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Details about the first signs of AIDS in men

AIDS, first signs of which men have their own characteristics, is the latest stage of the disease that one hundred percent of cases ends in death. HIV is a terrible disease affecting all vital systems of the human body. According to statistics, more than half of HIV infected are men. That is why further we will try to describe the symptoms of AIDS in men.

The mechanism of action of

"The main purpose" of HIV infection after infection and penetration into the body ‒ the defeat of the immune system. As a result, the immune system fails to cope even with minor pathogenic attacks, not dangerous for a healthy body develops acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

AIDS, in fact, is the terminal or final phase in the development of HIV infection after exposure and are fatal. However, a mortal danger for man is not the AIDS and certainly not his first signs of HIV infection. Death occurs due to the development of opportunistic diseases that occur on the background of the altered immune system.

Such diseases become infectious, autoimmune and/or oncologic pathology, literally attacking the body at the last stage.

In fact, in AIDS patients, men and patients women develop similar symptoms: there comes a extreme depletion of the body, accompanied by fever and severe intoxication, the patient gets up out of bed; you develop signs of dementia, increases of viremia, the number of lymphocytes increases to critical values. The disease progresses, and the person dies from one or the other of its form.

Article topic: Signs of HIV in men: the stage of the disease

Form of the disease

Depending on the localized impact of the pathological process, decided to allocate the following forms of AIDS:

    • Pulmonary. 50-80% of all cases. Its characteristic manifestation is interstitial pneumonia with erased over and the faintness of the signs, which ends with fibrosis. The first complaints of patients aimed at a pain in the chest, dry cough (in some cases it is absent), shortness of breath, fever. Sometimes pneumonia occurs quite hard, with severe complex symptoms, causing TB infection. Such people are prone to bronchopneumonia exudative pleurisy or the unusual flow.
    • The gastrointestinal. It is the second most frequently and manifests itself as a sluggish persistent diarrhoea, leading to a significant loss of body weight (10%), and severe dehydrationbody. This form usually is accompanied by the development of gastritis, esophagitis and candidal stomatitis. Often this disease complicated with hemorrhage, perforation or obstruction of the stomach or intestines.
  • Cerebral. Her subject to to 20% of patients with major manifestations in the form of secondary infections of the Central nervous system (brain abscesses, infected with meningitis, encephalitis, progressive leukoencephalopathy). Approximately 2% of cases can be detected with brain tumor or various vascular lesions. The first complaint of the patient, aimed at increased temperature, headaches, the state of inhibition, memory loss, local neurological symptoms, dementia.
  • Disseminated. This form of the disease manifests with skin lesions and is found more than half of patients. Often men of middle age it is complicated by multiple malignant tumors, as a rule, Kaposi's sarcoma. It is also found squamous cell carcinoma, localized on the skin, the mucous membranes in the rectum.
  • Stands somewhat apart from the undifferentiated form of HIV with the characteristic prolonged fever of obscure nature, complicated by diarrhea and lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes). This form is accompanied by a significant loss of body weight and a sharp decrease in performance. Often, these characteristic symptoms are called AIDS-associated symptom.

At the last stage of development of AIDS appoint etiotropic treatment facilitating the patients ' condition. However, it is worth remembering that medicines to get rid of this terrible disease is still there.

However, modern medicine successfully uses antiretroviral drugs to significantly slow the progression of the disease. The only prerequisite for their effectiveness can be considered an early diagnosis of HIV infection and healthy living man.