids. Great formula, designed for professional athletes. Contains:
  1. Turin – anti-stress effect, helps to maintain high concentration of testosterone in the body.
  2. Methionine – an active detoxifier that cleanses the liver.
  3. Glutamine immunomodulatory effects.
  4. Arginine – improves the nutrition of the muscles and rejuvenates the body.
  5. Carnitine is involved in the biological synthesis of proteins and muscle tissue.
  • Opti Men – manufacturer Optiumum Nutrition (USA). Record the number of components included in the four complex – 75!!! Complexes:
    1. Amino – consists of eight amino acids, recommended for men actively involved in sports.
    2. Viri – sports nutrition Supplement contains 20 natural concentrated antioxidants.
    3. Phyto – exotic grass and algae, included in the supplements for athletes, aimed at strengthening men's health.
    4. Enzy – contains four enzyme to improve digestion.

Optimen amino

8 amino acids

Multivitamin for men

12 vitam., 8 miner., 14 antioxidants, and 5 amino acid-t

GNC Mega Men Sport

D₃, b, C, amino acid-you, the collagen,hyaluronic acid

Vitamins for athletes become indispensable as a Supplement to the diet of men engaged in sports activities. Range of additives for the athletes will make training sessions for men more productive.



Took Opti man fito. Was pleased with the result. Improved potency and overall health.


Engaged in bodybuilding, sports supplements prefer Multivitamin for men. Good composition.


I coach athletes recommend vitamins brand Dynamize Nutrition. Good quality, when engaged, took himself.