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Why inflamed lymph nodes in the groin and how to treat this condition

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin in men is one of the types of lymphadenitis. The causes of pathological processes in these biological filters are so diverse that even based on the symptoms the doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment without further examination.

Let's consider the main causes of these pathological changes in inguinal lymph nodes, their symptoms and methods of treatment.

Nonspecific inflammation

By the nature of the causative agent of this disease is specific and non-specific. Pahovom with non-specific inflammation of the lymph nodes in men the changes are caused by pyogenic bacteria and their waste products from the primary foci of the pathological process. That is, a primary lesion may present as a purulent wound on the hip and osteomyelitis, and other diseases.

Injuries of the perineum and genitals

Causes of non-specific traumatic inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes in men infectious. This process is called bacterial flora, which gets in the lymph nodes of the pathological focus: purulent wound, boil, ulcer, etc. Also, the infection can reach the plexus by direct his wound. Symptoms of such changes there is little change in the General condition. Nodes are enlarged, moderately painful and not soldered to the surrounding tissues.

Treatment of infectious inflammation of the inguinal canal with involvement in the pathological process of the plexus is aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease, in other words, if the healing of festering wound, it will leave and the disease process.

If the inflammation is turned into a purulent form, the symptoms change dramatically. In the region of the inguinal lymph nodes in men there are strong, throbbing pain, body temperature rises to 38 degrees or higher, and impaired General condition. The skin of the host edematous and erythematous. The treatment of purulent forms of the disease in men are conducted with the help of surgical intervention. Under local or General anesthesia produced an autopsy abscess and its drainage. After surgery "connects" antibiotic therapy.

Chronic infection

Inflammation of the inguinal nodes in men may occur as a consequence or a complication of acute or chronic infectious processes of urinogenital sphere or pelvic organs. The symptoms of infectious lesions of the lymph nodes appear to increase their size, pain to the touch. Inflammation often does not extend beyond the capsule.

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But in the absence of adequate treatment possible further development of the pathological process, and the disease acquires a chronic formor abscedere. Treatment inguinal lymphadenitis in men carried out in parallel with the treatment of the disease, causing inflammation.

Specific inflammation

To specific lymphadenitis include pathological processes is most often caused by pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases and tumor metastases. In very rare cases, involvement of lymph nodes in men is caused by hitting them with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Bacillus), or the plague Bacillus.

Inguinal lymphadenitis caused by STDs

Vividly the pathological process manifests itself in syphilis. 5-7 days after the appearance of the chancre increases the nearest lymph nodes. They become dense and painless, not soldered between itself and the skin. The skin over them has no change. By the end of the initial period, an increase of lymph nodes of all groups. Treatment inguinal lymphadenitis caused by pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, is complex. Assign:

  • antibiotics;
  • drugs that increase the body's resistance;
  • vitamins;
  • biogenic stimulators;
  • during the formation of suppurative lesions of the lymph nodes of the groin in men, surgery is carried out.

Lymphadenitis in HIV

Inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes in men with HIV is manifested only when polideepcia or in the later stages of the disease.

The consistency of the lymph nodes varies depending on the stage of the disease. So, in the first year of the disease the lymph nodes are juicy, have testovatoy consistency, and over time compacted.

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Treatment of HIV to date aimed at minimizing the concentration of virus in the blood. AIDS is a fatal disease. Therefore, the treatment of lymphadenitis caused by HIV, is only symptomatic.

Cancer and tuberculosis

Inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes in men, it is also possible for cancer of prostate, rectum and other organs. The symptoms manifest themselves most often in the late stages of the disease. Treatment is often aimed at saving the lives of men.

Involvement of lymph nodes in the groin with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the tubercle Bacillus) is very rare. The most dangerous is the fact that isolated lesions are rare. They often increase rapidly and merge with each other. The most important symptom of tuberculous lymphadenitis is that the first lymph node palpable, and eventually visible to the naked eye. Therapy of tuberculous inflammation of the lymphatic plexus is aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease.

Inflammation of the inguinallymph nodes in men there is often, but not always require antibiotic treatment, or is a sign of a serious disease. But if the resulting increase in lymph node does not disappear within a month or adversely affects the General condition, do not delay visit to the doctor. Do not self-medicate.