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All about symptoms of overnite and features of his treatment

Disease kaverit not very common, but knowing about it should any man. It can cause impotence and infertility, and for a very short period of time. And if a man cherishes and that and the other feature of his body, he would have to know about this disease.

Monster caves

The principle of the disease is the penetration of infection in the penis area. So sometimes Cabernet symptoms are confused with urethritis.

To better understand the difference, consider the structure of the penis. Inside it is the channel responsible for output of urine and semen from the body. This is the urethra. Around him are two cavernous bodies (corpus cavernosum) responsible for erections. They are affected by infection during the disease.

Hence the name of the disease. Because the cavity is translated from Latin as "the cave". The main symptom is the appearance of the seal in the penis – infiltration. The inflammation of the cavernous bodies without treatment fraught with such consequences as impotence. Taverniti are usually acute and are destroying the urogenital system in no time. The appearance of the slightest symptoms of this ailment requires immediate treatment by a urologist or andrologist.

Manifestations of the disease

Cabernet can occur in acute and rarely chronic form. For acute form characterized by a strong inflammatory process. At first the man feels the following symptoms:

  • slight weakness;
  • chills;
  • dizziness;
  • headache.

In addition, for acute overnite typical symptoms such as constant erection. In view of this circumstance, problems with urination (at best, at worst its impossibility). Despite the constant erection to have sex with overnite or turns with difficulty, or not work at all.

Also in the acute form the symptoms of Cabernet can manifest in the form of fever or temperature reaching 40 degrees. In the penis arises constant pain. They are especially apparent when you touch the infiltration – seal in the penis. If the erection is stopped, the penis is still swelling, which thickens it.

Then there is an abscess inside the penis. He brings more painful symptoms and discomfort, but soon erupts. As a result of the urethra is a large number of pus, which greatly facilitates the patient's state of health, as the pain subsides, and swelling of the penis subsides a bit.

But this process has a reverse side, namely, the violation of blood body that leads to sexual dysfunction. In the place where before was an abscess, there is a scar. It becomes the cause of Peyronie's disease –curvature of the penis.

With regard to chronic forms, when it is dominated by weak, worn out symptoms. Usually, this tingling in the penis. Symptoms in the chronic form may also manifest itself in:

  • partial seal penis of different shapes and lengths;
  • pain if you experience erection.

Chronic caverna leads to erectile dysfunction. This symptom brings a lot of trouble man.

That is able to cause disease

Causes of overnite can be both injury and penetration of infection into the penis. The first case implies a lesion of the cavernous (cavernous) ways while receive this or that injury. It is also possible surgery. In addition, the penetration of infection into the penis occurs upon injection of drugs. The implantation of a catheter and a long presence in the bladder can also cause caverna.

Advanced forms of gonorrhea, syphilis and urethritis causes the infectious form of Cabernet. The infection spread through the cavernous bodies is due to the purulent discharge which is peculiar to the above-mentioned diseases. If the given process to start and is not treated, it develops syphilitic or gonorrheal Cabernet.


If there is a seal in the penis, accompanied by pain, you should not delay to consult a doctor for treatment. A specialist on this issue can be either the urologist or andrologist.

After a thorough examination and determine what the patient observed symptoms, the patient is directed to the passage of additional research to appointment of adequate treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease includes the stage as a laboratory. It involves taking a smear from the urethra and urine analysis. Because some symptoms match the common sexually transmitted diseases, the patient passes the tests for gonococci and other infections typical of sexually transmitted diseases. Also important to consult a doctor in case the disease is caused by syphilis or gonorrhea.

One of the main methods for the determination of cavernata is an ultrasound procedure carried out on the penis. If symptoms characteristic of the chronic form of the disease, there shall be a urethroscopy and cavernosography.

Approaches to therapy

To treat the disease have in a hospital. Treatment of Cabernet in the early stages consists in the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and stimulants of the immune system.

In the treatment special preference is given to such drugs as:

  • macrolide;
  • penicillin;
  • the aminoglycoside.

Alsothe patient is assigned the procedure:

  • lavage with antiseptic solutions;
  • UHF;
  • laser therapy;
  • ultrasound;
  • therapy by electromagnetic radiation;
  • electrophoresis.

Treatment of Cabernet in the chronic form occurs through the appointment of local treatment with physiotherapy, therapy using immune stimulants. Also when running the form overnite treatment is via surgical intervention. In this cavernous body is cut deeply inside, and the elimination of purulent content in it.

If you don't ask for help, it comes to gangrene of the penis. This requires immediate surgery, because conventional treatment here is already powerless. Occurs amputation of the penis.

In the case of a curvature of the penis treatment by correcting. Penile prosthesis usually required when erectile dysfunction.