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About the causes of turbid urine in men and treatments

Is it worth to be afraid when a man discovers that he has cloudy urine? What to do: immediately run to the doctor-urologist or just not pay attention? Why it occurs in men? Undoubtedly, such questions will immediately arise in the mind of the man who noticed turbidity of the urine. So what should I do and what are the causes of changes in the transparency of urine, try to understand.

баночка с жёлтой жидкостью

Etiological factors

Urine in males has a straw yellow color, clear, without visible impurities and turbidity. Foamy or cloudy urine is often due to mild dehydration. Any serious diagnosis is usually not carried out in the absence of other symptoms, this symptom passes quickly, as soon as the water exchange is restored.

The color of urine is influenced by the pigments brorsen, uroerythrin and urochrome. The color and transparency of urine can vary during the day due to eating habits, intake of medicines, such changes are not terrible. But if the urine retains in men, the turbidity within a few days, it is enhanced day by day, you need to visit urologist, you will need a more detailed diagnosis and treatment.

First of all, it should be noted that cloudy urine can be due to natural or pathological causes. That is why visiting a doctor will be needed to confirm or refute the second point.

We call the causes of turbid urine:

  • Natural causes:
  1. A long presence on the street, high oxygen content and low temperatures can cause crystallization of urine and its opacity.
  2. Excessive exercise, heat, saunas are the cause of dehydration and the cause of the turbid urine in men.
  3. Some medicines and foods can change the transparency of the urine. When examining these factors it is important to take into account.
  • Pathological (infectious) causes

Very often, cloudy urine can be the consequence of various pathological processes in the organism of men:

  1. Mucus and microorganisms give a turbidity of urine and occur in infectious inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. In addition, there are other symptoms that indicate illness.
  2. Cloudy urine often indicates a prostatitis or BPH, and is called the cause (infectious (inflammatory) factor in the urinary tract).
  3. In the presence of stones in the bladder or kidney (urolithiasis, urethritis, renal failure). When this happens and the change of urine color and transparency.
  4. Cloudy urine with flakes is cystitisinfectious etiology. If a man has not timely cured the cystitis, the infection quickly prepaired to the kidneys and pyelonephritis occurs. In this case, urine is not only turbid but also with an unpleasant odor.

Important! Doctors warn that such innocuous symptom is cloudy urine can have various causes. But the main thing – it could either be the beginning of serious illnesses in men, or metabolic disorders. Both of these factors require attention. Why the urine is opaque, show diagnostics, according to its results will be used in the treatment.

White and turbid urine may be in the presence of salts of phosphoric acid, white blood cells, protein, lipids and other impurities. Most often, this "color" in men is caused by:

  • Abnormalities in the urinary system.
  • Psychological stress or if the physical work.
  • Strong cooling, fever of any etiology.
  • Increased use of phosphate and calcium.
  • Inflammation of the genital organs.

Often the whitening of the urine is due to the presence in it of pus or mucus. The presence of protein can make the urine whitish and turbid, which indicates that the glomerulonephritis.

What to do if urine has changed color?

Treatment for cloudy urine depends on the reason that caused the clouding. Diagnosis of diseases, including the study of urine is important step in treatment.

The treatment is to eliminate symptoms of the underlying disease and to normalize composition of urine. As complementary activities, conduct laboratory bacterial urine culture and study on sensitivity to antibiotics.

It is important to remember that any therapeutic scheme – a purely individual approach, it is impossible to carry out the treatment at random, it is fraught with severe complications. Any treatment based on a detailed diagnosis given the history and related chronic diseases.