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Why penis pimples and how to treat

The appearance of the skin lesions are always worrisome, especially if it's the genital skin. According to the statistics of physicians, one of the most common reasons for primary treatment of men to the doctor-urologist are pimples on the penis. Below we will talk about why there are rashes, what they are and what to do if the skin rash, as well as tell you about treating common ailments.

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These different types

To begin to clarify that there are pimples on glans penis and the trunk for various reasons. Most frequently the following types of lesions:

  • White pimples on the penis. In most situations, white pimples do not pose a threat to the health of the men and is not contagious to others. A small hypodermic small pimples, filled in whitish content appear in the result of the closure gaps of the sebaceous glands located on the trunk of the penis.

The rash is painless and does not cause the man any discomfort. White pimples on the skin can occur in adolescence, when there is a rapid shift in hormones or for violation of rules of personal hygiene.

  • Another thing, if the skin has popped up one big festering pimple. Most often it will go on the boil. The cause of it can be a failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene, received minor injuries. Boils often occur in men with reduced immunity, some chronic diseases (diabetes, avitaminosis). In cases of recurrent furunculosis to the man administered a comprehensive examination and complex treatment. Abscesses can occur on the trunk, and on the head. Appearance, causes and mechanism of their formation is not different from that described above.
  • Pimples can appear due to the ingrowth of small hairs under the skin after injury during waxing. This type of rash man is not worried. Health threat may be present only if there is bacterial contamination and develop the inflammatory response.
  • Red pimples on the penis. Less favourable symptom, often indicates the presence of any disease. Types:

Therapy options

Common Council about how to treat acne, does not exist, due to the diversity of the reasons causing illness. Let us examine in more detail how to treat the most common pathology:

  • Boil. To treat the ulcer should a doctor. If a man accidentally squeezed the abscess, the area should be treated with antiseptic and carefully observe the hygiene of the genital organs. The wound on the penis is better to seal and open sexual contacts to avoid. Inotherwise the infection can spread or even to get into the blood, causing sepsis, treatment is extremely difficult.
  • Pimples on the penis, the cause of which is human papillomavirus infection, are treated by surgery. Usually genital warts are burned or subjected to cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is unpleasant, but better to spend it early, so as not to cause a relapse of the disease.

Also in the therapy of warts, it is important to strengthen immunity, prevent the re-emergence of infection. Papillomavirus may long circulate in the blood, does not prove itself, if immune response the man is all right.

  • Cure herpes help ointment with antiviral effect, such as "Zovirax". In severe viral infections, doctors are not limited to local treatment of pimples and prescribe antiviral drugs inside.
  • To get rid of parasites will help the local media, the choice of which in pharmacies at the moment is large enough. Treatment requires careful adherence to hygienic measures. In some situations, the linen should be boiled, and it is not just about underwear, but about the bedding. After boiling will sometimes need to be carefully ironed things, paying special attention to seams and folds. About all the intricacies of read more inform the doctor treating.
  • To remove white painless pimple on the penis that appeared when blockage of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, helps hygiene. What should be done to men to get rid of acne:
  1. Regularly take a shower, and don't always have to use soap and other cleaning products.
  2. Wear comfortable underwear made of natural materials.
  3. To avoid overheating of the genital organs.
  4. Do not use other people's toiletries and personal hygiene items.

By the way, the above recommendations will not only help to remove the pimples from the penis, but will also prevent their occurrence in future. Remember that any diseases and pathological processes is easier to treat at an early stage, so if you have even a slight rash on the penis should consult a professional.