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How to call a male doctor of obstetrics (doctor man)

"We need a male doctor" – often a similar expression can be heard from the men in the clinic registry. But the question does not sound correct. How can the right to be called the doctor? Diseases of the reproductive organs and the urinary system, the male infertility population treated by two doctors: urologist and andrologist.

врач общается с мужчиной

Medical specialty

That any pathological processes in the female genital organs heals the medic, which is called the gynecologist, known to all. How, then, should be called a doctor, treating disease for men? Profession a urologist known to most representatives of the stronger sex. To the doctor men direct in order to diagnose and treat diseases of the genital organs, urinary system, in violation of potency. In some modern hospitals there is a new medical speciality androlog. It provides assistance exclusively to men. How can be called diseases, with which this doctor need to apply?

The andrology called the youngest medical specialty, similar gynecology, studying sexual dysfunction in women. But in contrast to gynecology, andrology pathology treats male sexual sphere. Thus, violations of potency or, in the case when there is a suspicion of infertility need to be treated by this physician. The andrologist not a narrow specialist. He needs to understand not only violations of the sexual sphere, but also to be an expert in male endocrinology and immunology. Is a medical surgical specialization. Problems to call him

  • He is able to treat male infertility of various origins.
  • Will help with any sexual dysfunction, as well as a gynecologist for women.
  • In violation of potency.
  • If the penis men has a low erektilnoy ability.
  • If necessary, eliminate cosmetic defects, if a member needs to pass the circumcision.

Urologist treats any pathological condition developing in the system of urination. Not only men but also women. In the latter case, it works in tandem with a specialist in gynecology. However, due to the fact that the sexual and urinary organs of the male body are closely related, the urologist often performs the functions of the various organs and systems. He is able to heal any abnormalities in the genital area and infertility including.

There are a number of symptoms, the appearance of which in men is a symptom of a mandatory visit to a medical specialist who treats a particular illness. These include the following:

  • The pain, appears in men when they urinate or have sex.
  • Physician needed inthe case when there was a rash or ulceration on the penis.
  • In the case when the violation of potency.
  • Disturbed urination or urine color has changed.
  • The urologist should advise the patient if his semen has an unpleasant smell or streaks of blood. The sperm also need to focus on clinical and bacteriological examination.
  • If male penis changed shape or red.
  • Andrologist should monitor patients and with suspected infertility couples taking sperm on the analysis.
  • The appropriate physician must advise the patient in case of pain in lumbar and inguinal region.

How is routine

If you suspect a disease of the male reproductive health specialist, regardless of which subject it belongs to (urologist or andrologist), examination of the patient will hold the same pattern. Here's how:

  1. Advisory reception begins with a survey of the patient. The doctor says that the patient complains. You do not need to be ashamed of. Even if the question is asked about the potency or urination, then you need to answer, as completely as possible.
  2. Andrologist or other specialist then examines the male organ. Describes its appearance and the presence of precipitates. If you had surgery, such as circumcision, is also recorded.
  3. If you suspect male infertility, diagnosis makes information about the health of a permanent sexual partner. The doctor will require this information.

Based on these data is called diagnosis, which is considered preliminary. Urologist based on the preliminary results of treating a patient with medication or decide on the surgery, such as circumcision.

Male doctor any of the above specialties (urologist or andrologist) can provide medical and surgical care. What medications are used? It all depends on what diagnosis the doctor has put. If it is assumed the inflammatory process, the doctor cures anti-inflammatory medicines, antibiotics and vitamins. In identifying erectile dysfunction drug therapy in addition to etiotropic drugs refers to specific androgen hormones. More complicated treatment lends itself to infertility.

If we talk about surgery, special is the area of cosmetic surgery. An example is circumcision, which not only facilitates hygiene, corrects congenital malformations in males, but enhances the potency.