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When to contact a male doctor and he called

What makes a man, if you need advice on a particular issue? Looking for answers on the Internet, reads, what is infertility, how to increase strength or potency how is circumcision, although here we need a male doctor. And who is he, what is the doctor who will solve all these problems, how to form your question at the reception Desk to be directed to that expert who is necessary? This article will help to understand to what doctor to address with a purely male problem and how it is properly called.

врач-уролог с пациентом


There is a doctor of a wide profile, and there is a specialist who is responsible only for a certain range of diseases. Diseases of the sexual sphere treats not one doctor, two of them: urologist and andrologist. However, they, like specialists, have their main niche, and it is important to understand which of them treats infertility, and who to go if there is a problem in the power of potency or planned circumcision. Oddly enough, for men the more clear term "female gynecologist" than the phrase "male doctor". And if the doctor still does not cause a lot of questions, about the profession back heard not everyone.

For reference: andrology is the field of medicine similar gynecology, is studying the sexual dysfunction in men. To access the services necessary to resolve the pathology of the organs of the male reproductive organs (violation of potency, suspected infertility).

The doctor-andrologist helps not only in the pathology of the sexual organs, but has a wide view about male immunology, endocrinology (hormones androgens), sexology, genetics, psychology, dermatology and surgery.

To the doctor-andrologist, please contact:

  1. If there is (or is questionable) infertility of various origins.
  2. Dysfunction of the genital organs.
  3. By reducing the potency.
  4. If the penis during erection has a poor blood supply.
  5. For cosmetic or medical surgery (plastic surgery, circumcision).

If in the course of a full examination, the doctor-androlog determines that the patient requires the additional participation of a specialist, you will be issued a referral. For example, upon detection of STDs have to visit to venereologist sexual disorder associated with psychological factors, andrologist will advise the doctor-deseved. BPH and identical pathology of the reproductive organs can detect andrologist, but treats mainly of the doctor-the urologist.

For reference. Urologist – in the sphere of his professional interests includes all of the organs constituting the genitourinary system (in men in this case: the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, prostate, penis). Of course, that it cures all diseases that pertain tospecified locale, regardless of sex and age affiliation.

Urology is the science through which it is possible to tell everything about the urinary system of any person and the pathologies associated with it. The urologist should treat not only men but also women and children, since the area of gynecology in this case is narrow, with the concomitant problems a urologist and gynecologist working in close tandem. Urologist makes not only surveys and gives and is the operating specialist (circumcision, plastic, etc.). Since the sexual and urinary system in men are closely linked, a urologist often performs the functions of the various organs and systems, so knows all about possible norms and pathologies.

Can andrologist and urologist to switch places? Unfortunately, not in all cases. Andrologist – the one that cures only men, in this case can perfectly perform the surgery, if you want to "correct" member, but surgical intervention in the kidneys or bladder will not do and beautiful ladies affected by urological part, will not accept.

When to cry "help"?

What male doctor need to run if "something stung"? If this "something" relates to the fact that penis refused to work or suspect infertility, it will help the andrologist. He will advise you to undergo a semen analysis (to examine semen), allowing details to explain why the couple has no children (that is, to diagnose or refute male infertility).

If "stabbed" in the kidney – will the doctor, he cures:

  • Pyelonephritis.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Cystitis.
  • Adenoma of the prostate.
  • Urethritis.
  • Vesiculitis.
  • Balanoposthitis, etc.

You can access the primary, if there is a suspicion of STDs, but rather directly to a dermatologist. When all the symptoms indicate a problem reproductive (impotence, infertility, etc.) to help the doctor-andrologist, he also understands some endocrine pathologies and valeology.

Since the urinary and reproductive system in men are closely related, the doctors (urologist, andrologist, dermatologist) work in close tandem. So to clearly answer what is the name of the doctor for men, impossible, but most often the stronger sex still has to bring their problems to the doctor-urologist.

Similarities and differences

It could be shared between physicians for men and what differences do they have?

Professional similarities:

  1. Both can take surgical intervention (circumcision, for example).
  2. Understand the urinary system completely.
  3. Are diagnosed and treated.

Professional honors:

  1. The competence of the urologist is to diagnose individuals of both sexes.
  2. Back to "interesting" onlymen.
  3. The first is more inclined to diseases of the urogenital area.
  4. For the second is of greater interest is purely a member of men and their ability in bed.

This is in theory, but practice shows that in sparsely populated areas eliminates cystitis, candidiasis, STDs, and conducts the circumcision and treats infertility, says to donate sperm (semen) and adjusts the power of only one male potency specialist, all because the funding does not allow small clinics to invite two male doctors.

In General, a big problem for men in the name of their personal physician, no. If you have problems: STDs, disorder of potency, there was a suspicion of infertility, or there is a need to conduct circumcision – the first person to help is the lovely lady at the front Desk. Do not be shy, for them penis and all the male disease – no more than anatomical and physiological (clinical) details. The doctor, as a lawyer, you need to speak only the truth!