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The penis: everything from structures to functions

Rare representative of the stronger sex do not care about their own manhood, and diseases of the sexual sphere, as a rule, it's psychologically difficult to carry out and often cause depression, if there is dysfunction of the penis. In order to understand proper functioning of this important organ, you must know what structure is a member. This is what we will discuss below.

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The structure of the sexual dignity has been well studied by anatomists, as the functions of this important organ. Emit 2 parts:

  1. The root, attached to the bones of the symphysis. Otherwise, the root is called the basis.
  2. The trunk ending head.

Besides, there are the back of the penis, which is a top surface of the barrel.

If to speak about the inner structure of the male penis, it includes:

  • 2 erectile tissues (cavernosum, corpus corpus cavernosum). Imagine a cylinder-shaped anatomical formation, with the front ends hidden under the head of the penis. Rear acuminate divisions of the corpus cavernosum — legs — apart and attached to the pelvic bones.
  • Spongy body (body spongiosum, corpus spongiosum), inside which is the urethra. Spongy body ends at the base of the bulb, and the front goes into the head. The diameter of the spongy body is approximately 1 cm.

Thickening of the head and 2 of the corpus cavernosum is called the Corolla, which in the base of the member is limited to the coronal furrow. The cavernous body of the penis spliced between themselves and the top is covered with a single sheath called the tunica. It forms a partition between them. From the tunica albuginea into the spongy and cavernous bodies depart numerous branches of the trabeculae. Due to such features of the structure have the penis mesh is obtained.

A honeycomb structure allows the penis to function normally. Cavity, that is, cells that fill with blood during sexual excitation and that provides an erection. The structure of the head provides a cellular structure, so it always stays soft. This feature of the structure helps intercourse: head is a kind of shock absorber between the delicate tissues of the female sex organs and solid tissues of a man's penis.

To imagine that the penis will function normally without normal blood supply, it is impossible. The blood flow to the penis provided not only the artery, and a group of vessels:

  1. Anterior scrotal arteries coming from the external genitalia.
  2. The dorsal artery coming from internal sexual artery.

These arterial highwayssupply blood to the outer structure of the body. Internal education get blood flow in the following way:

  • From the deep artery of the penis.
  • From the dorsal artery of the penis.

Both vessels are smaller branches of the internal sexual artery.

Blood flow is equally important. Venous blood flow is represented by:

  1. Deep vein of the penis.
  2. Vein of bulb of the penis.

They join the vesical plexus, and then via the ascending system of vessels into the inner sexual vein.

Oh, those dimensions

Description of the structure of the sexual dignity of man would not be complete without mention of we about the size. For anybody not a secret that a member may have a different length and volume, but is there a norm?

According to the ideas of anatomists, the average size of the penis is:

  • 5-10 cm in its flaccid STA condition.
  • When excited, the length of the penis is increased to 14-16 cm, although recent studies of French surgeons revealed that the average length of the erect body in the group surveyed was of the order of 10-10,5 cm, which further confirms the variability in size of manhood.

Member of more than 18 cm are called giant, and 16 cm in just major. The average diameter of childbearing on 3-5 see

As for the small size, there are the following grades:

  • Up to 2 cm in an extended form. Such a member is called a micropenis.
  • Up to 9.5 cm in the excited state. A member is considered to be low.

Many people believe that penis size correlates with the size of the nose or thick fingers, but this hypothesis is not confirmed. There is a certain relationship with growth, nothing more.

If you go back to the above-mentioned study of the French surgeons, the scientists noted that in most situations, the problem size of sexual dignity contrived by man. Most of the corrective size of the operations carried out at the insistence of the representative of the stronger sex, not for health indicators.

What form?

There are several forms of male sexual dignity. The member may be:

  1. Cylindrical. Member has an equal base and head.
  2. Pointed. Member has a wide base.
  3. Mushroom. The head member is massive, and the base is relatively thin.

Note that some men may experience curvature of the penis. The angle of curvature may vary in some situation will cause discomfort.

A bit of physiology

Speaking about physiology, we naturally think of the possibility of intercourse — one of the main functions of the penis. Maximum excitation occurs during stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings of the head, which is one of the main erogenous zonesmen. Conventionally, the entire process can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Arousal. The blood when excited by a well-developed system of blood vessels flows to the reproductive organ. It comes in the above cells formed by processes of the fascia. The result cavities cavernous bodies expand and the member increases in volume and length.
  • The next stage, the final or climax — sexual arousal is the orgasm and ejaculation are normal invariably accompanying him. During climax, the muscles of the VAS deferens are declining, which leads to ejaculation.

Without normal exercise of sexual function impossible another important function is reproductive. Of course, the ability to conceive of great importance for virtually every person. Therefore, the sexual function and reproductive function are practically inseparable.

In General, the length of sexual intercourse – the concept is quite variable, as the size of the penis. Most importantly, the satisfaction from the process, and this largely depends on the confidence of men in their own abilities. So you need to work that part of the question, unless, of course, with the anatomy and functions of the authority all right. Good luck!