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Causes and treatment of swelling and edema of the penis

Swelling of the penis is a urological phenomenon that causes men panic condition. Why is this happening? What are the causes and symptoms of pathology? What you need to do in order to relieve swelling if penis swollen?

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Alarming manifestations

If causes of swelling of the penis are associated with pathological processes in the male body, that this phenomenon is accompanied with the following symptoms:

  1. Inflammation.
  2. Pain during sex.
  3. Itching.
  4. Burning.
  5. The appearance of pus from the penis.
  6. Redness of the skin in the area of the foreskin.
  7. Violation of the process of urination.
  8. The appearance of blood admixtures in the urine.

These symptoms may indicate a serious men's disease. So the first thing to do if penis is swollen, seek a specialist who will be able to determine the causes, make a diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment, is necessary in order to reduce swelling. It is especially dangerous if the penis is swollen the baby.

Why there?

The swelling of the penis can be triggered by various reasons. Specialists urologists identify the following causes of swelling of the genital organs of men:

  1. Allergic reactions.
  2. Traumatic and burn injuries foreskin.
  3. The deterioration of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  4. Infection.
  5. The presence of paraphimosis.
  6. Syphilis.
  7. TB.
  8. Surgery in the genital area and foreskin.
  9. Thrombophlebitis.
  10. Balanitis.
  11. Phimosis.
  12. Frequent Masturbation.
  13. Tumour after excision.
  14. A nodule.

Let us consider in more detail what causes the problems.

Ailments, leading to the problem

  • The paraphimosis.

If penis swollen due to paraphimosis, which is a pathological condition in which there is infringement of the glans the inner surface of the prepuce, the patient may experience inflammation and pain. For paraphimosis is characterized by such symptoms:

  1. The exposure head.
  2. Swelling of the skin in the area of the foreskin.
  3. The acquisition of the genitals of a dark-blue hue.
  4. A violation of the processes of urination (the child has acute urinary retention).
  5. The increase in body temperature.

Urologists distinguish these symptoms:

  1. Pain in the head.
  2. The appearance of purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  3. Pain and discomfort during urination.
  4. The appearance of bleeding ulcers and peeling of the skin on the penis.
  5. Swollen lymph nodes in the groin area.

As the patients to relieve the symptoms of balanite? To remove symptoms will helpspecial treatment. The patient needs to do the bath with furatsilina and potassium permangante, wash with soap and water. Good effect gives electrophoresis, ozone therapy, laser therapy, UHF, antibiotics.

  • Thrombophlebitis of the penis.

When the penis was swollen as a result of thrombophlebitis (a disease in which inflamed dorsal Vienna of the penis) in men can manifest such characteristics:

  1. The increase in body temperature.
  2. Amazed by Vienna becomes painful.
  3. Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  4. Dorsal Vienna grows in size.
  5. Pain during walking and exercise.

What to do to relieve the swelling of the penis? Treatment of tromboflebita assigns the patient an anti-inflammatory, steroid and anticoagulant drugs. When disease struck the dorsal Vena of penis, good effect hirudotherapy.

The effects of surgical interventions

The penis was swollen as a result of surgery (for example, swelling after a circumcision) is a common complication that with proper therapy can quickly fix and remove the symptoms. When the surgery is performed correctly, the signs take place over two weeks with almost nothing to do.

If swelling after a circumcision accompany the itching, pain and inflammation, this may indicate the violation of preventive measures, poor hygiene and inadequate conditions of operation. In the absence of competent treatment, swelling after circumcision can provoke severe complications, including sepsis. Therefore, the patient needs professional help.

Swelling in children

When the penis is swollen, the child, this unpleasant phenomenon can lead to the following reasons:

  1. Violation of the rules of hygiene.
  2. Beriberi.
  3. General hypothermia.
  4. Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the reproductive system.
  5. Congenital pathology.
  6. The bruises and injuries.

When the swelling of the penis in a child the first thing for parents to do is to immediately seek help from the pediatrician!

How to get rid of the problem?

Men interested in the question: what if the penis is swollen? Swelling that appear after sex or Masturbation, with the help of abstinence and warm baths. When a member is swollen as a result of inflammatory processes, infections, or injuries, need to consult a urologist. Good effect gives electrophoresis, ozone therapy, laser therapy, UHF. The doctor will help relieve the inflammation using antibiotic, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs. Patient who experience swelling of the penis, appointed by antibioticmedications, ointments, warming up. Also recommended antiseptic baths and therapeutic baths, washing with soap and water. In certain situations it is expedient to conduct the treatment.

Swelling of the penis can be either a normal physiological phenomenon and a symptom of severe pathologies. Therefore, if the swelling does not pass for several days and is accompanied by painful symptoms, it is recommended to seek help from a specialist!