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The recovery of the kidneys and urinary system (sessions Kolesnikova)

Is it possible to recover kidney function and how to do it? Typically, this issue is acute in cases when the kidneys are hurt seriously, and until the moment when the work of the urinary system nothing violates, the man doesn't even suspect how important a role she plays.

Physiology and etiological factors

The kidneys provide in the body cleansing the blood from waste products, in essence, they are a kind of biological filter that passes through itself every minute to 1.6 gallons of blood. That's a lot, and therefore, the kidneys and urinary system as a whole depends entirely on how to operate the human body.

Ideally, the kidneys and the urinary system did not need repair, you should follow a few rules: do not overeat, do not take alcohol more than the permissible dose, to a regime of sleep and rest, drink only pure water, avoid infections, etc. But, of course, provide a perfect way of life no one, therefore, periodically and requires recovery of the liver and kidneys, as they almost always go in the same bundle.

Why is the normal functioning of the urinary system and kidneys will fail and require recovery:

  • The inflammatory process after introduction of an infectious agent in the urinary system follows a rising path. Kidney disease occurs when an STD or through the lymph and blood, if the body is infectious foci.
  • Stagnation in the urogenital tract. They provoke inflammation and form a favorable environment for the development of calculi (stones).
  • Poor quality and poor diet. There is thinning of the nephron after the permanent poisoning of the body with bad foods or after constant intake of alcohol (especially surrogates). This gives heavy load on the kidneys, thereby disrupting their normal work. It is a vicious circle involving the cells of the liver, pancreas, etc.
  • The shortage of clean water. This is one of the fundamental factors that lead to functional failure in the kidneys, liver and other organs and systems. That is poor quality water (hard, dirty), which is forced to consume the inhabitants of the cities, and becomes the reason of defeat of the urinary system.

To disrupt the normal functioning of the kidneys very easily, people do it involuntarily for almost the entire life, but to restore the function of the affected kidney is a difficult task, requiring both physical and material costs.

Chances, how are they determined?

One of the most dangerous consequences is renal insufficiency. And in the acute and in the chronic form it manifests itselfchanges in the chemical composition and volume of all environments present in the body liquid, especially blood.

Once kidney function is broken and does not happen their timely and quick recovery, develop the following pathological States:

  1. Uremia (uremic syndrome). Happens self-poisoning organism in the urine, which tells about the death of a significant part of the nephron and losing their filtering ability while reducing the volume of renal blood flow.
  2. Violation of water exchange. When the death of the nephrons the kidneys no longer to dilute or concentrate urine, thus it is compared to the electrolyte composition of the blood plasma. This occurs during dehydration, when the body is supplied enough clean water.
  3. The change in the exchange of electrolytes. In severe kidney damage in the serum increased rates of magnesium, phosphate, potassium and sulphate, which causes convulsive phenomena. Ultimately can develop acidosis and a decrease in the content of bicarbonates in the blood.
  4. The nitrogen retention. After the blood test results show high content of creatinine, urea and uric acid.
  5. Increase in blood pressure. When the death of the nephrons and blood circulation increases the content of renin, which causes high blood pressure.
  6. Anemia. The kidney failure leads to a decrease in the production of the hormone erythropoietin, which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells. In addition, red blood cells are the blood plasma, which contains toxic substances.

As the kidney and the liver is a large part of the processes by which are removed from the body toxic products, you can imagine the consequences of violations of the excretory system. Therefore, when the slightest suspicion of renal insufficiency it is important to restore the functioning of the kidneys and the entire urinary system. What methods will be most effective in each particular case of pathological condition of the kidneys, tell the doctor.

Possible variants of therapeutic effects

There are several time-tested methods of restoring the functions of the urinary system and kidneys. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Medicinal plants.
  1. Kidney tea. This tea consists of diuretic herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties (viola tricolor, birch leaves and buds, nettle, bilberry leaf, elderberry, juniper, knotweed, oregano, bearberry, horsetail, dill and polpala). Any grass should be collected according to all rules or purchased at a pharmacy, brew tea with one species of grass or in a mixture. The grass just gives your strength in the infusion, for itscooking should take 3 tablespoons of the mixture and pour them in a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water. The infusion should be prepared in 40-60 minutes. This tea drink in the morning on an empty stomach and before bed in tea can add a spoonful of honey. The rate of removal of toxins and bacteria (purification) is 21 days.
  2. Vitamin tea. The rosehip — a storehouse of vitamins, helps to restore the urinary organs. Tea made from rose hips is saturated and aromatic, this fruit ground in a coffee grinder 5 tbsp is placed in a thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiled water, tea all night. Drink tea twice a day, morning and evening glass in 2 weeks.

In ancient times people knew how to effectively restore all body functions and to avoid serious kidney conditions. Treatment of kidney folk remedies and is popular these days along with modern methods of removal of toxins or bacterial microflora.

  • Egg Clacker.

With this restoration of the national means required to take 6 white eggs, 1.5 liters of natural (rural) milk, 300 g of honey, which is placed on the bottom three-liter jars. Put on top of the pristine (washed) eggs and pour milk. The mixture was put in dark and cool place (not refrigerator) for two weeks. During this time the shell has dissolved, the yolk and the white in a transparent film to change its consistency. After the eggs emerge, you need to remove and discard the cream, and pass the contents of the jar into a colander lined with cheesecloth, to pierce the film from the eggs and diluted to give a protein drain. Liquid from banks to merge in the pan after it is filtered 6 times and put the jar in the fridge. Such regenerative folk remedies used in ancient times, a ready talker took in the morning on an empty stomach 30-50 g, courses twice a year in spring and autumn.

  • Juice of burdock.

To restore the function of the liver and kidneys are different folk remedies, including juice may burdock, which had been recommended for removal from the body of toxins. Herb burdock root collected in may, thoroughly rinsed and no cuttings is passed through a meat grinder. Squeeze the juice and store in the fridge. For the month, you must drink about a liter of this tool, take before meals for 1 tablespoon, course during the week followed by a break for 7 days. Such folk remedies can remove kidney stones, the nephrons recover after suffering serious diseases.

The action of alcohol, as eliminate the effects?

The restoration of the internal organs after exposure to alcohol (especially surrogates) is difficult and not always effective event. The composition of any alcohol is harmful substances and to remove them is not enough to use folk remedies or traditionalmedicines.

With a lack of water and thickening the blood at the kidneys bear a double burden, complications doses of alcohol can be:

  • Proteinuria.
  • The development of renal failure.
  • Dystrophic phenomena.
  • Of severe chronic pyelonephritis.

To restore the kidneys after prolonged exposure to alcohol 100% impossible, like a single consumption of low-quality alcohol substitute.

The revival of health through energy

In recent years, in addition to traditional recovery methods, has become a popular method of Hope Kolesnikova, which is known in Belarus with core energetics. More than 20 years, she helps people become healthy, her unique gift and powerful energy can be felt almost immediately as the company started viewing the restore sessions of the urinary system and kidneys.

Energy sessions can be obtained through watching videos and through direct contact. But given the fact that the person to take the healer just is not able, as wanting to be healthy too much, she sends her power and energy through the DVDs.

What is the basis for the restoration of the kidneys and urinary system? Using the bio-energy effects on the human biofield replenished his life energy, which is consumed every hour, and in large quantities. That is, with the reduction in the energy reserves of the person in the city feels broken and sick.

When viewing the energy sessions, it restores the energy matrix, leaving a variety of ailments, including the functioning of the urinary system and kidneys.

Why you need to use sessions Kolesnikova in diseases of the urinary system? In favor of the energy of the impact is indicated by the following aspects:

  • The efficiency is proved clinically.
  • Sessions are completely secure.
  • The unique technique recommended by health practitioners.
  • Sessions can be used as treatment and prevention.

Currently using bioenergetic impact thousands of people become healthy without extra material costs and endless trips to health facilities.