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Why can peel off the skin on the penis and what should be the treatment

Peeling of the surface of the penis is a rather unpleasant symptom in many men. Why is there this pathology of the skin on the penis and what to do? First of all, you should not rely on their own knowledge and intuition. You need to seek help from a specialist. By itself, the symptom peeling is the process of rejection of necrotic particles of the surface epithelium (top skin cells) on the penis, his body, the head.

Why is there a peeling surface of the penis? The cause may be set exclusively by a doctor. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a careful survey of the symptoms, examination of the patient physical methods (inspection, palpation), the obtained results of laboratory tests.

Predisposing factors

It is proved that the main factors of skin lesions of the penis are promiscuous and lack of elementary rules of intimate hygiene for men or their sexual partners. During sexual intercourse always use condoms.

If peeling skin in such an intimate place on the penis, you should think about the possible causes of this condition development. Consider the most common causes of this symptom, features of their manifestation and the ways of eliminating the causes of the pathological process.


The surface of the skin on the penis men sometimes scaly because of psoriasis. In this case, the head of the penis there are bumps in combination with areas of redness (with clear boundaries). The aggravation of peeling is most common in the winter season.

Genital herpes

The disease sometimes appears on the penis in the form of bubbles with bloody or clear fluid inside. After these bubbles burst in their place by areas of damaged skin, which peels off and cracks. In some cases, likely to develop warts.

Genital herpes must always be treated, since the disease process may involve the prostate. The treatment involves the application of antiviral drugs.

Skin disease

This group of diseases include inguinal athlete's foot and ringworm. Such diseases are manifested as areas of affected skin on the penis with redness, cracks, rash, humidity or dryness in the inflammation. Skin disease, which peel off the epidermis, require treatment from an experienced dermatologist after a thorough examination of the patient and diagnosis.


The disease is one of the most common reasons that flakes the skin on the penis men. Thrush, or candidiasis, manifests in men followingsymptoms:

  • the skin on the genitals is red, itchy, covered with cracks, flakes;
  • at the head of the penis there is swelling.

The specific symptom is an unpleasant and pungent odor of secretions. Can be symptoms of erectile dysfunction, symptoms of pain or discomfort after sexual relations. This infection is transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse with a sick woman. Treatment requires antifungal therapy.

Allergic reactions

A quite common reason for skin peeling of penis can be allergic dermatitis that is associated with individual intolerance to the patient's body components lubrication contraceptives or personal hygiene.

It is also likely to development of skin Allergy in response to contact with low-quality linens. To resolve this symptom, you need to stop contact with the irritant substance.

Lack of vitamins

The skin on the penis sometimes peels off when there is insufficient intake of men of vitamins E, a and B. the Treatment of this condition requires the appointment of a multivitamin complex preparations, as well as enrichment of the diet the following products:

  • nuts;
  • apples;
  • carrots;
  • meat;
  • eggs;
  • cheese;
  • olive oil;
  • greens.

Violation of the rules of intimate hygiene

Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene leads to the fact that the resources allocated from penile lubrication in combination with urine to create a favorable environment for the development of bacterial agents. This problem is really quite easy to remove through regular observance of the rules of intimate hygiene men.

Why you need to seek medical help? Only an experienced doctor will correctly set the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate effective treatment. Self-medication leads to a worsening of the patient's condition and development of complications.

Therapeutic measures when peeling

Successful treatment depends on correct diagnosis. Apply these diagnostics, such as:

  • microscopic examination of the discharge from the urethra men;
  • the urine culture of the patient to identify the pathogen;
  • PCR.

Only after establishing the cause of pathology treatment.

For the treatment of balanoposthitis caused by fungi of the genus Candida, drugs used in antifungal activity. At the initial stages of peeling, swelling and other pathological symptoms are eliminated by means of local action in the form of ointments, creams. Popular among all antifungal drugs for the treatment of peeling are Clotrimazole, Nystatin, Amphotericin b, fluconazole, Levorin, Ketoconazole. Also important is the use ofif skin peeling of penis vitamins and immunomodulatory drugs.

When you establish a herpes infection using antiviral drugs. The most popular use a tool such as Acyclovir.

Upon detection of deficiency of vitamins treatment that peels off the skin, connected with the replenishment of their inventory. This can be as a balanced diet, and the use of drugs. However, even with proper and full treatment effect will be achieved only by daily adherence to the rules of intimate hygiene.