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What is prescribed for bacterial analysis of samples taken from urethra or sperm

Bacterial analysis of semen or smears from the urethra in men is prescribed mainly for the study of infertility and inflammatory processes of the urogenital region. It is also used to determine the quality of semen from donors or when choosing a method of artificial insemination. In addition, the cultures of the ejaculate or material from the walls of the urinary tract are doing for the detection of pathogens ureoplazmoz and Mycoplasma.

How is the material

The cultures of the ejaculate reveals the presence of pathogenic organisms, including Ureaplasma. With the aim of identifying the pathogen can also use the material made by the method of scrapings from the walls of the urethra men. For the reliability of the results should follow simple rules:

  • For 3-7 days before semen collection to exclude sexual contacts.
  • 5 days before delivery of the ejaculate or scraping to refrain from alcoholic beverages.
  • Assign the delivery of ejaculate the doctor can not earlier than 2 weeks after the last dose of antibiotics.
  • To collect the sperm in a special container, issued by the laboratory.
  • Right to take the morning toilet of genitals. This should empty your bladder, then clean hand held toilet glans penis and carefully cleaned with soap a region of the meatus. Dry the head with a sterile cloth. To collect semen in a sterile laboratory capacity through Masturbation.
  • To deliver sperm to the lab for sowing of ejaculate within 3 hours after collection.

Depending on the purpose of the analysis and the nutrient medium in the container will be matched to a specific pathogen. Under Ureaplasma and Trichomonas transport medium required different, so in the lab we should say what analysis you require the container.

As a rule, a week later the doctor enters the result of the semen culture. Most often, the doctor already knows of the causative agent, and bacterial analysis of semen only proves medical guess. The value of bacterial analysis of semen consists not only in determining the number of pathogenic microorganisms, but also their sensitivity to drugs of antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, to cure the carriage of Ureaplasma impossible, but to treat the resulting inflammation in men it is imperative.

How is the seeding material from the walls of the urethra

Urological diseases are one of the important reasons for the purpose of bacterial analysis of samples taken from urethra.

This method is also important in diagnosis. He points to the numbers of bacilli in a smear from the urethra in men, and their sensitivity to medicines. But thisthe method is largely inferior to PCR analysis for Ureaplasma, Trichomonas and other microorganisms, therefore, used in medical practice less and less.

To the results of the study from the urethra were not distorted, the man before analysis should also be prepared. The first step is to conduct a thorough toilet genitals. You should make sure that the last administration of antibacterial drugs was conducted not earlier than 3 weeks before taking samples from the urethra. You need to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 1 day prior to analysis.

To obtain material from the urethra for Ureaplasma, Trichomonas or other microflora observed a high level of sterility. Otherwise, the analysis results may be unreliable. Most often, the material from the urethra in men taking 3-4 hours after urination. Neat rotational movements produce fence contents of the urethra and placed in a sterile vial, which is then sent to baklaboratorii on research.

If after researching the material not detected pathogen Ureaplasma, Trichomonas or other pathogenic microorganisms or their number is low, which implies a carrier, in this case, treatment is not required, since the same Ureaplasma virtually untreatable. But if found symptoms of inflammation, combined with the results of the analysis with the walls of the urethra on Ureaplasma or trichomoniasis, to treat such pathology in men should be mandatory.

Semen culture flora or material from the urethra is an important laboratory research in urology. It is used for identification of causative agents of various infectious diseases before antibiotics. But gradually this type of analysis replaced by a more accurate method of PCR for Ureaplasma, Trichomonas and other pathogens.