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Is it possible pregnancy in men?

During sex a man usually busy thinking about his partner, how he looks in her eyes, and, of course, about his own agreeable sensations. However, sometimes the joy of sex the man can spoil a thought about the risk of your partner getting pregnant and, therefore, imminent danger of getting a headache from unwanted consequences in the form of alimony. However, for the most part the issue of contraception is more worried about the woman, because in case of mistakes and to carry the child to her. Can during sex to get pregnant male? Is it even possible such a phenomenon in nature like a man that can get pregnant and have a baby?

мужчина с животом и женщина чистят зубы

It all started with a movie?

Many of those who will hear this question, remember the once very popular movie "Junior" where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of a pregnant man. The plot of the movie Arnold together with his partner he conducted scientific experiments in the sphere of carrying a female fetus and risk of miscarriage. But so as to carry out practical experiments on pregnant women were not allowed to confirm the effectiveness of their scientific achievements had on myself. To do this, in the body of the hero was introduced the female egg and they develop the same "magic" drug that prevents miscarriage. "Miracle" happened: the main character is not just pregnant but full took out the fetus, and then birth to a child. Laughter laughter, but still: could it happen in real life? Can a man not having a uterus, to become pregnant and carry a fetus to term? The answer to this question really get, remembering the features of the structure and physiology of the male sexual system, and the necessary conditions for conception.

Anatomical features

If we consider the male reproductive system men in the light of its differences from the female, then we can say clearly one thing: the potential to become the "mother" men do not have.

This is a clear and logical explanation:

  1. In order for fertilization to happen, you need the fusion of two germ cells: male ‒ sperm and female – ovum. Eggs are produced in the ovaries and ripen in the fallopian tubes of a woman. Based on this, fertilization in the male body just can't be because of not adapted for the conception of the device to the genital organs and their anatomical inability of women to "send" their sexual cell in another organism, as do representatives of the strong half of mankind.
  2. For gestation, providing him with a comfortable environment for the purpose of development and nutritionfor the entire period of pregnancy the uterus is required, which, as we know, men don't.

So, the question "can a man get pregnant?" with a resounding answer: a healthy man under any circumstances to get pregnant can't – not after having sex with a woman, or after sex with a man. Even homosexual intercourse between two men is threatened by the pregnancy of one of them because of their lack as fertility of eggs and the body in which it would be possible childbearing.

An unusual case

In 2008 the whole world was stunned by the unusual and seemingly almost unreal story, the main character was male, proved capable of not only getting pregnant, but full term, and give birth three children. They found 40-year-old resident of the island of Hawaii, Thomas beatie. His wife could not give birth to a child, and how it turned out, was capable. Thomas was born a girl, but when he was ten years old, persuaded his parents to help change his sex and become a boy. Thomas removed the breast and allowed to take male hormones. When viewed from the side at the appearance of Thomas, he had a "male" passport no one would have questioned his maleness, however, the genitals you were female.

Got pregnant and he had children Thomas after IVF. In order for fertilization became possible, he had to do was stop taking male hormones and allow re-activated a private, women's. The sexual organs required for conception and gestation, he survived because the pregnancy proceeds naturally and without any problems. The only "roughness" of this story is the moral side of the question – is it normal?

Expectations of science

The history of Tom Beaty in any case does not refute the earlier solid scientific facts and arguments about the impossibility of pregnancy in men. She just is a typical example of the fact that "motherhood" from a man who looks a man only from the side and is it for the passport. If Thomas went through in his desire to change gender and become a man by removing not only the chest, but and genitals, pregnancy would be impossible. However, life does not stand still, scientific experiments become more daring, the achievements all the more incredible, and who knows what discoveries are waiting for science to come. According to different sources, there is a prize to the man who gets pregnant. Silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin in his dying will have a total of $ 1 million to the man who will be able to carry and give birth to children.

Despite the obvious anatomical and physiological inability of men topregnancy and gestation, often some of them are eager to give birth to their own children independently. Perhaps this desire is partly due to the desire to become a discoverer of new phenomena in nature and the recipient of a huge award, but that is mainly due to the specific features of mental development of the man. Time will tell who will be the lucky man who can get pregnant, and see if he's ever.