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Anatomy of the scrotum and underlying diseases

The importance of the scrotum in males is difficult to underestimate, because its main function — protective. It protects the most important reproductive organs of male the testicles from exposure to adverse environmental factors. No wonder many men find the scrotum one of the most important organs and equate her injuries, strains to significant defects. Hence the attention of men to this important organ, which is expressed even in the flamboyant fashion, the latest trend which is the backpack a scrotum. Videos accessory you can find online. In this article we will discuss about the structure of the scrotum, pay due attention to the description of the main pathologies and injuries, will tell about methods of diagnostics and treatment, as well as answer some tricky questions, for example, why is it sometimes itchy scrotum.

анатомия мужских органов

How it works

The device of the scrotum is quite complicated. Initially, the body is an mesochorinae the continuation of the anterior abdominal wall. The testicles in the scrotum are not accidental. The fact that the optimum temperature of spermatogenesis at 34.5 degrees Celsius, which did not correlate with the body temperature of the order of 36.6 degrees. If the testicles in the scrotum were not, and were located in the abdominal cavity, as during intrauterine development, normal formation of sperm, and therefore the reproduction would become difficult.

Scrotum organs:

  1. Testicles.
  2. The appendages.
  3. Seminiferous cords.

The anatomy of the men suggests that all the organs are paired and are in individual chambers. The testicles in the scrotum as if in a kind of pouch, having a laminated structure. Video about the structure of the scrotum can be found on the Internet. Anatomy of a wall:

  • The dermis, that is actually leather.
  • Fleshy shell. Her anatomy is quite complex. Sheath is a connective tissue structure, equipped with muscular and elastic fibres, fat cells. She lines the scrotal cavity from the inside and separated across the vertical seam.
  • Seed fascia outside. The continuation of the abdominal fascia.
  • Muscle fascia. Is the muscle that lifts the egg.
  • Seed fascia is located inside.
  • Vaginal shell eggs directly. Her anatomy consists of two plates connected to each other. By the way, and the shell itself adherent to the seminal fascia. Between the two plates enclosed closed space having a small size and filled with serous contents.
  • Blood, lymph vessels and nerve endings, which are located abundantly in all tissues of the scrotum.

Some men are concerned about the issues relating tothe device of the scrotum. The most common are the following:

  1. Why scrotum sweating. Normal on the scrotum contains sweat glands, so sweating the body will. Nothing unusual in this.
  2. The hair on the scrotum. Are also quite normal.
  3. The cold skin of the scrotum. About the peculiarities of spermatogenesis we described above, so cold to the touch, the scrotum is the absolute norm.

Often angiokeratoma may be accompanied by itching of the scrotum, which leads to scratching and bleeding from the skin lesions. In such a situation, angiokeratoma of the scrotum needs to be treated by diathermocoagulation, that is, cauterization.

  • Papilloma. Papilloma at this intimate place in men is a manifestation of human papillomavirus infection. The virus long time to be present in the body after the initial implementation and does not manifest itself. In adverse situations — a decrease in immunity, for example — on the skin can appear rough, resembling microscopic sprouts of education.

During the inspection of the papilloma is often found in other parts of the skin. As a rule, growths in the skin of men does not bother me. Papilloma is a solely a cosmetic defect. Although the disease is benign and should not be confused moles and papillomas.

  • Warts. Scientifically warts are called genital warts. The reason for their appearance is the same by the human papillomavirus, but of a different type. Warts are more contagious than warts, and skin of the scrotum can be detected in the region around the anus, on the skin of the penis. Due to the fact that genital warts are contagious be confused with warts and moles is impossible.

The appearance of warts is reminiscent of a cockscomb. In contrast to papillomas, the warts can cause pain and discomfort in the scrotum.

  • Herpes (cold sores). A rather nasty viral infection caused by the herpes virus, but rather one of its types. Genital herpes is transmitted most often sexually transmitted, but may occur in primary and recurrent form.

Clinically herpes is manifested by lesions on the skin in the form of bubbles with transparent content, which some men describe as pimples. The rash may coalesce, the individual elements merge into a big bubble. After a couple of days the contents of the vesicles becomes cloudy, and then the cavity is opened. On the spot where the pimples remain erosions covered with crusts. After the scabs will fall off, some time is saved spot pinkish color.

At a time when the skin rash appears, men may be itching of the scrotum and pain in areas of the rash. During the complex course of viral infection, there is a General increase inbody temperature, General weakness, sometimes increasing the inguinal lymph nodes.

Statistically driven men leading an active lifestyle, hernias are less common. Cause acquired abnormalities may become excessive straining during coughing, heavy lifting, minor injury. Together with congenital weakness of the anterior abdominal wall muscles, excess weight of these factors may lead to the development of hernias.

In some situations the infringement of a hernia. The condition is accompanied by the development of pain syndrome and symptoms of infringement of the relevant body. Localized pain in the groin area and can grow to the abdomen.

  • Furuncle (abscess). Occurs due to inflammation of the hair follicle. The ulcer is small in size — about 2-4 mm and develops as a result of non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, microtrauma, certain chronic diseases, associated with impaired local immunity (diabetes, avitaminosis). Boils big size can cause an increase in the local reddening of the scrotum.
  • Boils are often confused with pimples, but it is a different pathology. White pimples on scrotum appear due to blockage of the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland. In some cases, the common white pimples can become inflamed, and then to form a boil. So if you have a rash, white pimples, or any pimples that have even a small size, be sure to consult a urologist.
  • Gangrene. Quite heavy and dangerous disease accompanied by tissue necrosis. Called gangrene of the scrotum different types of microorganisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. the Reason for the development can become boils and other purulent lesions of the skin, especially if the man has an unfavorable background in the form of diabetes, alcoholism, chronic intoxication.

Of clinical symptoms a man concerned about swelling of the scrotum, discoloration of the skin. The spots can be bright red, maroon and black. Black spots are a poor prognostic factor, indicating far-reaching process.

In conjunction with local manifestations, rapidly deteriorating General condition: increased body temperature, a man may complain of chills, headache, dizziness, redness of the scrotum, pain that spreads to the lower abdomen. Diagnostic pathology, as a rule, is not difficult. A routine checkup will help to diagnose, especially when the skin had black spots, that is a sign of tissue necrosis.

  • Cancer of the scrotum. Is not a standalone pathology. Germination develops when malignant tumors in the skin of other organs. In most cases, cancer grows of prostate, sexualmember, the appendages of the testis. Tumor for a long time can not bother the man, and discovered by chance in the survey. With tumor growth, pain, discomfort, heaviness in the scrotum. Often the diagnosis of cancer is an MRI of the scrotum, as will be discussed below.
  • Often some diseases are accompanied by similar symptoms, for example, a man may complain of itching of the scrotum. Each pathology will have its own quirks:

How to treat

A single treatment regimens no. Each pathology has its own characteristics:

  • Treatment of atheroma of the scrotum operational. Is performed under local anesthesia. Intervention, during which is removed through the incision atheroma, usually takes no more than 30-40 minutes. At the present time to replace the incision can electrocoagulation. After removal, it is important to observe personal hygiene. In rare cases, sebaceous cyst opened on their own, but a doctor's consultation, in this case mandatory.
  • Treatment of lipomas is carried out in two ways:
  1. Liposuction. The contents of the lump through an incision aspirated with a special instrument, but all layers of the capsule remain intact, which may cause a relapse of the disease.
  2. Surgery on the scrotum, in which through an incision on the skin removes all the layers of the capsule along with the contents. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia. Treatment outcome is complete recovery.
  • Papilloma and warts of the scrotum are treated like. It is necessary to resort to non-specific methods of preventing a re-occurrence of papillomas or warts: to strengthen the immune system, exercise, eat a healthy diet. In some situations, especially when frequent relapses of infection, resort to medical treatment with interferon. Often papilloma or warts removed by chemical or physical means. Surgical removal, freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery), burning (electrocautery) is more reliable. However, to fully protect yourself from relapse or re-infection is impossible.
  • Herpes infection treated with external application of antiviral ointments: "Zovirax", "Denavir" and antiviral drugs inside the difficult runs process.
  • Therapy of psoriasis multidisciplinary. Topically applied ointments and creams with corticosteroids. In case of secondary bacterial or fungal infection, as evidenced by the arising of the scrotum itching and other unpleasant sensations, they are appointed agents with antibiotics or antifungal drugs.
  • Dropsy is a reason for surgical intervention. In addition to congenital hydrocephalus, which runs independently of all the other variants of the pathology treated surgically. By the way, hernia of the scrotum are also treated promptly.
  • Treatmentboil depends on the stage of the disease. If the purulent cavity is not formed, it can help surface treatment with 70% alcohol, brilliant green and personal hygiene. Yourself like to squeeze pimples and boils not. In some cases, a boil is opened through an incision.
  • Gangrene of the scrotum treated promptly. Simultaneously, the man assigned to antibiotic therapy, the introduction of solutions for the purpose of detoxification, extracorporeal hemosorbtion. In the case of excision of large skin areas is plastic scrotum.
  • A single recommendation about how to treat cancer of the scrotum, does not exist. Everything will depend on the origin and nature of tumors. Often, therapy involves a combination of several therapies: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation.
  • Traumatic injuries of the scrotum. A large group of diseases. There is no sense to describe damage due to shock. Dwell on unusual types of damage:
  1. Tissue of the scrotum have a fairly delicate structure, so doctors recommend avoiding even the slightest injury. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to introduce into the tissue of the scrotum saline. By itself, the saline is safe, as is the liquid that is compatible with human tissues. Saline has been successfully used for washing wounds, eyes, mucous membranes, intravenous injections and withdrawals of drugs. Sometimes, the saline solution serves as a basis enemas and is used for gastric lavage. However, like any other drug, a saline it is indicated to use. Introduction to the scrotum in any, not included. The procedure is dangerous for health, as it can cause necrosis or an infection of the surrounding tissues.
  2. Some men want to do and decided on a piercing of the genital organs, particularly of the scrotum. Relatively thin skin makes it easy to carry out the procedure, but the process is quite painful. The trouble experienced by man, are the possibility of inflammation of the place where he had a piercing.
  3. The use of different tools during sexual practices. An example would be a ring on the genitals. Often the ring is made of stretch material-type gum. Specialized sites can be found information that the ring helps to delay ejaculation. Some official studies about what does the ring on the duration of sexual intercourse, was conducted.

Ring, used incorrectly, can cause injury. In the best case, the ring will cause bruising, at worst will have to resort to serious medical procedures to remove the ring from the restrained body.

Features of hygiene

In mostsituations the man need the simplest hygienic measures – daily showering with soap or gel. If men need to shave the scrotum or hold other form of hair removal from genitals, better to do it in specialty stores or by following the recommendations of the experts.

Male hair removal can be of several types. The most commonly used are:

  • Shave. The easiest way, but requires some skill. Shaving can cause men have a certain psychological discomfort because of the fear to cut yourself with a sharp object. Shaving genitals, experts advise trimer. If hair removal is simple with an electric razor, a hair may fall between the blades, which will cause a minimum of discomfort.
  • Hair removal chemicals. Due to the high sensitivity of the tissues of the scrotum special creams for bikini area can trigger an allergic reaction or skin irritation. So before will be carried out hair removal, it is advisable to do a tolerance test of the product.

Massage of the scrotum does not apply to "mandatory" program of care for the sexual organs. In some Eastern practices is recommended procedure to improve the function of the genital organs, but no official confirmation of the effectiveness of this massage is not. In General, physicians agree that the key is good hygiene that will be the key to prevention of many diseases.