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The best exercises for abs for men

What exercises will be most effective and whether there is a system for the rapid pumping of the press, suitable for everybody? What is more effective – exercise room, pool, at home on a chair or find a super exercise? Experts discover the secret – welcome the cubes appear at a low percentage of fat in the abdominal area and sufficient thickness press. Therefore, the most effective abdominal exercises – the diet, new lifestyle and exercise, and not just a few minutes of motion in the gym or at home (in pool, on chair, etc.).

мужской пресс


To understand what exercises for abs for men the best (static or dynamic) can be viewed themed videos and photos, where experts share their observations. You need to understand that a set of exercises for the abs may not be the same for all, each visitor to the trainers in the gym individually. It is impossible to single out one of the best set and recommend to all!

The greatest effect of pumping of the stomach is observed when frequent changes in workouts, exercises for abs for men can be repeatedly repeat, alternating with short rest. Every time you need to change exercises – alternating loads to the upper and lower press or complementing them with the weights (on the block) with a long rest between loads.

Important: you do not need to spend time viewing photos and videos, trying to find the best movement or the best set of classes. Basic exercises in bodybuilding program to load the group of muscles of the abdomen hard enough to be honest to work out the base – the bench press, squat, deadlift, when you repeat them 2-3 times per week allotted number of minutes the emergence of the "cubes" will not be forthcoming.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

Lower abs

Top press

Oblique muscles

Exercises cor

Lifting legs in vis

Twisting easy

The bends with dumbbells


Rise from a prone position on a bench (chair)

Twisting on the bench

Inclinations in the parties on the block

Side plank

Lift with emphasis on the elbows

Twisting on the simulator

Twisting with the rotation

Simple strap

In the abdomen accumulate a reserve of fat reserves, so you need to eat right and consume the amount of calories which give the body the necessary strength, and he will not have to make reserves for a rainyday."

Description popular movements

Next will be described the most popular exercises for the abdominals that were assessed and sport professionals, and men who want to get the "cubes" are not in the gym, and at home. From it individually can be complex.

  • Exercises with roller press.

This fitness projectile is designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the bark. Despite the fact that the movie is visually quite simple device, run with it exercise untrained men is difficult because of the weakness of the back and abdominal region. Considering not only the oblique and direct the abdominal muscles, full muscle ensemble, which is included in the work, you can look at the themed photo or video.

On the bar you can perform the following exercises:

  1. Lift the knees bent legs.
  2. Lift straight legs parallel to the floor.
  3. Lift bent knees to chest level.
  4. The same – the bent leg is withdrawn to the side.
  5. The rise of direct legs to the crossbar.
  6. Same with abduction feet to the side.

For those who have everything in order with the vestibular apparatus, and the level of fitness of the body is high, you can offer an alternative to the "visa on hand" to perform the up housing in vise upside down. Such movements can be included in the best individual set, they help to pump the top of the press.

  • The exercise "Bicycle" crunches.

Familiar to everyone from childhood, available at any age and at different level of sports training. "Bicycle" – exercises for abs and sides (hips and back), which are simply necessary for any of the power load. Of course, to get the coveted "cubes" will fail but burn the excess fat in the abdomen will be very easy. "Bicycle" is often included in various series of movements for the formation of the press.

  • Super exercises for abs standing.

In order to understand how to do them, you can see themed photos and videos, which many in the Internet for special resources.

In the basic exercises carried out standing are:

  1. Stretching and reducing oblique muscles of the abdomen.
  2. Traction arc back and forth.
  3. Leg lift forward.
  4. Knee lift to the chest.
  5. Leg lift forward (option 2).
  6. "Dead lift".

These workouts can be carried out on weekdays with one day off.

  • Exercise "cat" with the bench press.

Is basic and should be included in the cycle of daily training. In one set of exercises. To do it correctly, you can enlist the support of the photo, which clearly shows how to perform the exercise. "Cat" is alternately bending and straightening muscles of a back, right to execute any person. In a few minutes the movements are worked outdifferent muscle groups (oblique, straight abdominal, deep spinal).

Main items:

  1. Strengthening and power development. Plank helps to develop strength of several muscle groups and not just the press.
  2. The mental concentration.
  3. Stretching.
  4. The aesthetic appearance.

Strap really helps to get rid of excess fat in the waist area, but it does not eliminate the need to perform other exercises or dieting.

  • The Familiar "Scissors".

What exercises are most often seen in the study of abdominal muscles and what one is better? Pumping on a chair, rock climber, in vis, exercises for the lateral press, etc. – from them, the abdominal muscles tire quickly and need a change of movements, and "Scissors" here. Upper abs to work harder and for lower and middle they are great. To perform the "Scissors" can be in any place, but it is better to have smooth surface (gym Mat or the floor). Otherwise run the "inverted scissors" (lying on stomach), to implement them we need a strong bench or a chair.

  • Static exercises.

These include the well known: "the Waiter", side and traditional planks, "Crossover" and "Six inches". All of the static exercises can be performed both in the gym and at home, they don't need any special equipment.

  • The vacuum exercise.

Vacuum exercises became popular after Frank Zane impressed everyone at the Olympic games as its
body, perfect, like a Greek statue. Vacuum trains the transverse muscle (the deepest, responsible for
the maintenance of internal organs), one about which, in most cases, forget it. Aesthetics and
the proportionality that is possible to obtain when using the vacuum exercise they involve
the internal muscles of the middle part of the abdomen.

The breath is the basis of the vacuum exercise, at first all the air from the lungs is removed, then they should try to expand for about 10 seconds. The person feels in this moment "the vacuum sensation, and the stomach sticks to the spine. Over time, vacuum exercise should be done longer, the most "advanced" can expand the lungs with the breath for 40-60 seconds (as bodybuilders posing at the photo).

On a chair, these exercises can be done, but in standing, lying on the bed or on all fours – welcome. The most difficult even for professionals are considered to be a functional vacuum and "filled" the vacuum, but they effectively eliminate lower back pain, make a wasp waist and increase the confidence of men in themselves.

What exercises for men will be the most effective to do press pretty? What kind of set will be the best among the recommended? The thing in individualapproach and "source material" than the less fit a man is, the more fat and lower the power of the spirit, the longer will be the battle for the coveted cubes!