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Details about the manifestation of ischuria, its causes and treatment

Ischuria is urinary retention. Pathology occurs because of the impossibility of self-urination. In medicine there are acute, chronic and paradoxical Isuzu. The causes are various, so the treatment and relief of this condition will largely depend on them.

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Flash delay

Acute urinary retention occurs suddenly, amid the apparent prosperity. The urine in this case is formed in the normal amount, enters into the bladder and is stored there, but because of the effects of certain factors of its evacuation there impossible. Acute urinary retention is not only the inability to make urine when there is a strongly expressed desires, but a pain when driving.

The main symptom of acute ischuria is the total delay of urination, which is accompanied by pain and urge to urine excretion. In contrast to acute full ischuria, acute partial urinary retention manifests itself by the production of small amounts of urine from the bladder. In both cases, the bladder bulging and percussion determined dull sound in the region of the bladder. The stomach in the projection of the bladder is painful on palpation.

Diagnostic pathology is simple. The diagnosis is made on the basis of complaints men and palpation. In addition, possible bleeding with pressure on the end portion of the urethra. Crotch swelling, also determined by the enlarged bladder. This condition is often accompanied by inflammation and is complicated by increased body temperature and signs of intoxication. Reasons that caused by acute retention, typical.

The violation of the outflow:

  • Adenoma or cancer of the prostate.
  • Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.
  • The concretions.
  • Stricture of the urethra.
  • Injuries and other reasons.

Diseases of the bladder:

  • Neurogenic bladder.
  • Changes or degeneration of the tissues of the body.
  • Reflex ischuria.


  • Narcotic medicinal substances.
  • Psychoactive hypnotic means.
  • Atropine drugs.

If a man causes a sharp delay, he needs help urgently. Most often performed catheterization. If catheterization for any reason impossible, then cystostomy installing cystostomy. This puncture of the bladder through the abdominal wall and the installation of a special catheter, through which urination occurs. After emergency treatment, the doctor performs diagnosis using instrumental methods andsets the cause of acute ischuria. Treatment of disease aims to eliminate the cause of Isuzu.

Chronic urinary retention

Chronic ischuria differs from acute is not so rapid to start. It is able for some time to asymptomatic and then gradually to prove himself unpleasant symptoms. Distinguish between complete and incomplete chronic Isuzu. Complete retention of urine can make urination, but only with the help of a catheter in the urethra. It can last more than one year. Incomplete ischuria manifests itself not so obviously, a man can urinate by himself, but the urine remains in a certain amount in the bladder.

The causes of chronic diseases are mostly neurological in nature. This condition occurs in various lesions of the Central nervous system, contractions of the urethra and atony. Named pathology in urology is considered one of the most dangerous, as its diagnosis takes place later and with a full bouquet of various complications.

The treatment of ischuria is primarily in the emergency emptying of the bladder. In addition, the treatment of the causes of pathology. And after additional research and a thorough medical history is the treatment of the complications caused by chronic esuria.


The lack of timely diagnosis and treatment of ischuria, often incomplete, leading to a number of complications. And in itself a pathological condition is not nosological unit, and is considered a type of complications of various diseases. But we should not overlook that the delay of urine outflow leads to:

  1. Renal failure.
  2. The cystitis.
  3. The pyelonephritis.
  4. The formation of stones.
  5. Gross hematuria.

We should also mention a variety of pathological urinary retention, paradoxical ischuria. It develops as a consequence of distension of the bladder, atony and distension of the sphincter. Taken together, these reasons lead to incontinence, and it stands out from the urethra drops.

Acute or chronic urinary retention is a condition that can threaten a man's life, therefore requires timely diagnosis and treatment. A separate and important role to play in prevention. For the timely diagnosis and successful treatment of a man must watch his health, to take preventive checkups and avoid harmful impacts on your body.